Italian ACI Karting Championship, the complete guide

The Italian ACI Karting 2022 Championship will officially kick off on May 22nd. In this short guide, all the information you need to follow the highest national competition for kart drivers. From the calendar to the circuits involved, from the titles up for grabs to the competition methods.

As every year, the Italian world of karting is preparing to experience its most important national competition, namely the Italian ACI Karting 2022 Championship . Five events scattered throughout Italy, hosted in circuits that will see the best kart drivers compete. There are ten titles up for grabs, divided over numerous competition categories. Here is everything you need to know about this competition if you are a kart racing enthusiast.

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The regulations of the Italian ACI Kart Championship

Let's start by taking a look at the essential elements of the Championship rules (which are available in full at this link ). In particular, it is interesting to see the list of admitted classes and titles up for grabs that pilots can aspire to conquer.

Admitted classes and titles up for grabs

The following national classes are admitted to the Italian ACI Karting Championship:

  • 125 KZ2
  • MINI Gr.3
  • 60 Minikart
  • 125 KZN (Under - Senior)
  • IAME X30 Junior
  • IAME X30 Senior
  • Junior ROK
  • Senior ROK

Consequently, the titles up for grabs are the following:

  • Italian Karting Champion 125 KZ2 Drivers
  • Italian Karting Championship Conductors 125 KZ2 Under 18
  • Italian Karting Champion MINI Drivers Gr.3
  • Italian Karting Champion Drivers 60 Minikart
  • Italian Karting Champion 125 KZN Drivers (Under - Senior)
  • Italian Karting Champion IAME X30 Junior Drivers
  • Italian Karting Champion IAME X30 Senior Drivers
  • Italian Champion Karting Junior ROK Drivers
  • Italian Champion Karting Senior ROK Drivers
  • Italian Female Karting Champion

How the competitions take place

Each appointment of the national championship includes two races , the first with a longer length than the second. The starting grid of Race 1 is established by the races of the eliminatory phase. In Race 2, on the other hand, the first eight positions correspond to the inverse of the arrival order of Race 1 (in essence, the first classified part eighth, and vice versa). The final score won by the driver is the sum of the points collected in each race . It should be noted, however, that the various appointments on the calendar do not all have the same weight. In fact, some circuits are assigned a coefficient of 1.5 (Pista Salentina and Pista Sette Laghi), which must be multiplied by the score obtained by the driver in that stage.

The calendar of the Italian Kart Championship and the circuits involved

At this point, the time has come to discover the calendar of the Italian ACI Karting 2022 Championship , the main thing that every motor lover wants to know, in order to follow his favorite challenges. Regarding the number of races, the Championship provides for a distinction based on categories. For some, in fact, there are 5 appointments, for others 3. In both cases, however, the map of the circuits involved crosses all of Italy.

Here is the complete list of dates and tracks:

  • May 22, 2022 - Franciacorta Karting Track - Castrezzato (Brescia)

Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN, X30 Junior and Senior, Rok Junior and Senior.

The results

  • June 26, 2022 - Salento track - Ugento (Lecce)

Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN, X30 Junior and Senior.

The results

  • 24 July 2022 - 7 Lakes Runway - Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia)

Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, X30 Junior and Senior, Rok Junior and Senior.

The results

  • 28 August 2022 - Naples International Circuit - Sarno (Salerno)

Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, X30 Junior and Senior, OK and OK-Junior (single test).

The results

  • 25 September 2022 - Kartodromo Val Vibrata - Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata (Teramo)

Categories: KZ2, MINI Gr.3, 60 Minikart, KZN, X30 Junior and Senior, Rok Junior and Senior.

The results

Discover JustSpeed Monza Karting, the kart track of the Monza racetrack


The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

Show in the Temple of Speed with International GT Open and Trial delle Nazioni

Riccardo Cazzaniga from Monza wins race-1 of the GT Open together with Klaus Bachler in the wet, while Osborne-Moss bends the resistance of their rivals in the dry. Italy goes to the podium in all classes of the Trial and triumphs in the Challenge category in front of hundreds of spectators.

