Autodromo Nazionale Monza protagonist of The Record Show on Canale 5 and of the Chi report on the career of Gerry Scotti

The outdoor footage of the broadcast was filmed in the Temple of Speed. On the cover of the magazine, the portrait of the conductor with the photos taken in the circuit.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the location of the external rehearsals of the Lo Show dei Record program, broadcast from 6 March in prime time on Canale 5. The transmission of the Guinness World Records is conducted by Gerry Scotti who has chosen the Temple of Speed to be portrayed in the celebratory service on his career today on the weekly Chi . The circuit thus becomes the protagonist of two important initiatives by Mediaset and the Mondadori magazine.

The outdoor shots of the Show dei Record were recorded for a couple of weeks in February in the wide spaces of the circuit. The paddocks and the track have been the scene of spectacular athletic gestures and breathtaking feats that spectators will be able to witness following the episodes of the program on Canale 5. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, an already evocative place in itself, thanks to much of the footage made at night, will be transformed on the television screens into an even more fascinating scenario between contrasts of light, shadows and special effects.

The plant has also become the perfect stage to honor the brilliant career of Gerry Scotti, host of the program and anchorman of the Mediaset networks, whose 30 years of profession were celebrated through a photo shoot in some of the most famous points of the track. The Milanese presenter was immortalized by the well-known photographer Massimo Sestini aboard a historic Jaguar E 4.2 Coupé on the main curves of the circuit and on the straight.

Scotti at the end of the service, published on the cover of the weekly magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, left his signature and a dedication on the free hospitum of the Autodrome, where the autographs of the winning drivers of the races are collected. The General Manager Alessandra Zinno honored the showman with a personalized trophy in honor of his many years of profession.

Alessandra Zinno explains: “The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is confirmed as an ideal space also for filming and photo shoots. The requests for these activities are constantly growing thanks to the large spaces, the context of the Park and the history that the Circuit tells in all its parts. We too have reached a real record: we are celebrating one hundred years since the founding of the racetrack and this anniversary gives a special nuance to all the events and activities of 2022. I am happy that Gerry Scotti has chosen us to honor his long and prestigious career. Thanks to the shooting of the Show dei Record and the cover of Chi , the Temple of Speed offers itself to the sight of millions of Italians who can then join us in person to follow the races and visit the facilities and the track with our guided tours ” .