The first details of the ACI Rally Monza, the tricolor grand finale

The last stage of the Italian Absolute Rally Sparco Championship and of the Italian Rally Gravel Championship will take place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December. Studied a route, mostly unpaved, entirely created in the Monza National Autodrome.

The fine-tuning of the ACI Rally Monza continues, the awaited final stage of the Sparco Italian Absolute Rally Championship and of the 2023 Italian Terra Rally Championship , which will take place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December at the Monza National Autodrome . Meanwhile, the event organized by SIAS, with the collaboration of ACI Sport, is starting to take shape and the project for this new edition was presented to the Giunta Sportiva on Tuesday 27 June.

The first details therefore confirm a rally that will take place on a course entirely created in the Temple of Speed, mainly drawn on the dirt roads of the Monza Park, already trodden in the last editions of the World Rally, in 2020 and 2021, interspersed with some iconic passages on the asphalt of the circuit which will host the Formula 1 GP in September. The format will be the classic one already adopted by the major national series, which includes reconnaissance on Thursday, shakedown on Friday morning and a first portion of the race to follow. The next day, on Saturday, the biggest part of the competition will be staged. The initial proposal for the route includes around 80 kilometres , divided into 10 special stages , on 4 different timed stretches .

As already indicated by ACI Sport at the time of naming, the ACI Rally Monza will assign a score with a coefficient of 1.5 both for the CIAR Sparco, as the eighth round, and for the CIR Terra, as the sixth stage. Together with the two major series, the challenges of CIAR Junior, CIAR Two Wheel Drive and the Italian R1 Championship will also be completed, as for all the class and category ACI Sport Cups included in the championships.