There was no shortage of surprises at the weekend of the International GT Open and the Trial delle Nazioni at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. For the GT Open races, both in the premier class and in the five support series, the leaders of the overall rankings experienced a weekend of highs and lows, giving way to unexpected victories. In the Trial, on the other hand, Italy got on the podium in the men and women and achieved a prestigious success in the Challenge class with Alessia Bacchetta and Mirko Pedretti. For both events, the weather, not exactly benevolent on Saturday, also took care of it, to make them even more unpredictable, with several riders of both the two and four wheels who demonstrated their skills in extreme conditions.

The Italian flag flies on the top step of the podium of race-1 of the International GT Open. The credit goes to Riccardo Cazzaniga from Monza who, together with the Austrian Klaus Bachler of the Dinamic Motorsport team, team making their seasonal debut, won the victory on Saturday in the wet after obtaining an excellent third place in qualifying on the Porsche 991 GT3 R 2019. Cazzaniga starts well and consolidates the starting position, but the real turning point of the race comes when the driver changes under the safety car regime, when the duo manages to be faster than their rivals and to jump in the lead, keeping it up to the checkered flag. Behind them, second and third respectively, are the Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo - 2021 of Florian Scholze and Alain Valente (Team GT) and the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo of Roman Ziemian and Axcil Jefferies (Kessel Racing). Difficult race for the Oregon Team, with the two pairs of drivers fighting for the title finishing seventh with Kevin Gilardoni and Glenn Van Berlo and eighth with Benjamin Hites and Leonardo Pulcini.

Race-2 on Sunday is also decided by the whirlwind of pit stops and strategies. The first part of the race sees an intense battle between David Fumanelli's Ferrari (Kessel Racing), Bachler's Porsche and Joe Osborne's McLaren 720 S GT3 (Optimum Motorsport), competing for the lead for several laps. But it is McLaren's strategy that pays more than all the others, with Osborne stopping later than his rivals, setting a better pace with a clear road ahead and gaining the advantage enough to give teammate Nick Moss a comfortable return to the track. as a leader at the moment of the passing of the baton. Osborne-Moss thus crossed the finish line first, preceding Hites-Pulcini - second - and the duo Sébastien Baud-Steve Jans (GetSpeed Performance) on Mercedes AMG GT3 - 2022. The results of the weekend still keep the games open for the drivers' title, which will be decided in Barcelona.

Jan Lauryssen is en plein in the two races of the GT Cup Open Europe . On Saturday, the Belgian driver of the Q1-trackracing team cleared all competitors by 15 seconds after recovering from the third position on the grid, preceding both teammate John de Wilde, second, and the duo composed of Jaume Font and Joan at the finish line. Vinyes (Baporo Motorsport), which must be satisfied with the less prestigious square of the podium. All three drivers were behind the wheel of a Porsche 992 GT3 Cup. In race-2 on Sunday Lauryssen precedes the duo Dirk Schouten-Lukas Valkre (Q1-trackracing) and Font-Vinyes, again third.

It was a weekend of two faces for TCR Europe overall leader Franco Girolami (Comtoyou Racing). In race-1, won by John Filippi's CUPRA Leon Competition TCR (Sébastien Loeb Racing - Bardhal Team) ahead of Jáchym Galáš's Hyundai Elantra N TCR (Hyundai Janìk Motorsport) and Mike Halder's Honda Civic Type R FK7 TCR (Halder Motorsport) ), Girolami had to be satisfied with the final twelfth place, before making a comeback in the Sunday appointment, concluded as the winner. Behind the Argentine driver's Audi RS 3 LMS II TCR, the CUPRA Leon of Klim Gavrilov (Volcano Motorsport) and Sergio López (RC2 Junior Team) finished in order. With this result, Girolami is the big favorite to win the title in the last round of the championship scheduled in Barcelona.

