Autodromo Nazionale Monza alongside the Municipality of Monza in the #ResponsabilmenteGiovani project

The initiative aims to raise awareness and educate the younger generations on the best behaviors to pursue to reduce and combat the risks of road accidents.

Monza, 17 November 2022 – Spreading the culture of moving around safely through knowledge and the adoption of correct behavior and stimulating greater awareness of the risks of the vehicle and the road. With this in mind, the safe driving courses for cars and scooters, developed in collaboration with AC Milano, started today at the Monza Autodrome for over 200 students, including novice drivers and pink sheet holders, from the Monza schools participating in #ResponsabilmenteGiovani .

The initiative, conceived and presented by the Municipality of Monza , ranked second in the ranking of projects selected by the Ministry of the Interior for the promotion, coordination and monitoring of prevention, experimentation and contrast activities on the national territory of traffic accidents caused by alcohol and drugs.

“Automobile Club Milano is always in the front line, with the experts of its structure and its statutory study commissions, in the training of all road users, in order to create and disseminate in them a careful and growing knowledge of the characteristics of the traffic, the means used, the driving skills required, the rules of conduct, the dangers, the importance of all the aspects and all the rules that make up the complex picture of road safety. Our commitment embraces all age groups starting from the smallest and youngest, protagonists of the mobility of the future that we therefore wish to create on solid foundations built on prevention and awareness. That awareness that is indispensable every time we move at any time of our day, on foot or using any means”, he underlines Geronimo La Russa , President of Automobile Club Milano.

“Nobody owns the road, every day millions of people walk it as if it were a normal routine activity which leads us all to feel somewhat invincible and perfectly able to pay attention to several activities at the same time. We forget our responsibility towards the community and ignore that we are a potential danger both for us and for those around us; so let us try to remember that over 60% of road deaths are innocent victims of the distraction of others, which is the main cause of road accidents. When we are on the road – drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or scooter users – we must never feel hyper-protected by road rules (frequently interpreted too loosely and extensively in our favour) but think that through distraction or driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, or due to a sudden illness, or due to the material impossibility of realizing the sudden danger, those arriving may find themselves in the position of not being able to avoid the accident. We must therefore ensure that the perception of danger increases more and more in all road users, through targeted awareness campaigns on road safety education”, he says Giuseppe Redaelli , President of the Monza National Circuit.

“Making the generations who are approaching car driving aware of having respect for their vehicle and for all the ‘actors’ on the road, including pedestrians, is the first step in strengthening the perception of the risks deriving from incautious behaviour, such as distraction at the wheel , the underestimation of the road and above all the high speed. Also in the Temple of Speed, the ACI, which protects road safety among its statutory purposes, wants to demonstrate that it is possible to teach the youngest how to acquire the correct evaluation of the road and its dangers in relation to the road route, the importance to always respect the highway code, made up of simple rules that can save one’s life and that of others”, he says Alessandra Zinno , General Manager of the Monza National Circuit.

The Monza and Brianza Traffic Police and the Monza Local Police were also present on the first day of the courses, which deal with roadside checks, in particular in the most sensitive time slots with respect to the phenomenon of driving while intoxicated or under the effect of narcotic substances.

Starting from the early stages of the project, the Police Forces have significantly increased the number of checks in order to prevent accidents. Since April, 586 drivers have been checked, including 78 novice drivers. 409 alcohol pre-tests and 18 drug tests were carried out – “Investing in the prevention and training of the youngest is an essential lever on the educational and safety fronts – explains the Mayor Paolo Pilotto – Opportunities like these, therefore, prove to be precious for learning in a serene way and for identifying positive examples to follow”.

The Councilor for Youth Andreina Fumagalli and the Councilor for Security Ambrogio Moccia also took part in the press conference.

Together with the Italian Red Cross, Carrobiolo 2000 Cooperativa Sociale, Promozione Umana Onlus and Itineraria Teatro, Autodromo Nazionale Monza is one of the project implementers and will specifically organize safe driving courses for cars and scooters over 6 different days about 200 boys with the involvement of industry experts and the supervision of a talent loved and recognized by the younger generation of motorsport enthusiasts, namely the racing driver and TV presenter Davide Valsecchi.

The courses are designed as real training , in the classroom and in the field, to allow students to learn how to control the vehicle in different conditions: sudden dangers, braking, obstacles, wet curves and slippery asphalt. Furthermore, various types of road bends will be tackled to facilitate training and the evaluation of the correct speed approaching a bend and the intensity of braking.

Safe driving courses for cars are organized by Master Driving, a reality founded and directed by Maurizio Verini, Italian and European Rally champion and world champion for the Marches (FIAT), who has been involved in road safety for over 15 years and in particular in theoretical and practical car driving courses at all levels.

The safe driving courses for scooters, a vehicle that is becoming more and more part of the travel habits especially of the youngest, are instead held with the support of Dott, who makes available for the entire duration of the project up to 25 scooters and a qualified instructor. Dott is the market leader in the scooter and ebike sharing sector and has always invested in training and safety. Dott has been active in Italy since 2019 and in Milan and Monza since 2020 with its rental services.