The Autodromo Nazionale Monza acknowledges that the event was demanding and expresses its regret for the inconvenience of those who, among the many fans who flocked to the last Italian Grand Prix, would have run into some inconveniences.

For the Autodromo Nazionale Monza the experience of the fans is a priority and for this reason a rigorous verification has been started with our partners to ascertain and investigate the origin of any critical issues and take measures to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.


The Street Food National League , the body that manages the catering services within the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, will reimburse all virtual credits associated with NFC bracelets which, due to technical problems, have not been used by those who purchased them. . To find out the methods and terms of delivery, write to .

The Street Food National League , the body that manages the catering services inside the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, has announced that the physical tokens can be reused in all other events inside and outside the Autodrome. The organization will study with the partner what measures could be adopted in favor of non-Italian fans, net of legal and tax assessments.
To find out how and under what conditions they can be reused, write to .

The Street Food National League , the body that manages the catering services within the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, has used digital technology in the management of the refreshment points with the aim of improving efficiency. Extensive use of mobile services has resulted in network overload, causing it to slow down for a significant period of time. This resulted in the activation of the alternative system of physical tokens causing queues at the automatic tills and refreshment points.

The steward and reception service has been strengthened with respect to previous editions and has more than 1,000 people to better supervise every area of the circuit open to the public. As indicated in the conditions of sale at the time of purchase, the refund is only guaranteed in specific circumstances (such as the cancellation of a tender). The organization could, in exceptional cases, apply favorable conditions for 2023, subject to demonstration by the fan of what actually happened.

The guidelines on allowed and prohibited items have been implemented in agreement with the competent authorities for reasons of public safety. Reimbursement is not possible as the organization has adapted the rules to the directives of the authorities.

Unlike previous editions, the organization has increased the number of toilets throughout the circuit area, including bathrooms for men and women, for mothers with changing tables and for the disabled, increasing the number of cleaners and setting up cleaning shifts neutralized by the huge influx of fans.

In the access and internal traffic plan, 2 gates (Vedano al Lambro and Regina Margherita) and 2 dedicated parking lots (P17 and P18) have been provided for the fragile categories and their companions. The organization has also developed the Monza100 app for the occasion, to provide all information on internal logistics and on the event in general at 360 degrees.

When there was a decrease in the availability of water, the organization immediately set to work to distribute 35,000 bottles of water for free while waiting for the situation to normalize. Furthermore, with the aim of providing a refreshment to fans, who had flocked to the event, in recent months the organization, in collaboration with BrianzAcque, has installed five free public fountains in the areas concerned.

The traffic and access regulation plan was implemented in compliance with the directives shared with the competent authorities. The exceptional influx in a few hours of the morning slowed down the normal filtering procedures with consequent delays in accessing the circuit.

The traffic plan and the regulation of accesses and outflows were implemented in compliance with directives shared with the competent authorities.

A failure in the technical direction affected the audio amplification system inside the circuit and the time of the live broadcast made it impossible to intervene to solve it.

The older structures represent a small part of the seating complex of the circuit. The temporary structures, prepared for the occasion, were equipped with individual seats. However, the organization has formally committed to undertake work as soon as possible to improve the circuit for a better fan experience, starting with the underpasses.

The structures intended for people with non-ambulatory disabilities and their carers are present and manned by reception staff. In any case, the organization has formally undertaken the commitment to undertake work to improve the circuit as soon as possible for a better experience of the fan in more areas of the circuit.

To make a request, a feedback, or a suggestion for improving the service, you can write to .



On the occasion of the FORMULA 1 PIRELLI GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA 2022 , the innovative STREET FOOD NATIONAL LEAGUE format will present its project for the integrated management of all 15 catering outlets available to the public and located near the stands and lawn areas of the ‘Autodrome.

The STREET FOOD NATIONAL LEAGUE format – which collects the selection of the best Italian Street Food Trucks to produce tailor-made catering services on the occasion of major events – has invited over 60 operators to Monza with their original means to guarantee a diversified food & beverage proposal, with regional gastronomic proposals ready to transversally satisfying every palate.

To make the experience even more usable, it will be possible, avoiding the queues at the cash desk, to book comfortably from home and before arriving at the racetrack, NFC BRACELETS or devices with a practical chip for safe short-range transitions («Near Field Communication “).

NFC BRACELETS , now a custom during major events and festivals both in Italy and abroad, can be preloaded directly online with a credit to be spent on ordering at all beverage points and food points by simply approaching the NFC bracelets to special POS readers.

If you run out of credit, all 15 food outlets will be equipped with automatic cash machines where, again, you can easily recharge your NFC bracelets. And if you have not booked your NFC bracelet from home, you can at any time also at the Autodrome and always at the automatic cash machines, get your NFC BRACELET to load.

All the automatic pay stations will always be manned by dedicated hostesses and stewards able to provide assistance and information to the public and who will deliver the booked NFC BRACELETS . The NFC BRACELETS will already be operational from Thursday 8 September until Sunday 11 September.

To reserve your NFC BRACELET and preload the credit from the comfort of your home, click on the button


We want everyone to enjoy the Formula 1 experience at Monza to the fullest. This is an inclusive event where everyone needs to feel at home and safe. If at any time you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable, or have been the victim of homophobic, racist or sexual abuse, we are here to help. You can find help and support by calling this number 039 2482241, pressing the helpline button on the Monza 100 app or approaching one of our stewards or a representative of the police.

Safeguarding of the urban heritage