Even Oliver Goethe, protagonist of the Euroformula Open until now, did not live the weekend he had imagined. In the first of the three Brianza races, the Dane did not go beyond sixth place. The victory was won by poleman Vladislav Lomko (Cryptotower Racing Team), who triumphed in the wet ahead of Frederick Lubin (Team Motopark) and his teammate Christian Mansell. In race-2, Goethe was unlucky and was forced to start from the pitlane due to a technical problem a few moments from the start. Cryptotower Racing Team thus obtained another victory with Josh Mason, who preceded Lomko and Alex García (Team Motopark). In the last race, Lomko repeated himself, finishing ahead of Mason and Lubin, while Goethe, fourth until a few laps to go, spun after being involved in a collision.

The French drivers of Catheram France also had a hard time, presenting the busiest grid among the categories in the race at Monza, with 48 starters. In both races, held on Saturday afternoon in pouring rain and on Sunday in the dry to close the program, the transalpine Mathys Jaubert (Palm) won the most important post. In race-1, Jaubert defeated Bastien Gassin (ST Eloi), second, and Gary Gachnang (Palm), third. In race-2, the middle step of the podium went to Jeremy Azar (Rosselsp) and the less prestigious to Bruno Noregral (Palm).

The victory of the first of the two 25-minute races plus one lap of the Alpine Elf Europa Cup is also French. Alexis Garcin (Herrero Racing) took pole and victory in Saturday's competition ahead of Lucas Frayssinet (Chazel Technologie Course) and Louis Méric (Race Cars Consulting). Frayssinet confirmed his second place in race-2, after competing for the victory until the last corner with Simon Tirman (Autosport GT), first at the finish. Garcin closed in third position instead.

The good pilots of the Trial of Nations had to work hard to overcome the pitfalls of all the tests of the Temple of Speed. Especially on the dirt road, made even more slippery by the rain on Saturday, the drivers amazed the hundreds of fans who flocked to the circuit to admire the event with series feats.

In addition to the aforementioned Italian victory signed by Bacchetta-Pedretti in front of Norway and Germany, our tricolor rose to the podium in both the male and female categories. Among the men, Matteo Grattarola, Lorenzo Gandola and Luca Petrella kept behind the fearsome trio of Great Britain - third at the end of the day - but they had to surrender to the supremacy of Spain, which also brought the 32-time world champion to Monza. disciplines Tony Bou, together with Jaime Busto and Adam Raga.

Spain that was also unbeatable among women, ahead of Great Britain. Italy finished third instead with Sara Trentini, Andrea Sofia Rabino and Martina Gallieni, improving however the fourth place reached in 2021 in Portugal.

At the Autodromo Nazionale Monza we are back on track in two weeks with the second round of the season in the Temple of Speed of the Italian ACI Championships. The ACI Racing Weekend 2 will take place between Friday 7 and Sunday 9 October 2022 and will bring the races of 6 categories to the track, with the main course being the Italian Gran Turismo Endurance Championship.

International GT Open and Trial delle Nazioni on the weekend of the Temple of Speed

Three pairs of drivers will compete for the top of the overall standings for the International GT Open, while the Trial drivers will showcase their skills on two wheels on the historic Monza banked curves.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is preparing to experience a weekend full of events, with two and four-wheel enthusiasts ready to fill the Temple of Speed so as not to miss even a second of the dynamic activity of the weekend. In fact, between Friday 23 and Sunday 25 September, the Circuit will host two events of international caliber, the International GT Open, which returns to the Monza racetrack for the sixth seasonal round of the series, and the Trial delle Nazioni which, thanks to the joint work between Autodromo , The Italian Motorcycle Federation and the FMI Trial Committee, returns to Italy 11 years after the last Italian appearance. Access for the public is free for both competitions, with only the payment of the parking.

The drivers of the International GT Open will play an important part of the overall title in Monza. The previous five stages were in fact not enough to decree the true ruler of this season, and balance reigns supreme. Currently, the ranking sees Kevin Gilardoni and Glenn Van Berlo ahead of Oregon Team teammates Benjamin Hites and Leonardo Pulcini by just one length. Both couples drive a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO MY2022. Five points behind the leaders is the McLaren 720 S GT3 driven by Nick Moss and Joe Osborne (Optimum Motorsport). The starting grid is made up of a total of 24 cars and 8 major car brands. In addition to Lamborghini and McLaren, Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Honda, Mercedes and Porsche will also be lined up.

