Rally Monza

The first details of the ACI Rally Monza, the tricolor grand finale

The last stage of the Italian Absolute Rally Sparco Championship and of the Italian Rally Gravel Championship will take place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December. Studied a route, mostly unpaved, entirely created in the Monza National Autodrome.

The fine-tuning of the ACI Rally Monza continues, the awaited final stage of the Sparco Italian Absolute Rally Championship and of the 2023 Italian Terra Rally Championship , which will take place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December at the Monza National Autodrome . Meanwhile, the event organized by SIAS, with the collaboration of ACI Sport, is starting to take shape and the project for this new edition was presented to the Giunta Sportiva on Tuesday 27 June.

The first details therefore confirm a rally that will take place on a course entirely created in the Temple of Speed, mainly drawn on the dirt roads of the Monza Park, already trodden in the last editions of the World Rally, in 2020 and 2021, interspersed with some iconic passages on the asphalt of the circuit which will host the Formula 1 GP in September. The format will be the classic one already adopted by the major national series, which includes reconnaissance on Thursday, shakedown on Friday morning and a first portion of the race to follow. The next day, on Saturday, the biggest part of the competition will be staged. The initial proposal for the route includes around 80 kilometres , divided into 10 special stages , on 4 different timed stretches .

As already indicated by ACI Sport at the time of naming, the ACI Rally Monza will assign a score with a coefficient of 1.5 both for the CIAR Sparco, as the eighth round, and for the CIR Terra, as the sixth stage. Together with the two major series, the challenges of CIAR Junior, CIAR Two Wheel Drive and the Italian R1 Championship will also be completed, as for all the class and category ACI Sport Cups included in the championships.

ACI Racing Weekend

The fifth ACI Racing Weekend of the 2023 season is preparing to color the Temple of Speed

The ACI Racing Weekend promises entertainment at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza - 6 series and 14 races on the track with free admission and paid parking on Saturday and Sunday.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, after a month of June full of appointments and waiting for the FIA ​​WEC, will be the stage for the fifth ACI Racing Weekend of the 2023 season. Between Friday 23 June and Sunday 25 June the protagonists of no less than six different championships will descend between the curbs of the Temple of Speed, giving a show to all the enthusiasts present.

Spotlights on above all on the Italian Gran Turismo Sprint Championship and its 44 entries in the Monza round, but also a lot of interest in the young talents of the Italian F4 Championship, ready to challenge each other on the Brianza circuit in three different races that promise to be hard-fought and exciting. Action on the track will finally be guaranteed by the Italian Sport Prototype Championship, the Italian Historic Car Championship, the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Italy and the Mini Challenge: having reached their third round of the season, the four categories are preparing to animate with overtaking, duels and lots of action on the track in the first of the two ACI Racing Weekends scheduled this year in the Temple of Speed ​​calendar.

On the "Monza 100" App it will be possible to find indications on the open grandstands and on the refreshment points present in the racetrack, as well as indications to reach the activities of the Tiscali Monza Karting, the Monza Shop and the Info Point, from which the "Monza Tour Experience” to discover the Temple of Speed

MIME 2023

60,000 visitors to MIMO 2023

The 3rd edition of MIMO ended a few hours ago and you can still hear the echo of the enthusiasm of the 60,000 visitors who colored the Autodromo Nazionale Monza from 16 to 18 June, crowding all areas including paddocks, grandstands and pits.

Sold out for the test drives organized in collaboration with plenitude and offered by car manufacturers BYD, Cirelli, Dodge, Hyundai, Mazda, Mole Urbana, Nissan, Polestar, Ram, Suzuki, Suzuki moto, Volkswagen, Verge Motorcycle who saw queues in front of their stands from the early hours of the morning, the same queues that crowded the pits and paddocks full of hypercars and supercars of Apollo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Dallara, De Tomaso, Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Pambuffetti, 777 hypercar, absolute protagonists of exhibitions and hot laps that crowded the grandstands and stirred up the adrenaline of the visitors at every turn on in the paddock. The Italian brand Aehra has chosen MIMO to present, in a world premiere, its Sedan , the full electric sedan designed by Filippo Perini, and Grassi Scuderia Milano has chosen the Monza public to show its 044s .

Because the 3rd edition of MIMO was above all about dynamism, with every car model and special vehicle displayed in the parade between the Formula 1 track and the elevated roads of the High Speed ​​Ring set in motion for parades in all areas of the Temple of Speed .

