Over 650 historic and youngtimer cars confirm the success of the ACI Storico Festival 2022 in Monza

Great success for the second edition of the ACI Storico Festival , which today was staged at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza , where over 650 historic and youngtimer cars ran.

The event that bears the signature of the ACI Storico Club boasted the precious collaboration of the Automobile Club Milano , of the Italian Alfa Romeo Registry and of the Scuderia del Portello .

Over 360 Alfa Romeo cars on the track, with prominent models such as the 1971 Alfa Romeo 33TT3, the 1983 Alfa Romeo F1 183T and the 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Flòn, belonging to the Alfa Romeo Dinamico Museum. racing history of the Scuderia del Portello. Equally important is the parterre of guests present, such as Andrea de Adamich , Carlo Facetti , Giorgio Francia and Gianni Giudici , who shared the glorious feats of the past with the participants, but also with an eye to the future, given the world premiere of the Tonale, with Alfa Romeo’s CEO on board Jean-Philippe Learned . The presence of the Alfa Romeo brand strengthened by the RIAR, which aroused the interest of the public thanks to important cars such as a 1964 Giulia TZ and a 1965 Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 official Autodelta winner of various titles in Italy and abroad.

Numerous clubs and members affiliated with the ACI Storico Club flocked to the track, including the Milan Historic Cars Club & Youngtimer Club Milan, il Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Club Italia and the Club The Roaring Grannies , who participated in the various track days and parades that colored both the track in the conformation used on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the historical one where there is the fascinating banked curve of the speed ring.

The moments of sharing that entertained the public thanks to the partnership with the editorial staff of Ruoteclassiche e Youngtimer , who conducted an interesting talk “How to start collecting youngtimers”, in addition to the meeting where the Youngtimer Show – Buy & Drive , which allowed guests not to simply stop and admire the cars, but to be able to start and conclude a real purchase and sale.

The day ended with the awards ceremony celebrated on the Monza podium, where the owners of fascinating cars such as: a 1968 Lotus 11, a 1994 Mercedes C36, a 1965 Mercedes 230S and the 1964 Giulia GTA ex Ignazio Giunti climbed. .

“We are particularly satisfied with this edition of the ACI Storico Festival, in which the absolute protagonists were both the members of ACI Storico and the many vintage car enthusiasts who flocked to the Monza track today – declared the President of the Automobile . Club of Italy Angelo Sticchi DamianiAn event that has just ended with record numbers, testifying to the constant growth of the ACI Storico Club, but also to the attention that historic motorsport is receiving from the general public. Special thanks go to Scuderia del Portello, RIAR and the Automobile Club Milano for the perfect success of the event, in addition to the precious collaboration with Ruoteclassiche and Youngtimer and the hospitality of the Monza National Circuit “.