There are two races scheduled for the International GT Open, of 70 and 61 minutes respectively. After free practice sessions and qualifying, the drivers will battle for the first race on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm, while the second round will start on Sunday at 2:15 pm. In addition to the queen category of the weekend, in Monza there will also be space for five support series: GT Cup Open Europe, TCR Europe, Euroformula Open, Catheram France and Alpine Europa Cup. All classes will race twice between Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the Euroformula, engaged in the Temple of Speed in three races of 17 laps and with the time limit set at 35 minutes.

Unlike last year, the drivers of the GT Cup Open Europe will be released from those of the International GT Open and will run two dedicated races, while Franco Girolami and Oliver Goethe will have to be good at managing the conspicuous advantages in the standings respectively in the TCR Europe and in Euroformula Open, before the final appointment in Barcelona. There are also heated challenges among the 50 riders at the start for Caterham France and among the 21 in the Alpine Elf Europa Cup .

Thanks to the full program of races on the track, motorsport lovers will be able to enjoy a 360 degree show live, also seasoned by the simultaneous performance on the Circuit of the equally exciting Trial delle Nazioni , which on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September will give emotions in the Autodromo Nazionale Monza also to fans of two wheels. The route includes passages on the legendary Monza banked curves, on which the strongest pilots in the world in the discipline will show their ability to overcome complex obstacles by committing the fewest possible errors. The winner of the race will be awarded on Sunday at 4.45 pm, in the occasion of the podium.

Three Italian teams will also compete for the victory in the men's, women's and challenge competitions respectively. The men's team will try to improve the third place obtained in Portugal in 2021 and will line up with Matteo Grattarola, Lorenzo Gandola, Luca Petrella and Gianluca Tournour, the latter in the reserve role. The girls, fourth in Portugal, will instead show up with Sara Trentini, Andrea Sofia Rabino and Martina Gallieni. In the challenge, which includes a mixed formation, Alessia Bacchetta and Mirko Pedretti will try to triumph.

Both the International GT Open and the Trial delle Nazioni can be followed live by the public without purchasing a ticket for the two events. Admission for fans will in fact be free, with only the payment of the parking space on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cars will pay 10 euros on Fridays and 20 euros on Saturdays and Sundays, while for motorcycles the cost will always be 5 euros. The parking ticket can be purchased at the entrances of Viale di Vedano and Santa Maria delle Selve on the days of the event. Further information and the complete programs of the events are available on the dedicated International GT Open and Trial delle Nazioni pages.

Monza Meta-Challenge: the results of the Centenary Race, the first race in the Metaverse of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

On Sunday 11 September, at the end of the Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022, the Monza Meta Circuit, the first circuit in the world in the Metaverso , hosted the Monza Meta-Challenge on its asphalt 3.0.

The first virtual GP in history represented an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience for users as well as a completely new and totally immersive experience. The owners of the Monza Fan Token and the Monza Vip Token , in fact, had the opportunity to test themselves with their avatar, competing on board the single-seaters in the Monza Meta-Circuit, the faithful reproduction of all the spaces of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, developed on The Nemesis platform.

A unique opportunity to virtually write your name next to that of the drivers who, in reality, made the first 100 years of the Temple of Speed magical, becoming part of the legend in all respects.

During the week, free practice was held, which saw over 200 drivers put themselves to the test on the virtual circuit, covering more than 3000 laps.

To have the best of all in the Centenary Race was @BONYSOSAYT , who covered the 3 laps of the Monza Meta Circuit foreseen by the race with a record time of 2.05.339, winning a place in the history of the circuit.

Many initiatives that from now on will be dedicated exclusively to the owners of the Monza Fan Token and Monza Vip Token, the exclusive Limited Edition NFTthat allow you to enjoy benefits both in the virtual and in the real world: exclusive events, dedicated challenges and gaming activities will follow one another for the 2022-2024 seasons. The certificate of ownership of the limited series Tokens, moreover, is collectible and resalable: a real digital memorabilia, intended for 3.0 enthusiasts and collectors.

