Parking lots

It is possible to park your car inside the racetrack, with the exception of the days of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix .

More information at 039/24821


  1. The introduction of the vehicle in the parking lot implies the acceptance of these regulations.
  2. To access the car park, the user must have a special pass or receipt proving the payment of the current rate. In any case, these regulations also apply in the case of a free and free parking regime.
  3. The parking is reserved for cars only, without trailers of any kind. It is forbidden to stay beyond the opening hours of the events taking place within the circuit and in particular any form of permanent parking is prohibited.
  4. The user is required to park the vehicle efficiently, so as to occupy the narrow space necessary, even in the absence of specific vertical or horizontal signs, and to respect the specific spaces reserved for special categories (such as, for example, stalls for people disabled).
  5. The Management reserves the right to proceed with the removal of irregularly parked vehicles, charging the related costs to the user.
  6. Inside the car park, the rules governing the circulation of vehicles must be observed. Circulation must be carried out at walking pace and in the direction of travel indicated. It is forbidden to a) light fires, b) carry out the unloading and storage of objects of any kind, c) refuel, carry out repairs, change oil, wash vehicles, charge batteries, accumulators, … d) leave the engine running longer than the time necessary for maneuvers, sound the horn, make noises, … e) park vehicles with fluid leaks, f) park vehicles without a regulatory license plate, g) hinder circulation, h) leave children or animals in the vehicles.
  7. The parking is not guarded. The Management does not undertake any obligation of supervision or custody of parked vehicles and therefore is not responsible for damage and theft consumed or attempted to the cars or their accessories or to objects left in the vehicle. The Management is not responsible for any damage caused by other users to parked cars.
  8. It is forbidden to distribute advertising material inside the parking lot.