Driver for a day, the dream of every car enthusiast

Be a driver for at least one day, and whiz on a professional track, within a real circuit. All those who love cars and the world of motors have dreamed of it at least once. Today, fortunately, this desire can be realized thanks to the initiatives carried out by numerous racetracks, including the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

There are those who aspire to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari , the symbol par excellence of speed and made in Italy style, and those who prefer to imagine themselves aboard an elegant and spirited Porsche . The list, in fact, could go on for a long time, because every motor lover carries a model and a team in his heart that make him vibrate and excite. What they all have in common is the dream of experiencing the thrill of being a driver for a day , whizzing on the asphalt of a real track, right where great motorsport champions usually compete for first place. An unattainable goal? Of course not. Driving a racing car is a dream that can come true . The opportunities offered by private circuits and large racetracks are now many and very valid. Let’s see how to do it.

The requirements to become a pilot for one day

The first thing to point out is that to drive a supercar or a single-seater within a regulated circuit, in the context of a non-professional activity, no further requirements are necessary than those required to get behind the wheel of any car, on the motorway rather than in in the middle of city traffic. Therefore, you must be of age and have already obtained a type B driving license , that is the one commonly provided for cars. The events that allow you to become a pilot for a day , in fact, always provide for the assistance of qualified personnel, which guarantees fun within the limits of safety.

And who doesn’t have these requirements? Should he give up? If his goal is to drive on the track like a real driver, unfortunately he has to put that aside. But you can always experience the thrill of sitting next to an expert motorist, inside, for example, Gran Turismo cars, equipped with a passenger seat.

The complete guide to becoming a car driver

Drivers for a day on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit: Driving Experience and Track Days

When you dream it is good to do it big. Finding yourself as a pilot for a day is undoubtedly a unique experience, but being able to do it inside the Temple of Speed becomes something truly exceptional. And this too is an achievable dream. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, in fact, offers two opportunities to enthusiasts who want to taste its glorious and famous track: the Driving Experience and the Track Days .

The Driving Experience

The Driving Experiences, as the name itself reveals, are unforgettable driving experiences , created by the Autodrome in collaboration with Puresport , a leading company in the sector. They are open to individuals but also to companies, who can use them to create events for customers and team building days for employees. The car park available is large and capable of satisfying all tastes: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Formula 1.

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The Track Days

The Track Days, on the other hand, are periodic events open to anyone who wants to test their car along the Monza track , confronting its curves and straights. A different and original way to test both your driving skills and the potential of the car you have purchased.

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