Tokens can still be purchased on the Opensea platform , in Ethereum currency, until sold out.

Users can still secure one of the prestigious Monza Meta Circuit limited series tokens by accessing the page http: //metacircuit.monzanet. it / and following the directions for the purchase .

The Monza Meta Circuit project and the Monza Tokens are created and managed by Nfactory , an Italian startup specialized in the creation of Web 3.0 products and technologies dedicated to large companies.

Monza 100 - The podcast of the Autodromo, an audio journey to celebrate the centenary of the Temple of Speed

From 7 September, available on all platforms, a series in 8 episodes written and spoken by Pino Allievi with the story of the myths that have made the Autodromo Nazionale Monza legendary.

The history of the Circuit and the story of the myths (and not only) that have made the Temple of Speed famous in the world. From today, Wednesday 7 September, " Monza 100 - Il podcast dell'Autodromo " is available on all audio streaming platforms, a series written and spoken by the international F1 signature Pino Allievi and conceived and produced by Dr Podcast Audio Factory LTD for the Monza National Circuit.

“Monza 100 - The Autodromo podcast” is a podcast in eight episodes, made in the year of the centenary of the Circuit, in which the great journalist and storyteller Pino Allievi tells the most interesting stories hidden behind the results of the races, the curiosities, the behind the scenes of the pits, the jokes between the drivers and the technical notes more salient.

The result is a different portrait of a racetrack that was, and is, the scene of events involving champions, builders, various characters, even in strong colors. Often unreleased episodes that have become legends. Monza seen from an angle never explored: less obvious, more truthful and above all more exciting.

Alessandra Zinno, General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, comments: «The creation of a podcast on the Temple of Speed was a goal we had in the pipeline to enrich the centenary celebrations. Summarizing 100 years of history of a legendary track, which has seen all the strongest drivers in the history of motorsport darting along its straights and curbs, was a difficult and stimulating challenge at the same time, which allowed us to tell some of the most extraordinary stories that the world of motors has ever known. With the voice of Pino Allievi, we believe we have created a dynamic product within the reach of everyone, passionate about challenges on and off the track ».

"Thanks to Allievi's storytelling and immersive sound design, we will lead listeners on a historic journey through the pits, on the pit lane, aboard the single-seaters, in the drivers' earphones - he comments. Raffaele Tovazzi, creative director of Dr Podcast Audio Factory LTD - It is a production of which we are very proud because it allows you to explore the full potential of an audio product at the service of a great story ».


For Pino Allievi the path designed in this series is aimed at telling “One hundred years of priceless emotions. Secrets and exploits of the pilots who have made history ". It begins with the birth of the racetrack in 1922, to explore its history linked to the Formula 1 drivers (including Nuvolari, Varzi, the Ascari, Fangio) who contributed to generating the myth of the circuit.

Following the relationship between Ferrari and Monza , the protagonists of "a day of glory in Monza", from Scarfiotti to Fittipaldi passing through Alboreto, Montoya and Frentzen up to Monza beyond Formula 1: the motorcycling grand prix, the 1000 Kilometers , the Junior Formula.

But Monza is also the story of great defeats , bad luck and first times, like the first woman at the start of an F1 GP, daring accidents and hidden fears of the drivers. The last episode is dedicated to the relationship between the racetrack and the city of Monza, from the enthusiastic cheering of the public to the little-known stories of the Monza drivers who took to the track.

“Monza 100 - The Autodromo podcast” is an eight-part podcast series conceived and produced by Dr Podcast Audio Factory LTD for Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The series is available on all audio streaming platforms and on the website in the dedicated PODCAST section.


The record-breaking Grand Prix in the centenary year of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

The Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022 will be the most attended race in the history of the Temple of Speed: 350 thousand people expected over the weekend. Timmy Trumpet and Vinai the deejay stars of the weekend.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza Centenary Grand Prix will be an unprecedented success with the public. To confirm this, during the press conference to present the Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022 which took place today in the Tazio Nuvolari Press Room of the circuit and in the Monza Meta Circuit, the Autodromo nel Metaverso, was the President of the Automobile Club of Italy Angelo Sticchi Damiani who also announced the presence in the stands of the President of the Republic on Sunday Sergio Mattarella.

