Gifts for Formula 1 fans: the proposals signed by Monza

If you are looking for gifts for Formula 1 fans, Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the right place to pack a surprise that will leave the recipient speechless. The Temple of Speed, in fact, is the symbol of Formula 1 in Italy and offers various possibilities of gifts for those who love this sport. Furthermore, by combining the various solutions, it is possible to create real Formula 1 themed gift packages. Much better than any commercially available box.

The passion for engines and racing cars is an all-encompassing feeling, which often ends up invading every aspect of life. So, if you need to give a Formula 1 fan a gift and want to be sure of success, you need to choose a motorsport-themed surprise . Fortunately, there are several possibilities on the market, also depending on the amount you intend to spend. The important thing is to find something truly original. Succeeding is not difficult, especially if you rely on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza , the Italian symbol of Formula 1. The Temple of Speed is ready to welcome and pamper all Formula 1 fans with unique and exciting initiatives. From designer gadgets to entrance tickets for the Italian Grand Prix, there are all kinds of possible gift ideas . Here are four truly unmissable proposals.

The t-shirts with the history of Formula 1 in Monza

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza shop is a reserve of Formula 1 themed gift ideas . The perfect gift for a true enthusiast, however, is undoubtedly a T-shirt from the Heritage collection , which celebrates the history of the Temple of Speed. Simple T-shirts embellished with color prints that crystallize some of the most important moments experienced on the Monza track , such as the ten-year Grand Prix.

All T-Shirts from the Heritage line

A tour to discover the Temple of Speed

A second possible gift for a Formula 1 enthusiast is the tour to discover the Autodromo Nazionale Monza . Those who love the world of motors, in fact, cannot fail to see at least once in their life the most important Italian circuit, as well as a symbol of speed all over the world. The tours available are different and involve all the most important areas of the structure, including the iconic track on which the single-seaters whiz past each year.

The tours of the Monza National Circuit

A lap on the track, like a real Formula 1 driver

And what if instead of a “simple” tour of the racetrack, the gift was the opportunity of a lap on the track like a real Formula 1 driver ? In Monza even this dream can become reality. The Temple of Speed, in fact, has in its offer the Driving Experiences , curated by Puresport . They are called Hot Laps , and they are truly “hot” laps of the track, because they allow you to experience all the emotions and adrenaline of an authentic single-seater that whizzes to the max.

Driving Experience on the track of the Temple of Speed

The ticket to attend the Italian Grand Prix

Ultimate gift idea designed for those who love Formula 1: the entrance ticket to attend the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix . It is the most important race of the Autodrome, an event of international value that attracts four-wheel enthusiasts from all over the world. Above all, however, it is an opportunity to truly experience the colors, sounds and flavors of the Formula 1 World Championship , carving out a seat in the front row.

Buy tickets for the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix


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