Ticket info

Subscription tickets and tickets for the single days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be purchased on the website subject to availability. Tickets are bearer, it is not necessary to indicate the name of the end user when purchasing.

For more information:

Tickets validity

The three-day pass ticket remains valid for the entire duration of the event, even if one or more days are not used. All three-day subscription tickets consist of a single coupon, which cannot be divided into days of validity.

Online ticket purchase and seat assignment: in the numbered grandstands, seats can be selected directly on the map by the user or they are assigned automatically.

Children 0-11 years old

Circular entrance to the lawn, free up to 11 years old.


People with disabilities who have been recognized as having a disability of at least 75% can take advantage of free entry to the racetrack after accreditation.

ACI member tickets

For ACI members the ticket has a special price.

To take advantage of the promotion reserved for them, ACI members must access the website www.aci.it.


The ticket purchased is bearer and is not nominative.

A maximum of 10 tickets can be purchased per account.

ACI members benefit from special prices for a limited number of seats on specific grandstands that are available from 23 January 2023; the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased by ACI members at special prices is 2 tickets. The terms for accessing the promotion and purchasing tickets are published at www.aci.it.

Tickets purchased on dedicated channels by private customers are considered payments subject to the special VAT regime pursuant to Article 74 paragraph 6 of Presidential Decree No. 633/1972, and therefore it is not possible to issue the corresponding invoice. Instead, it will be possible to issue an invoice for companies and professionals who request the purchase of tickets through the online platform dedicated to them (B2B).

Tickets for private groups are not available. For companies and professional operators, it is possible to submit specific requests to e-mail b2b.gp.f1@acisportspa.it bearing in mind, however, that orders for ticket quantities of less than 10 will not be considered. Qualified professional operators have a special software platform through which each operator can independently proceed with the order proposal.

In addition to the tickets available in the first phases of opening sales, additional quantities of tickets will be gradually put on sale until the capacity of the Autodromo is sold out.

There are reductions for the purchase of grandstand tickets for children up to 11 years old completed accompanied by an adult; children up to 11 years old completed can access the lawn sector free of charge provided they are accompanied by an adult; the personnel in charge of access control can ask the accompanying persons for identity documents capable of proving the age of the child. There are no reductions for the elderly.

The purchase of a ticket for children up to 11 years old is tied to the purchase of a full ticket by an adult in the same order of purchase; each adult may purchase a maximum of 3 reduced tickets for children; however, children can only enter if accompanied by an adult.

Disabled spectators with a disability of at least 75% will have access to a registration portal dedicated to them through which they will be able to request online free accreditation for access to the Event only in specially dedicated sectors and within the limits of available seats. The registration procedure will be available from February 2023 on the MonzaGPF1.ticketone.it website in the “accreditation for the disabled” section. It will be possible to reserve seats within the limits of the available quota on the specially dedicated sectors The requests can be made by single day. Further information on access for the differently abled and their companions will be published close to the event on the website www.monzanet.it.

Passes that allow access to the paddock are not for sale.

Animals, of any size, are not allowed inside the circuit during the event, with the exception of registered assistance dogs.

Admission can be purchased on a single day or three-day subscription (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). There are no tickets with additional services.

Yes, it can be purchased and available in different types of packages. For more information, write to the following e-mail address b2b.gp.f1@acisportspa.it . The dedicated Hospitality Team at the Autodromo will review the request and will contact interested parties.

Yes, entry and exit from the Circuit is allowed for an unlimited number of times. With each new entry, you must show your purchase ticket regularly.

With the purchased ticket, you can access the assigned seat on the grandstand and/or sector indicated on the ticket as well as the areas open to the public (the fan zone, for example). More information on areas open to the public will be available near the event on the Autodromo website www.monzanet.it .

No, it is not possible to park cars or motorcycles inside the circuit. More information about parking outside the Autodromo and traffic conditions will be posted closer to the event at www.monzanet.it.

Spectators may be exposed to loud noises during the Event. Therefore, all spectators, especially children, are advised to wear hearing protection devices.

You are not allowed to bring into the circuit: (a) bottles, cans, glass containers or food and drink (if not permitted by the Circuit Regulations or by the competent Authorities); (b) illegal substances or any item that could be used or construed as a weapon and/or impair public safety or enjoyment of the Event, including knives, bladed objects, fireworks, smoke canisters, personal protection, tornadoes, vuvuzelas, whistles, flares, firearms, ammunition, weapons or dangerous objects; (c) drones or similar equipment, telephone jammers, radio scanners, walkie-talkies, laser devices, selfie sticks; (d) bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, baby carriages; (e) items which, in the discretion of the gate personnel, could be used to sabotage or damage property; or (f) items of a political, religious or other similar nature or items bearing offensive slogans or messages. In any case, the public must comply with any additional and/or different provisions issued by the competent Authorities and available, close to the event, on the Autodromo website www.monzanet.it. For further details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of sale of admission tickets available at link .

The official sales channels for private customers are as follows:
a) website of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza www.monzanet.it ;
b) website of the partner TicketOne www.ticketone.it ;
c) authorized resellers including the website www.formula1.com (ACI Sport is not liable for any commissions and additional costs charged by resellers);
d) physical network of operators affiliated to TicketOne;
e) physical network of Automobile Clubs adhering to the initiative;
f) points of sale at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza;
g) TicketOne call center 892.101 (payable number, conditions and costs on the website www.ticketone.it/892101 ).