FAI Spring Days in Monza and Brianza – Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2023

The Cathedral of Monza, the Cascina Cernuschi, the Fixed Post of the Carabinieri on horseback inside the Monza Park, the National Autodrome as a sports facility and in its forestry component, the stained glass windows by Aligi Sassu in the council chamber of the Municipality of Giussano are the places and cultural heritage proposed by the Delegation and the Youth Fai Group of Monza for the 31st edition of the national event. A great moment of active participation and fundraising to promote the rediscovery of the Italian historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage.

«The history and evolution of the Autodrome in the year of its centenary. The woodland-natural treasure of the Monza Park and the historical architectures present within it, including the Cascina Cernuschi, headquarters of the Fixed Post of the Carabinieri on horseback. Monuments and works of art that exalt the spiritual roots and civic virtues of local communities, such as the “unveiled splendour” of the restored facade of the Monza Cathedral and the stained glass windows by Aligi Sassu in Giussano. This multi-dimensional richness of the Brianza cultural heritage is the leitmotif of the five itineraries proposed to the public by Fai di Monza, for the Fai days of Spring, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, thanks to the commitment and creativity of many volunteers and the participation of public, private and ecclesiastical bodies» declares Elena Colombo, Head of the FAI Monza Delegation.

“As public administrators, we owe a big thank you to Fai for organizing the Spring Days” – explains Arianna Bettin, councilor for culture and for the Villa and Royal Park of the Municipality of Monza. “It is the most concrete and real example of partnership between public and private for the enhancement of the historical, artistic and even anthropological heritage of all the infinite realities of this country. And in particular of Monza where this year they will be told and made to visit the three symbols of the city: the Cathedral, the monumental complex of the Reggia and the Autodrome”.

Now in its 31st edition , the great national event in support of the fundraising of the FAI-Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano involves 400 cities this year with the aim of promoting awareness of 750 places and cultural heritage of extraordinary value, often undervalued and inaccessible. In Monza and Giussano, 170 volunteers are involved in welcoming and cultural visits, together with 50 Apprentice Guides from the Leone Dehon Institute in Monza (Classical Lyceum, Human Sciences Lyceum and Professional Institute of Health and Assistance Services Sociale) and of the Martino Bassi Technical Institute of Seregno.

The program for the 2023 Spring Days of the FAI Youth Group and the Fai Delegation of Monza includes five itineraries:

the restored facade of the Cathedral of Monza;
– the Monza racetrack and park with three cultural visits (one in the spaces dedicated to Formula 1 insiders; one between Bosco Bello, the high-speed loop and Serraglio dei Cervi; one at Cascina Cernuschi);
– the stained glass windows made by Aligi Sassu in the council chamber of the Municipality of Giussano.

«Mine, like that of many mayors, is an appeal to the people of Monza and all Lombards to participate with great enthusiasm in these Fai Spring Days, says Paolo Pilotto , Mayor of Monza and President of the Villa Reale and Monza Park Consortium. – Like every year, this is a precious opportunity to rediscover the beauties of our city, even in their most hidden and therefore most suggestive details. It is also a moment of reflection on the history of our community which, through the Reggia, the Park and the Autodrome, is projected into the national events of Italy. Not least these ‘days’ represent the civic commitment of many citizens who voluntarily place themselves at the disposal of the community to tell the meaning and value of its past. A heartfelt thanks also goes to the many school students who will be involved in the role of Apprentice Guides in the visits of the FAI».

Three of the open places are located in the monumental complex of the Reggia di Monza, made up of a royal residence, over 30 historic buildings, a Royal Park and Gardens covering a total of 740 hectares, a great historical, cultural and landscape heritage rich in meanings for which for public use, the Villa Reale and Monza Park Consortium was set up.

«The Fai Primavera days are a very important appointment for the Villa and the Park of Monza, explains Giuseppe Distefano , general manager of the Consortium for the Villa Reale and the Park of Monza. – They are so because of the ability of the FAI volunteers in Monza to bring a large public closer to our monumental asset, to its main ‘places’ as well as to the more ‘secret’ and hidden ones. They are due to the communicative power that these ‘days’ have on the local collective feeling but, more generally, on the feeling of the country. They are for the historical ‘story’ that Fai manages to immortalize in these visits. All this is and becomes a driving force for knowledge and commitment to safeguard this monument that past generations have left us as a legacy»

  • National Autodrome of Monza. BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE CIRCUS

The magic of the Autodrome told in the year of the centenary celebrations. The FAI Days offer direct knowledge of the exclusive places of Formula 1 and a journey through the history of the Monza facility between culture, social customs and sporting protagonists. Built in 1922 in just 110 days and the third oldest in the world after Brooklands and Indianapolis, the Autodrome is the product of an era marked by the myth of racing and the discovery of leisure time and sports associations as mass phenomena.

The visit will allow you to learn about the different modifications to the track of the Autodrome and the affirmation of its legend as a “temple of speed”. Visitors will be accompanied in the spaces reserved for professionals. Here we will also talk about the results of research and technological experiments carried out within it, such as the guardrail, the transponder that originated the telepass and the draining asphalt.

→ Reservations through the giornifai.it website or directly on site

  • National Autodrome of Monza. BEYOND THE RACING, IN THE GREEN

For the FAI Days we propose a walk of two and a half kilometers during which we will get to know the two faces of the racetrack and their interaction over the last 100 years. On the one hand, the Bosco Bello and forest area with its peace and quiet. On the other, the circuit with the high-speed loop. A few meters separate two realities whose history, stories, protagonists and atmospheres we will try to tell. Among them is the Serraglio dei Cervi, a neo-Gothic building built in the early nineteenth century, once used for the breeding of deer, fallow deer and American goats, destined to be set free for hunting trips, and today ” trait d’union” between these two worlds that have been living together for 100 years.

This immersion in the woods, meadows and vine rows is a precious opportunity to learn about the silvicultural interventions underway to safeguard the woodland and natural heritage inside the Autodrome and for its safe use by all.

Giuseppe Redaelli, President of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, comments: «The Temple of Speed welcomed with satisfaction the invitation of the FAI Monza Delegation to be included in the FAI Spring Days 2023 program not only for its centennial history which has made Monza famous in the world but also for its location in one of the most renowned green spaces in Europe. The Autodrome pays daily attention to the protection and safeguard of the Park and its ecosystem with concrete initiatives of environmental sustainability, in the organizational processes of the motorsport races it traditionally hosts: for these actions it has received from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) the highest recognition of three stars. Also relevant is the commitment to the maintenance of the park areas under concession with the professional assistance of agronomist and forestry experts who work in concert with the Park Consortium and Villa Reale, promoting the correct development of native tree species while respecting biodiversity and the safety of park visitors. All this will be known during the visits organized with the FAI ».