The 3rd edition of MIMO was an opportunity to see the podium Polimove of the Milan Polytechnic, the winning team of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, the challenge of self-driving single-seaters without a driver who competed for the first time in Europe, on a circuit with bends and braking points. The Politecnico di Milano won the timed challenge at the Autodromo against Technische Universität München TUM (2nd place), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (3rd place).

A success that resonates in the words of Andrea Levy , MIMO President: “I thank all the exhibitors who believed in this which on paper is the 3rd edition of MIMO, but which on balance is a zero edition, totally set up and organized at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. We've always believed that the racetrack was the perfect location for the motoring festival we had in mind, and the enthusiasm and numbers we've seen over the past three days confirm this. Now the head is at 2024, at everything we can further enhance of this format. Together with our partners we are setting the dates, which will most likely take MIMO to the end of June".

On the website www.milanomonza.com the photos and videos that tell the story of the 3rd edition of MIMO.

strico monza center

Weekend in Monza, what to do? Three tips to enjoy the best of the city

A weekend in Monza is an excellent idea to discover the beauties of an Italian city which holds marvelous treasures, from an artistic, naturalistic and entertainment point of view. To make a weekend in Monza profitable and unforgettable, there are at least three things to see and do: a visit to the historic centre, a walk in the famous Monza Park and the adrenaline-pumping experience of the equally iconic Autodromo, where every year the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. Here is a brief guide for tourists who don't want to miss out on the best that the Lombard city can offer in a weekend.

What to do in Monza on a weekend? Hundreds of tourists, Italians and foreigners, ask each other every weekend. Although much smaller than nearby Milan, Monza is in fact a city capable of attracting visitors all year round . And to those who visit it even just for a weekend, the city offers numerous possibilities for recreation and entertainment, including monuments, nature trails and various types of attractions. The following is a very short guide for tourists looking for advice . Not an exhaustive list of everything that is possible to do in Monza , but a selection of three truly unmissable things, because they are what make the city unique. And these are activities that can be sold out in a weekend.

Visit Monza with the City Passport

A (walking) tour of the historic center

There is no doubt that a nice ride in the historic center of Monza should be at the top of the list of things to do for those visiting the city. Among other things, it is a rather intimate historical center, with the main monuments that are located a short distance from each other, so it can be visited all on foot with pleasure. The ideal is to start from the heart: the Duomo of Monza and its Museum of Treasures . From Piazza del Duomo, then, you can easily reach all the other sites of interest that make up the historic city centre. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the main monuments of Monza :

  • Arengario Palace ;
  • War Memorial;
  • Teodolinda Tower;
  • Civic Museums ;
  • Ponte dei Leoni on the Lambro river;
  • Church of Santa Maria in Strada;
  • Church of San Maurizio;
  • Church of Santa Maria al Carrobiolo;
  • Church of San Pietro Martire;
  • Reggia di Monza or Villa Reale (slightly off-centre, but still reachable with a walk of just a quarter of an hour).

Since, however, a tourist does not eat only art and culture, it is good to underline that in the historic center of Monza you can easily meet bars and restaurants to eat , stopping for lunch or dinner, or for a simple aperitif. So what to eat in Monza also becomes a simple question to answer.

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A walk in the Monza Park

Second stop, this time of a naturalistic nature: the Park of Monza . It is truly a unique place (here a dedicated study ), which deserves to be experienced even with just a walk or a short bike ride . It is part of the Villa Reale complex and is the largest urban park in Europe, with over 700 hectares of extension that host a great variety of flora and fauna . In addition, the Park hosts real green monuments , centuries-old trees that represent a unique attraction.

If you want to be sure not to waste your energy in the face of so much potential, you can visit the Monza Park by relying on one of the prepackaged tourist itineraries (also available on the official website ):

  • The Reggia goes on stage;
  • Two steps in history;
  • Along the Lambro river;
  • The green giants;
  • On the paths of the gnomes;
  • On the paths of knights and witches;
  • From the king's hunts to the temple of speed;
  • The Monza of the Savoy.

Find out more about the Monza Park

A lap of the track on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit

After feeding on art and culture and having deeply breathed the beauty of nature, it's time to treat yourself to a rush of adrenaline and fun . And to do so, there is no better place than the Autodromo Nazionale Monza , which offers, among other things, the possibility of experiencing unique Driving Experiences . The Temple of Speed , therefore, opens its doors to all fans of engines and also to those who do not understand much about cars but want to experience the thrill of the track at least once in their life.

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