A course for the restoration of vintage cars is born at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

New training activities in the future of the Brianza Circuit. In partnership with MTS Motorsport Technical School, fifteen students will specialize in the preservation of historic cars. Collaboration with the vocational school extended until 2024.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza, in collaboration with MTS Motorsport Technical School, launches a professional course for the restoration of vintage cars . The collaboration between the Temple of Speed and the technical training school in the world of two and four wheels is enriched for the year 2021/2022 by a new training course conceived with the Monza circuit. Fifteen students will in fact have the opportunity to specialize in the restoration of historic cars thanks to a 104-hour training module curated by the teachers of MTS, professionals in the automotive world with experience in the main motorsport championships.

The collaboration between Autodromo Nazionale Monza and MTS Motorsport Technical School

A multi-year collaboration is therefore consolidated between the Autodromo Nazionale Monza and MTS Motorsport Technical School , which organizes and manages specialized training courses for mechanics and engineers in the motor field and has already allowed over 80% of the students involved to find employment in their respective sectors, even at the highest levels.

Thanks to the agreement signed between the General Director of the circuit Alessandra Zinno and the founder and CEO of the Eugenia Capanna school, the professional courses of the school will be held in the spaces of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza until November 2, 2024 . Even the students of the newborn "classic car restoration course" will be able to study and practice in the classrooms of the Temple of Speed, discovering the secrets of the most important vintage cars and learning the art of restoration and conservation, to take care of them. the merit and the value.

Alessandra Zinno , General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza: "The Temple of Speed will give impetus to new and articulated training activities, also in the sectors in which an educational reality such as MTS operates, which for some time has been organizing and managing courses for Motorsport mechanics and engineers. However, this agreement has a different and innovative spirit, which aims to bring the collaboration between the two companies towards experimental sectors of common interest. The training planning - which we will carry out together - of the classic car restoration course fits into this context, useful for transferring in-depth skills on historic cars to students, which we will take as a learning model with classroom lessons and coaching sessions. ".

The historic car restoration course

Zinno continues: “The course will start in spring and constitutes a further initiative of attention not only to the history and value of cars of historical interest, but also to the support of a world of true fans of the sector. It is a project that goes in the right direction one step away from the 100th anniversary of the Circuit , with members who will be able to experience their didactic phases in a place that has marked the history and, I would say epic, feats of motorsport in Italy ".

Eugenia Capanna, founder and CEO of MTS, adds: "The ten-year collaboration between MTS and Autodromo Nazionale Monza, which is consolidated from year to year, becomes increasingly synergistic with new training proposals such as the restoration course of historic cars for which we are proud to make available our working method and the skills of our teachers, which range from the world of competitions to the management and restoration of high-level historic cars. The fascination of classic cars is such that the MTS team, despite having a dealing with the maximum technological expression of the most innovative racing cars, boasts teachers who never miss an opportunity to work on vehicles that have made the history of automotive mechanics. Hence their great experience ".

Thanks to the renewal of the collaboration, Autodromo Nazionale Monza thus proves to be a point of reference in the field of training and growth not only for the many young people eager to establish themselves in the motor industry but also for the companies promoting these offers. ( fm )

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza protects the woods of the Park with a project worth 160 thousand euros

Almost 6,000 new native plants will be planted in the forest areas around the circuit to curb the spread of invasive alien species.

The improvement of the composition and floristic richness of the woods and their enhancement from an ecosystem point of view. These are the objectives of a large forest improvement project that the Temple of Speed will carry out over a five-year period. The interventions will concern the wooded areas in concession to the circuit inside the Monza Park and will involve the planting of almost 6 thousand new native trees.

The intervention plan on the Monza Park

The program, commissioned by the Monza National Circuit and designed by a pool of agronomists and forestry doctors hired by the circuit, obtained a loan of approximately 160 thousand euros from the Lombardy Region as part of a call published by the Directorate General for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems . The full-bodied study, authorized by the Valle del Lambro Regional Park and the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence and reviewed by independent agronomist experts, includes two different work plans.

The first will affect an area of just under 12 hectares , particularly degraded due to damage due to a tornado, near the Biassono curve . In the area there are invasive exotic species which, despite interventions in the nineties, have continued to proliferate, preventing the regrowth of the native and characteristic plants of the Park.
The wood company in charge of the work will carry out selective cuts on the weeds, on the dead or unsafe specimens and at the same time will contain the growth of the younger invasive specimens. The activities will not concern the areas furthest away from public use, to protect the shelters and the habitat of the local fauna. The Autodrome will then plant 2,610 young oak, English oak, hornbeam and other ecologically coherent species. The new systems will be treated for five years with emergency irrigation and clearing until they are fully established.

The second intervention instead has the purpose of improving the composition and the floristic richness of the forest, also pursuing the enhancement of the aesthetics and usability of the places. The surface of the intervention is mainly distributed between the curves of Lesmo, Ascari, the north bank and the Alboreto. In the identified areas, about 54 hectares wide, 3 thousand new native trees will be planted including elms, ash and maple trees. Also for these lots, once they have been cleaned of dead, perishable or invasive plants, monitoring of the new grafts will be guaranteed for five years so that they can grow luxuriantly.

Commitment to sustainability

Alessandra Zinno , General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, explains: «As is well known, the Temple of Speed is located inside the Monza Park, one of the largest and most prosperous green spaces in Europe. It is therefore our duty to preserve it with practical and positive impact activities. Already with the last two editions of the ACI Rally Monza, we have shown how attentive the racetrack is to safeguarding the park , implementing, in a few weeks, environmental sustainability initiatives that have earned us recognition by the International Automobile Federation. , first of the 'FIA 1 Star' and then of the 'FIA 2 Stars'. The new forest improvement program continues in the same direction and highlights how, even in the long term, the protection of the green is at the top of the list of our company's objectives ».

