The titles of the ATCC and Legends Cars Italia championships awarded to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

After two days of continuous brawl on the track in front of a good audience. In the final appointment with the seasonal Formula X Racing Weekends, Denis Babuin completed his run-up in the standings by triumphing in ATCC, while among the Legends the 2022 champion is Simone Borghi.

A weekend of great action on the track at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza ended. Nearly 300 drivers competed in 12 different categories in the last one Formula X Racing Weekend season in front of a beautiful setting of spectators, giving life to 18 races in the space of a few hours and decisive duels for the assignment of the titles, with the ATCC and Legends Cars Italia championships that were assigned right in the Temple of Speed.

Denis Babuin (Bolza Corse) completed the comeback in the standings on the duo composed of Giuseppe Bodega and Fulvio Ferri in ATCC , who came as leader in the championship for covered wheels but who did not show up at the Brianza stage. Babuin, who was 13 points behind Monza, did not have an easy time with a 25-second penalty in race-1 which relegated him out of the points zone. The success then went to Silvano Bolzoni, Babuin’s teammate, ahead of Matteo Scapozza and Pasquale Notarnicola (Autostar Motorsport). Babuin made a comeback in the second competition, winning the championship thanks to the third place obtained. The driver from Bergamo positioned himself behind Andrea Marchesini, second, and Notarnicola, this time first classified.

Legends Cars Italia also declared the 2022 winner in Monza. At the end of the two 18-minute Brianza rounds, Simone Borghi became the absolute champion of the series. The driver of the Legend Cars Italia team also took away the satisfaction of winning race-2 on Sunday afternoon after an exciting duel with Gabriele Torelli (8KS Warner Experience), second at the checkered flag. Third was Alessandro Bollini Frigerio (Legend Cars Italia). The same three drivers made up the podium of race-1, with Torelli winning on Bollini Frigerio and Borghi.

In the two competitions disputed by the FX Pro Series , Tommaso Lovati (Lema Racing) was the best in a race-1 which ended on a tightrope with three drivers in a few tenths at the waving of the checkered flag. Behind Lovati were Simone Saglio (Corbetta Racing) and Giovanni Maschio. Maschio dominated the second race, ahead of Saglio and Andrea Raiconi (World Racing) by more than 12 seconds.

The weekend with Formula X offered hard-fought races to the last meter in the combined grid between FX3 and the Predator’s Trophy . Race-1 on Sunday morning was decided by only 18 thousandths, with Matteo Manzo (Scuderia Cirelli) who got the better of Davide Critelli (D-Team Racing). Matteo Zaniboni (Sportauto Zaniboni) finished third instead. In the afternoon race to prevail over all rivals was Marco Luzzi (Harp Racing by LCM), who won the most prestigious square of the three ahead of Zaniboni and Andrea Giagnorio (CDM-RS).

Sandro De Virgilis (Alpha Team Racing) won the first of two rounds of the FX2 , which this weekend shared the grid with the Formula Classic F.3s and Abarths. The solo podium was the preserve of FX2 only, with Stefano Pezzoni (Ruote Scoperte Motorsport) second and Valentino Carofino (Valentino Racing Team) finishing third. Solid placements on the podium also in race-2 for De Virgilis, second, and Pezzoni, third. The victory, however, went to Andrea Maschi, Pezzoni’s teammate.

Formula Class Junior and FX600 have also split the line-up twice in the Temple of Speed. In the first race Antonio Vessicchio preceded Marco Visconti (Stilo Corse) and Massimiliano Vichi (Polekart). Vichi instead won race-2 finishing ahead of Vessicchio and Mario Pellegrino.

Among the Caterhams of the Super Seven, Diogo Tavares (CRM Motorsport) was the star of race-1 ahead of Nuno Afonso (Atomic-Mageltech) and Gonçalo Lobo Vale (BCM Sports), while in race-2 Lobo Vale and Tavares confirmed a podium placement, respectively second and third, but failed to beat José Carlos Pires (Speedy Motorsport), leader at the finish.

In the first round of the Twingo Cup , held almost at night on Saturday, Mihajilo Mladenovic (ASK Mixa Racing Team) won, behind in the order Rok Cerar (Lema Racing) and Miha Fabijan (ASD Novo Mesto). In the second race, positions reversed on the first two steps of the podium, with Cerar ahead of Mladenovic and Fabijan again third.

The Speed Euroseries raced twice on the centenary track in Brianza: in the opening race the success went to Danny Molinaro (Avelon Formula) who preceded Mikael Jansson (Markmiljo Racing) and the Italian Pietro Ferri (Luxury Car Racing). In the second race, held in the afternoon, Ivan Bellarosa (Avelon Formula) won over Filippo Lazzaroni (Team Lazzaroni) and Steve Brooks (Luxury Car Racing).

At the Autodromo Nazionale Monza we are back on track in two weeks with the Special Rally Circuit by Vedovati Corse , now in its sixth edition. The traditional rally event hosted by the Temple of Speed will exalt the Brianza public on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, with the riders ready to challenge each other along routes built specifically to increase the spectacle of the event. Further information is available on the website . (fm)