The race of the Formula 1 World Championship, scheduled from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September, will bring about 350 thousand people inside the Temple of Speed, marking the historical record of attendance on the occasion of the century of life of the sports facility.

The fans will therefore fill, as never before, the stands and lawn areas on the occasion of the second Italian leg of the world series. The expected public moved an impressive organizational machine to offer spectators not only the show on the track but also an entertainment program that could accompany them throughout the race weekend.

The expectations and news of the internationally important event hosted by the Autodromo Nazionale Monza were illustrated today in the presence of the Executive Vice President and CEO of Pirelli Marco Tronchetti Provera, the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, the President of AcMilano Geronimo La Russa, the President of the Autodromo Giuseppe Redaelli, the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and the Mayor of Monza Paolo Pilotto.

The first to speak was the President of ACI Angelo Sticchi Damiani: «With the highest number of spectators ever recorded, we are preparing to play the 93rd Italian GP - 88 in Monza - in the circuit that, in the world, has hosted more motoring Grand Prix and that 3 days he turned 100 years ago. These few numbers would be enough to describe Monza, the pride and satisfaction we feel together today. But the Monza racetrack is not just numbers, on the contrary, it is above all the throbbing emotion for the ability and courage of the drivers who, over the decades, have measured themselves against the 'Temple of Speed'; it is the passion in its stands for this extraordinary Formula 1 man-machine union. Monza is the contribution to technological evolution and is the future of motoring, while the car faces epochal transformations. It is therefore only right today to thank the women and men who, since 1922, have allowed all this, the millions and millions of fans who bring the racetrack and the institutions to life - from the Municipality of Monza to the Lombardy Region and the Government. - who are supporting us in the construction of the next 100 years. In conclusion, allow me to say: Monza: a hundred years and not hear them ».

Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice President and CEO of Pirelli: «The Monza racetrack is a second home for us. We competed and won in the 'Temple of Speed', starting with the 1922 Italian Grand Prix when Pirelli-equipped cars came in front of everyone. Monza was also our first 'open-air laboratory'. Within the track there is still a part called the 'Pirelli Circuit' where our engineers tested the prototypes of our road tires. This is also why we are very happy, in the same year as our 150th anniversary, to join the celebrations for the first century of the Monza racetrack, which represents in the world a symbol of competition and passion for motorsport ».

Geronimo La Russa, President of AcMilano: «In the first hundred years of its history, the Autodromo Nazionale Monza has shone with its own light. In the future, we at Automobile Club Milano will strive to make it even more accessible to fans and motorsport enthusiasts thanks, for example, to the extension of the metro line 5 which will connect Milan to the capital of Brianza. The challenge is to create a sort of functional synergy between motorsport and sustainable mobility, which guarantees our circuit to continue to be a model to be imitated and a reference point for international motorsport. The other important theme is that of Milanese motorsport which in addition to the racetrack boasts other 'ambassadors' at an international level. I am thinking of the 150 years of Pirelli and the 112 years of Alfa Romeo. As it has always done since 1903, the year of its birth, Automobile Club Milano will continue to work as a system and team with the entrepreneurial realities of the area. In this way we want to confirm our historical vocation in discovering and passing on the Milanese excellences of world caliber in the history of motorsport ».

Giuseppe Redaelli, President of Autodromo Nazionale Monza: «The extraordinary turnout of public that we await during the race weekend is the real celebration for the century of life of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The Temple of Speed has always linked its fame to the historicity and the warmth of the fans. It also demonstrates this in its hundred years of life with a record edition of the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix of Italy 2022. However, this anniversary must not only make us look to the past but must encourage us to plan the future of the circuit. The racetrack has always been an innovator in the automotive and racing field and now it is also an innovator in technology. We are in fact the first circuit in the world in the Metaverse, a virtual world where fans can visit the structures and the track, chatting with each other and participating in events. Even today's press conference, for example, is broadcast in the Monza Meta Circuit so that all interested enthusiasts can follow it remotely ».

