Warm up your engines: Monza and Indianapolis, “twin” souls

A ceremony for the delivery of certificates to students who have joined the project

Monza and Indianapolis are ‘twin’ souls. The certificate delivery ceremony for the students who participated in the ‘ Monza-Indianapolis ‘ project was held today at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the twinning in the name of engines signed in 1993 between the capital of Brianza and the capital of Indiana. A cultural exchange for seven young people who had the opportunity to deal with different American entrepreneurial and training realities.

“This is an international initiative, useful both for the training of our young people and for any new professional opportunities that meet their aptitudes – explain the Mayor Dario Allevi and the Councilor for Youth Policies Federico ArenaWe are convinced that forging the link with an overseas city that has a strong similarity with ours is important. Monza and Indianapolis are linked by the fil rouge of engines, both of which host an international Temple of Speed: the hope is that similar opportunities can continue to be developed in the future, capable of creating a new economy and new research opportunities. Opening the city to realities from other continents, hosting foreign students, becoming a model for cultural exchanges is a strategic objective to which we have dedicated a lot of energy and resources because it will be fundamental for the future of our children “.

Alessandra Zinno , General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza: “I thank all the participants and organizers of the Monza-Indianapolis twinning and in particular the Mayor of Monza Dario Allevi for choosing the press room of our circuit for the delivery of the final certificates. I am happy to have had the opportunity to get in touch with many young Italians and other nations, because the Circuit wants to speak above all to the new generations. We are also gradually becoming an educational center thanks to partnerships with various academic and training realities. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are two of the oldest circuits in the world still in operation. The geographical and cultural distance is bridged by the passion and dedication to motorsport “.

The Mayor Dario Allevi and the Councilor for Youth Policies Federico Arena were present for the Municipality of Monza, the General Manager Alessandra Zinno for the Monza National Circuit, as well as obviously the students who participated in the twinning. In remote connection, however, the representatives of the City of Indianapolis Ruth Morales , Office of the Mayor’s Cabinet with responsibility for Legal Affairs, Judith Thomas , Deputy Mayor, Turner Lesnick , Samantha Black and Chandler Horton , young students participating in the project. The table was moderated by Mario Di Dato , Director of Marketing and Sales at Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

The idea behind the project was to promote exchanges of a cultural and educational nature between university students from Monza and Americans, offering opportunities to meet with entrepreneurial realities in the field of new technologies applied to mobility and the environment, parks and urban agriculture, solutions smart city and sharing economy, medical research and motorsport. Sectors that, in the near future, will develop in a constant and growing way.

An opportunity born from the common denominator represented by the two oldest circuits in the history of motoring: the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, built in 1911 and the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in 1922.

The following received the award : Andrea Amico, Sara Colombo, Pietro Galimberti, Giuseppe Sebastiano Manzo, Riccardo Motta, Andrea Orlando and Marco Schifone.