In the Temple of Speed to train “managers” with an edge

Field training for the 12 students of the Excellence Path of the Master's Degree Course in Management Engineering

The Degree Course in Management Engineering of the University of Calabria is known for being a "hotbed of innovation" in the full spirit of the discipline of management engineering. For years the didactic laboratory of the Path of Excellence reserved for the most talented profiles of the last year has been repeated, in which by now the next Management Engineers meet managers and technicians of prestigious companies, for a highly professionalizing and specialized training.

And so, the 2022 edition, finally in attendance, was launched extremely in the name of innovation, thanks to a 360 ° field intervention for the 12 young talents, guests at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Directly on the most famous track in the world, known as the Temple of Speed, the students thus followed with two days of full immersion training seminars on topics such as the "management and technical organization of the track and facilities", the "strategic organization of the automobile sport ”and the“ media and commercial management of an event ”.

“In Monza we were warmly welcomed”, says Prof. Vincenzo Corvello, vicar of the CdS who accompanied the students. And he continues: "The passion and great competence of a team capable of organizing complex events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix transpired from the meetings with the managers and technicians of the racetrack. For their part, the boys reacted with enthusiasm and were appreciated. for their promptness and attention. It was a unique experience, which I am sure will mark an important step in the path of all the participants ".

Positive confirmations also from Dr. Alessandra Zinno, General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza: "Thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed last year with the University of Calabria, we hosted in the Circuit a delegation of the most deserving students identified by the Degree Course in Management Engineering from the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering for a full immersion of two days of training with SIAS staff. The future engineers, some with a great passion for motorsport, had the opportunity to discover the areas and organizational functions that operate in the Temple of Speed from the direct voice of the Management and the Managers who coordinate them. One of the objectives that our company is pursuing is precisely that of introducing itself to new realities and opening up to new generations of professionals. This is made possible by the active collaborations that have the aim of making the Autodrome an effective educational and learning center for the world of reference companies. A sort of gymnasium , which we are building thanks to the potential of the structure and the high specific competence of our staff, which takes the name of Monza Calling Training ".

Angelo Raffaele Pelillo, consultant of the Società Incremento Automobilismo e Sport SIAS SpA, adds: "The best answer came from the looks and smiles of the participants at the moment of greeting. This is what more than anything else demonstrates the goodness of the project. I am sure that we have inaugurated an original method in training, and my personal thanks goes to those who shared the idea but first of all to the students who wanted to live it ".

A unique experience, which represents the right combination of technique and passion and which has allowed young management engineers to deepen the management and managerial processes of one of the most charismatic companies in Italian sport.