Paolo Pilotto, Mayor of Monza: «The centenary of the racetrack is the leitmotif around which this year's long-awaited Grand Prix is developed and the history of the Monza circuit is now preparing to experience a new season of innovation, to compete in the challenges of modernity. Monza is ready to welcome the many visitors expected for the next weekend with an enhanced mobility plan: to lighten traffic, an additional car park will be set up in Vedano, thus reaching a total offer of 7900 available parking spaces. With the MOVE to GP app, it is already possible to book and buy parking and shuttle, to optimize travel times as much as possible and limit excessive congestion ».

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, commented: «The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most awaited races by Formula 1 lovers. This year the appointment will be followed with even greater emotion, both because this will be the first race to be held. here after the health emergency, and because it will take place precisely in the days in which the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza celebrates its centenary. Our city and our territory know how to welcome and organize sporting events of international level, the history of the Monza circuit and the participation of so many fans and enthusiasts testify to this with enthusiasm ».

Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region: "The Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 2022 which takes place at the Monza racetrack is one of the most important events held in Lombardy, a symbol of the strong international vocation of our territory and an initiative capable of promoting business development and investment attraction. Reasons why the Lombardy Region continues to support it by financing the expenses for organization and management costs. A commitment undertaken with a great sense of responsibility and in the awareness of the strategic nature of the event. A unique opportunity for visibility in favor of the Lombardy Region, the city of Monza and its excellences - Park and Autodrome. This year also marks the centenary of the racetrack: a century of speed, challenges, victories and Italian style. An icon of Made in Italy: the “Temple of Speed and Beauty of Sport”, but also an avant-garde and innovation venue for the future of mobility and not just for motor sports ».

The traffic lights on the straight of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza will go out on Sunday 11 September at 3 pm for the official start of the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix of Italy 2022. On Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September, three free practice sessions and qualifying are scheduled. On Thursday, however, there are no activities for fans. However, Formula 1 will not be the only series that the public will be able to follow live. In fact, the Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup support championships will be present.

It will be the extraordinary voice of Andrea Bocelli to sing the Italian National Anthem which will kick off the 2022 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix on Sunday 11 September. A few minutes before 3 pm, the tenor will pay homage to one of the most anticipated sporting events of the season but also an important anniversary: the centenary of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. For the occasion, his performance will be framed by an exceptional line-up, with the single-seaters and the drivers standing on the starting grid in front of the warm audience of the 'Temple of Speed'. At the end of the Mameli hymn, the Frecce Tricolori will fly over the track with the Airbus A350 Enzo Ferrari of ITA Airways , giving an unprecedented show for the start of the Formula 1 championship race.

The three days will also be marked by the rhythm of some Italian and international artists who will alternate in live musical performances on the podium and which will be broadcast throughout the Autodrome from giant screens along the track. Friday 9 September Andrea Obiso he will make the sweet notes of his violin resound, followed by the amazing “black soul” of the very Italian Sherol Dos Santos and from the performance of the deejays I vined; Saturday 10 September will be the Australian DJ and trumpet player Timmy Trumpet to animate the circuit and finally, on the day of the race, after the award ceremony, he will reach the podium Mara Sattei, a young singer who in his short career already boasts 12 platinum and 3 gold records.

The official program of the event and entertainment activities, the safety instructions for the public together with the recommended parking spaces and access routes are available on the Monza 100 smartphone application, which can be downloaded from the digital stores and from the website .


Monza 100 is born, the app of the Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022

The service, active from today, will improve the experience of fans inside the racetrack with technology by providing all useful information on traffic conditions, initiatives for the public and on-track activities.

All the information on the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix of Italy 2022 in a single smartphone application. Monza 100 , the official app of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, is active from today, which will allow fans to stay constantly updated on everything there is to know about track activities, entertainment initiatives for the public, points of interest. within the Circuit and external roads. The public will not miss any appointment of the rich parterre of initiatives planned for the most awaited race of the season, between 8 and 11 September 2022.

