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Request services

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza has a complete range of press services for the teams and companies that participate in events and sporting events.

CEA Firefighting Services

CEA ESTINTORI is a Bolognese company and represents the Italian model for safety, based on products and services designed and built entirely in Italy. Present in the main Italian racetracks with a staff of over 300 specialists and 50 vehicles, it has faced and solved numerous emergency situations in its forty years of history. All CEA Squadra Corse operators follow a continuous training and updating program and are trained in Savignano sul Rubicone through simulations of interventions.

The fire protection service operates at the Monza Autodrome with:

  • 185 fire-fighting specialists equipped with certified Nomex Delta C overalls, CGF Formula 1 helmet, intervention gloves in mixed aluminum fabric, safety footwear
  • 40 special use fire-fighting vehicles: 13 fast cars and 27 4X4 off-road vehicles of which 5 TATA Safari 2.2 dicor with MicroCAFS PBK compressed air foam device
  • 2 multipurpose vehicles for rescue and decarceration of the pilot
  • 450 portable fire extinguishers of which 240 on vehicles and 25 wheeled fire extinguishers

Contacts: CEA Estintori SpA Via B. Tosarelli 105 – 40055 Castenaso BO Italy, Tel. +39 051 784811 – Fax +39 051 784860,

Phone lines and data

To request a telephone or data line or an IT service.

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Radio frequencies

The request for temporary radio frequencies must be sent to the Ministry of Economic Development in Rome at least three weeks before the event. It is necessary to fill in the form and send it by email or fax 06-54221682 – DGSCER – Uff. II – Viale America 201 – 00144 Rome. The Ministry will contact directly for the payment and subsequent authorization of the requested frequencies.

For further requests and / or types of services, contact the offices concerned directly.

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