The free public water distribution service has been strengthened for sustainability.

The agreement signed this morning at the historic circuit. There are ten supply points: four more than last year.

Monza, 31 July 2023 – More water points to quench the thirst of the general public of enthusiasts who, in the first three days of September, will crowd the Temple of Speed ​​to follow the 2023 Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix. The agreement was signed late in the morning inside the motor plant. After the great success achieved last year with the distribution of 31 thousand liters of water and savings for the environment of 63 thousand disposable plastic bottles, BrianzAcque and Autodromo Nazionale Monza are strengthening their partnership in terms of sustainability and implementing the water supply system, in order to make supplies of good, ecological and safe water increasingly within reach because it is controlled by thousands of laboratory analyses. An oligomineral water a< km.0> , waiting to be discovered, whose consumption helps to reduce pollution due to the production, transport and disposal of plastic bottles and packaging.

Giuseppe Redaelli , president of SIAS Autodromo Nazionale Monza, said: “We strongly wanted to renew this agreement, implementing it, because we believe in a path that sees the Autodromo Nazionale Monza increasingly focused on sustainability and the environment. Water is a primary and fundamental good and being able to provide it free of charge to the thousands of fans who attend the Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a source of great pride for us. During the GP weekend, spectators will be able to fill their half-litre water bottles and Grand Prix celebratory cups which will be available for purchase at the circuit. We believe the path undertaken together with an important partner like BrianzAcque can lead to achieving important results both in reducing the use of plastic and in understanding the importance of public water

For Enrico Boerci , President and CEO BrianzAcque: “With Autodromo we share a strong vocation for sustainability and a great commitment to the environment which, during the Italian Grand Prix, translates into the opportunity for aficionados from all over the world to drink and enjoy the excellent water public of Brianza, an excellence of the territory. A green choice aimed at enhancing the increasingly precious water resource and respecting the context of the Park in which the Monza circuit is located”.

The Mayor of Monza, Paolo Pilotto, underlined: “ ‘The agreement between Autodromo and Brianzacque is a choice characterized by attention and environmental sensitivity – adds the Mayor Paolo PilottoThus the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza becomes a testimonial of the value of public water for motoring enthusiasts from all over the world. A profound value that Monza and Brianza have long recognized and defended with tenacity by protecting the blue gold as a public asset of inestimable value, investing with confidence in their public company”.

Silverio Clerici , President of ATO Monza and Brianza stated: “Today the message is confirmed, or rather strengthened, that when two bodies, public and private, agree intelligently they are not only able to offer useful services for the community but, even more importantly, they activate interesting initiatives in the field of true environmental sustainability . Examples to imitate!”.

BrianzAcque – sole manager of the integrated water service in Monza and Brianza, which this year celebrates its first twenty years – and the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, in addition to the water house present in front of the statue of the driver Juan Manuel Fangio and the self-service column of the offices, will temporarily reposition tap benches and self-service dispensers in correspondence with the FanZone, the Curva Parabolica and the Central Grandstand. To intensify the service and facilitate the use of public water, another four new refueling “stations” will be activated water : in the Paddock, inside the Camping, at the Racing Office and in the Parabolica grandstand, one of the most iconic places of the motorsport facility. A self-service dispenser will find a permanent place in the press room, available to information operators, whose presence is increasingly intensifying.

“Free” water Km.O, fresh and sparkling

All external stations, capable of dispensing quantities of H2O equal to 200 liters per hour, will be manned by dedicated staff. In this way the aim is to guarantee correct and orderly flows for the supply of the drink, available in still and carbonated versions, at room temperature and refrigerated. The “bulk” and “free” water that can be tapped from the 10 stations present in the Autodrome is the same that comes out of the tap through the aqueduct network, treated with additional refinement and filtering mechanisms that make it more pleasant on the palate without altering its characteristics. precious initial chemical-physical characteristics. The service will be active continuously during all three days of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix scheduled for next September 1st to 3rd.

A new well field for the area

The agreement signed today goes beyond the dates of the GP and looks to the future. In fact, collaboration is envisaged between Autodromo and BrianzAcque to identify an area with adequate characteristics to be used for the creation of a new well field, subject to agreement with the Villa Reale and Monza Park Consortium. The collection systems will function both at the service of the Park’s water networks and for that of the municipalities of Monza, Biassono and Villasanta so as to guarantee greater availability of drinking water to the area. As part of the paths followed for the construction of the well field, BrianzAcque will also deal with the design of a network of sewerage underground services for use on the circuit.