Disabled entrance

Disabled entrance

For people with disabilities and those who have been recognized as having a disability of at least 75%, entry to the racetrack is allowed only after accreditation through the monzanet.it website.
The entrance to the racetrack and the access to the stands, for the disabled and accompanying persons, is regulated differently during the various events.

Warning: read the following in its entirety

To take advantage of the free ticket, all the steps listed below must be completed:

  1. registration to the accreditation service;
  2. receipt of confirmation of registration for the service (within 5 working days);
  3. make a different request for accreditation for each event in which you are interested.

  1. Registration for the accreditation service can only be done online, by accessing the following link PASSMONZA .
    The data provided will be stored simplifying the presentation of the various accreditation requests.
    The accreditation service is free and is reserved for disabled fans who have been recognized as having a disability equal to or greater than 75%, a condition that must be reported on the certificate of disability.
    You must fill in all the required fields with your personal data; a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address.
    Registration for the accreditation service must be done only once.
    Subsequently, to request accreditation for the races, it will be sufficient to log in to the system with the e-mail and password indicated during registration.
  2. Registration is subject to checking the documentation sent.
    It is not possible to approve the registration with incomplete or non-compliant data provided.
    Confirmation of successful registration to the service will be sent by e-mail within 5 working days.
    If the registration request is not accepted, an e-mail notification will also be sent.
    It is recommended to check that they are received in the junk mail folder as well.
    The credit is issued following the presentation of the documentation certifying the user’s disability, it is therefore strictly personal and in no case transferable to third parties.
  3. To request accreditation for an event, access the system using your credentials, indicated during registration.
    The accreditation request can be sent using the online service only .
    The start and end dates for accreditation are indicated for each event.
    Select the event of your interest and download the accreditation coupon . It is recommended to print the accreditation in order to access the circuit.
    At the entrance, pass holders must agree to be identified by the service staff by showing an identity document. In case of refusal, access to the racetrack will not be allowed.
    Pass holders will only have access to the areas indicated in the passes themselves .
    The accreditation service is subject to the availability of places; in case of exhaustion of available places , the service may be closed even before the accreditation end date . Once the accreditation end date has elapsed, it will no longer be possible to request and obtain accreditation passes.

Parking area (reserved for accredited persons)

Accredited disabled fans will be able to access the parking area reserved for them. To reach the entrance it will be necessary to show a copy of the confirmation of accreditation, an identity document and the car badge issued by the competent local authorities.
Pass holders must agree to be identified at any time by the service staff by showing an identity document. Refusal to undergo identification, the use of a pass assigned to another person or access to areas that are not permitted, will result in the immediate accompaniment of the pass holder upon leaving, which may be reported to the Public Safety Authority for the necessary investigations. (art.1-septies, paragraph 2, decree-law February 24, 2003, n.28, as amended by law 41/2007).
The ordinary ticket and the badge do not allow access to the car park .


The number of available accreditations is limited, therefore we invite you to request them only when you are sure that you can actually use them.
In the event that, despite having obtained it, it is no longer possible to use it, please revoke it promptly by clicking on the “cancel credit” button on your dashboard, so that it can be made available for another disabled person.

Accreditations for foreign fans

For foreign fans it is required to upload the certificate of disability translated into Italian and compliant with the regulations reported on our site (disability equal to or greater than 75%, condition that must be reported on the certificate itself).