ITA Airways will be Title Sponsor of the Centenary of the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. The meaning of this important partnership was illustrated this morning, at the ITA Airways lounge, Piazza di Spagna, at Terminal E of the Leonardo da Vinci airport in Fiumicino, in a press conference attended by the President of ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the President of CONI, Giovanni Malagò and the Executive President of ITA Airways, Alfredo Altavilla, the meeting with the media was preceded by the unveiling of the first ITA Airways aircraft with the logo for the 100th anniversary of Monza, a Airbus A330 new blue livery dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari, the “Flying Mantuan”, universally considered one of the greatest pilots of all time.

Known throughout the world as “The Temple of Speed”, Autodromo Monza is the second oldest facility in the world still in operation – the only one where Formula 1 races are still held – and is considered the fastest track, besides than one of the most
spectacular and challenging, of the entire World Cup.

To celebrate this incredible century of great sport, three aircraft with the new blue livery of the ITA Airways fleet will wear the Autodrome Celebrations Logo: in addition to the Airbus A330 dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari, two other Airbus A319s bearing the name of Alberto will be in the fleet Ascari, two-time Formula 1 World Champion (1952 and ’53, both in a Ferrari), Michele Alboreto (F1 vice-world champion in 1985, in a Ferrari).

The great news of ITA Airways will also be to dedicate the flagship of its fleet, the new Airbus A350, blue livery to the legendary Enzo Ferrari – “the Drake” – legendary founder and of the homonymous team, the most titled in the history of Formula 1, with 31 world titles (16 Manufacturers, 15 Drivers). It is the first time ever that the man who changed the history of world motoring has an airplane with his name, and only ITA could do it. Special thanks to the engineer Piero Ferrari and the Ferrari management who made this happen.

The airbus A350 of the ITA Airways fleet represents the maximum expression of technology, sustainability and innovation. It is the first time that the Company of the Flag has this aircraft in its fleet, moreover in no less than 6 units. The name Enzo Ferrari will be written on a red background, also a uniqueness, because red and Ferrari are one thing, like ITA Airways and blue, just as exclusive is this red detail among all the aircraft in the fleet. The marriage between Enzo Ferrari and ITA Airways is natural: just as Ferrari has innovated racing, ITA Airways wants to be a pioneer of innovation in air transport. And today ACI and the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, with the presence of Coni, have given the opportunity to make this link concrete. The four planes in the blue livery of ITA Airways with the celebratory logo of the Monza racetrack are part of the Company’s strategy to be alongside sport. The “Enzo Ferrari” plane will be the ambassador in the world of the excellence of our country, and its first flight will be special. In fact, at the next Monza Grand Prix in September he will fly over the Monza circuit and greet the starting grid. It will be a unique moment and it will be an opportunity of great visibility for Italy on a world level. Furthermore, this flight will be powered by SAF, the most ecological jet fuel in the world, because innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

“With extraordinary sporting feats, which have become legendary – declared Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of the Automobile Club of Italy, the Italian Federation of Automotive Sports – Nuvolari, Ascari, Alboreto and, of course, Ferrari, have made people fly and meet generations of motorsport enthusiasts and fans from all over the world. And it is precisely this ideal twinning between emotions – those of motorsport and those of flight – together with the sharing of fundamental values, common to sport and aviation – maximum professionalism, strong competitiveness, continuous technological innovation, great attention to the sustainable future – the idea behind this important partnership between ACI and ITA Airways “.

“This year – concluded Sticchi Damiani – our pilots will fly together: the wish of all of us is that they will be able to lead ITA Airways and the Monza National Circuit towards an ever brighter and more fortunate future”.

“We are proud – declared Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI – that ACI, through this prestigious partnership, will strengthen the link between our movement and ITA Airways. The celebration of the Centenary of the Monza racetrack and the attribution of the naming of four aircraft to timeless figures and performers, capable of legendary feats, enhances the importance of the history of motoring and the fundamental activity promoted by the Federation for its development. The national airline – added Malagò – recognizes, once again, the value of Italian sport as an expression of the country’s excellence, making it fly around the world in the sign of collective pride. A winning synergy to go further and further, ever higher “.

“Monza is the Italian Grand Prix and there could not have been the Compagnia di Bandiera, with ACI it is a natural partnership, we are both ambassadors of the best Italy in the world.” Said Alfredo Altavilla, Executive President of ITA Airways. “All the more so for the anniversary of the circuit’s centenary. It is the first time that the airline is present at the Italian Grand Prix and this partnership, thanks to ACI, strengthens the bond between ITA Airways and sport. After the planes named after various sportsmen, here are those dedicated to four figures who have written the history of Italian motoring, with the exclusive aircraft named after Enzo Ferrari. As he innovated racing, we want to be pioneers of innovation in aviation. With conviction and determination we are changing paradigms that have long been consolidated in the sector, because we know that the greatest opportunities come precisely from the discontinuity that we must be able to make the most of. And that’s what we’re doing. “

“When we launched the Centenary logo at the Dubai Expo – underlined Ludovico Fois, ACI Communications Manager and Advisor for External and Institutional Relations – we set ourselves the goal of giving great international prominence to the history of the Circuit and, above all, to its future. The choice of ITA Airways as Title Sponsor of the Centenary is a fundamental piece of this path, made possible by the presence of strong shared values and the desire to transmit the passion for Italian sport and energy in the world. The chosen claim – “This year, our pilots will fly together” – perfectly embodies this ideal union, uniting our two worlds in an exciting shared narrative.