In the key year in the history of the Brianza Circuit , that of the centenary, another great news arrives for the fans. Thanks to the Monza 100 app, the public will have a single, user-friendly platform within their smartphone's reach, where they can find all the useful information to experience a weekend of motorsport and fun inside the Brianza circuit.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded by connecting to the official website of the Circuit or from Play and Apple Store. By installing it on your mobile phone, you can, for example, see on a map the exact location of the car parks outside the racetrack, the refreshment points, the water dispensers active for the weekend and the grandstands. By accessing the My Grandstand section, the application will instead show the best route to reach it from the entrances to the Autodrome.

Thanks to the partnership with Monza Mobilità, from the Monza 100 app it will be possible to book your parking space in all the outdoor parking spaces created for the event and buy the ticket for the shuttle buses that take you to the Circuit. Fans, in addition to the News section with all the latest news relating to the Temple of Speed, will also always have the complete event calendar of the weekend at their fingertips, with the opportunity to set a push notification 30 minutes before each initiative scheduled on the track and not. .

It will therefore be possible to monitor the timetable of all the sessions of the drivers of Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, as well as receive a constant update on all the activities designed for the entertainment of the public between Friday 9 and Sunday 11. September.

Finally, by accessing the Points of Interest section, you can find out about the exact positioning of the most important services set up specifically for the weekend, discovering the fastest routes to reach them. Further updates will be available on the website and on the Circuit's social networks.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza launches the first Meta Challenge and the first Monza Token that can be used in the Metaverse

The Monza Tokens will allow you to live virtual experiences in the Monza Meta Circuit as the first Centenary Race competition. The official launch on Tuesday 6 September.

On the occasion of its hundredth year of activity, Autodromo Nazionale Monza enters the web 3.0 conquering a new, exciting record: Monza Meta Circuit will in fact be the first virtual racetrack in the Metaverse in the world.

The Circuit and its main structures have been faithfully reproduced in the virtual world of The Nemesis, entertainment platform for the creation of Metaversi, offering enthusiasts an unprecedented and extraordinary opportunity: it will be possible to visit the complex with your Avatar at any time, for free and in total freedom, by accessing the Monza Meta Circuit with your own devices from every part of the world.

The experience offered to users will be unique and totally immersive. Furthermore, on the occasion of the next Italian Grand Prix, the Monza Meta Circuit will host the first Meta-Challenge in history. Users will be able to test themselves by competing on the virtual circuit aboard their cars, experiencing the adrenaline-pumping emotions of the race as protagonists and entering, in fact, into the legend.

Access to the Centenary Race , the first Monza Meta-Challenge scheduled for 11 September from 18:00 to 20:00, will be reserved for Monza Token owners, who will thus have the opportunity to become the first winners of the virtual race of Monza.

Monza Fan Token and Monza Vip Token are the exclusive limited edition NFTs that will allow holders to enjoy exclusive benefits, both in the virtual and in the real world. By purchasing one of the 1,000 Fan Tokens or one of the exclusive 200 Vip Tokens, the user will enter the new era of Autodromo Nazionale Monza as an absolute privilege.

The certificate of ownership of the Tokens in limited series is collectable and resalable, a real celebratory memorabilia 3.0, destined to become an "object" of desire. In addition, the Tokens will allow holders to take part in a series of events, challenges and exclusive gaming activities within the Monza Meta Circuit for the 2022-2024 season. The VIP Tokens will also guarantee access to a series of special benefits and events of the Monza Meta Circuit partners.

From tomorrow, Tuesday 6 September, users can guarantee themselves one of the prestigious Monza Meta Circuit limited series tokens by accessing the page and following the instructions for the purchase that can be made in Ethereum currency through the connection with the main cryptocurrency wallets. The tokens will be transferable and resalable also on the Opensea platform. Tomorrow morning the press conference for the presentation of the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix of Italy 2022 will also be broadcast in the Metaverse, accessible from the same site.

The Monza Meta Circuit project and the Monza Tokens are created and managed by Nfactory , an Italian startup specialized in the creation of Web 3.0 products and technologies dedicated to large companies.