The project, created by the will of the Monza National Circuit, is in fact part of the numerous sustainable proposals of the circuit. Among these, we also remember a recent agreement with the Urban Green Office of the Municipality of Monza for the embellishment of a garden that will soon be used as a lounge area in the Monza Experience activities. The circuit will in fact use 29 plants on loan (ficus benjamin, yucca, aralia and ivy) until now grown in the municipal greenhouses to furnish a green area of about 4 thousand square meters which will also have the purpose of enhancing the work of the municipal technicians.

"The partnership with the Monza National Circuit allows us to enhance the extraordinary work of caring for the green of the royal greenhouses", underlines the Councilor for Territorial Policies and the Environment Martina Sassoli . «They are a heritage of the city that in recent years we have also supported with innovative projects such as the one which, in collaboration with Soroptimist, has brought the ancient citrus fruits of Ferdinand of Habsburg back to the gardens of Villa Reale after more than two centuries. They are paths like this and like that of the Monza Experience that allow us to increase awareness and knowledge about the theme of environmental sustainability, stimulating a cultural change especially in the new generations. For this I thank the Director General of the Autodrome Alessandra Zinno for the sensitivity and collaboration that, once again, she has shown that she has ».

All the protection policies adopted by the Autodrome, a company with an ISO 14001: 2015 certification for environmental management, can be consulted on the website www.monzanet.it . (dc / fm)

The first collection of NFTs from the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Five track records from the Temple of Speed turn into non-fungible-tokens for motorsport fans to collect.

The Monza track records become NFTs. Thanks to the collaboration between Autodromo Nazionale Monza and Stargraph, the first part of the collection of non-fungible-tokens named “Speed Record Collection” on http://nft.stargraph.it which allows all fans to own a digital card with the main speed records set in the Monza circuit.

The roll of honor of the Monza National Circuit

Autodromo Nazionale Monza was the first circuit in the world to market NFT, digital certificates of authenticity regulated with blockchain technology. The market launch of the first digital product took place on the occasion of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 2021 when the faithful reproduction of the trophy given to the winners of the Autodrome races was put on sale. Now the Temple of Speed is ready to unveil the first original NFT collection that reproduces five significant speed records obtained right on the Monza track.

In fact, digital cards linked to the record are now available Juan Pablo Montoya , who reached the maximum speed in the history of Monza during the tests of the 2005 Grand Prix at 372.2 km / h and at the prowess of the motorcyclist Tom Sykes , who, during free practice for the 2012 Superbike, reached a top speed of 339.5 km / h with his Kawasaki ZX-10R. A peak never approached by any other driver on the Brianza asphalt.

The last three NFTs of the Speed Record Collection will also be released in the coming weeks. This is the “Best Lap Time” in 1’21”046 of Rubens Barrichello made in 2004 during the Italian F1 Grand Prix, of the “Best Top Speed” of Kimi Raikkonen obtained during the race of the highest world car championship of the following year at 370.1 km / h and, finally, the most recent record signed by Lewis Hamilton in 2020. The seven-time world champion recorded the best average speed of 264.362 km / h during the official qualifying of the F1 2020 among the Monza curbs.

Read more about the history of the Monza track

On the night between 31 December 2021 and 1 January 2022, the exclusive NFT of the centenary of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza will be released. Fans who already have at least one of the NFTs of the “Speed Record Collection” in their digital wallet, will be able to pre-order it. The cards, which will reproduce the anniversary logo presented at the Dubai Expo, will be in only one hundred pieces.

For to purchase the NFTs of the collection, on sale starting from 9 euros, it will be sufficient to access the marketplace http://nft.stargraph.it that the Italian startup has made available to the Temple of Speed for the purchase and sale of all digital tokens. Further information can be found on the monzanet.it website and on the social profiles of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. (fm )

More than one hundred registered at the Monza Special Rally Circuit

Appointment on 4th and 5th December for the final race of the Autodrome season. The crews in the Vedovati Corse event will compete in four Special Stages on the Brianza track. The Shakedown is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

The traditional appointment with the Vedovati Corse Special Rally Circuit returns to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December. This is the fifth edition of the race on the Brianza asphalt which this season will close the sports calendar of the Temple of Speed.

108 cars at the start , including three historic Porsche 911s. Among the cars entered, there is a Ford Fiesta WRC Plus driven by Fabrizio Fontana and Simona Savastano, frequent patrons of the race orchestrated by Vedovati Corse, and three WRCs, including two Citroën DS3s and another Ford Fiesta. There will also be forty-one R5s - a class that will boast the largest number of cars on the track - and twenty-five R2s. On the other hand, there are five under 18s at the start, while only one former winner of the competition is present, the Swiss Mirko Puricelli, winner in the Monza Ronde by Vedovati Corse edition of 2014.

The first of the two days will be dedicated, as usual, to sporting checks and the shakedown starting at 13. In addition, a Free Practice session will be held on Saturday morning open to all registered teams.

Sunday will instead be the day of the actual competition . The program includes two “Vedovati” Special Stages of 23.4 Km at the start respectively at 8:38 and 13:37. The other two stages "Special Vedovati" of 17.3 km will start at 11:11 and 16:10, for a mileage of 81.4 km between morning and afternoon and a total distance for the cars of 83.6 km.

Spectators will be able to enter the circuit only on Sunday to follow the 5th Special Rally Circuit by Vedovati Corse live. Admission will be free, upon reservation of the seat, while parking will be paid at a cost of 15 euros for each car and 5 euros for each motorcycle. The parking ticket can only be purchased at the entrance to Viale di Vedano on the day of the event. Further information and the live timing of the race are available on monzanet.it . (fm)

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