What to see in Brianza (besides Monza): 5 tips not to get lost

There are many things to do and see in Brianza, the heart of Lombardy. In addition to Monza, in fact, the area holds a historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage of inestimable value. From the Adda to the Brianza lakes, from Montevecchio to Seregno, passing through places of undisputed value such as the Arese Borromeo palace. In this article, a short guide for tourists to Brianza not to be missed.

Italy is dotted with places rich in history, art and landscape beauties. Some are well known and told everywhere. Others, however, rarely conquer the limelight, but they are no less suggestive. Brianza is among the latter, even if an ever-increasing number of tourists choose it as a destination for short trips or longer holidays. This historic area of Lombardy, in fact, offers those who visit it a plurality of things to do and see . Itineraries suitable for all needs and different tastes, which allow you to discover a territory with a long and glorious history. Monza is undoubtedly the main attraction of Brianza, but around the historic city there are many other must-see places. The following list lists five, without claiming to be exhaustive. In Monza, on the other hand, separate articles are dedicated, given its importance:

The Adda, the Leonardo ferry and the ecomuseum

The Adda river is one of the symbols of Brianza and you cannot visit this area without dedicating some time to it, also because it offers many ideas. For example, within the Parco dell’Adda Nord there is the Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo , divided into 18 stages along the river, with the aim of enhancing its natural resources and encouraging sustainable development. One of the main attractions of the Ecomuseum is the Leonardo ferry , which connects the two banks of the watercourse, that of Lecco and that of Bergamo. What’s special about it? It is a ferry without an engine, which walks using only the force of the currents. For those who love outdoor activities, the Adda offers a fantastic cycle / pedestrian path .

The Brianza lakes

Still on the subject of naturalistic attractions, the Brianza lakes deserve to be mentioned, that is, those located in the upper Brianza, between Lecco and Como, a short distance from Monza. It is a series of five small lakes of glacial origin (Alserio, Pusiano, Montorfano, Segrino and Annone) immersed in lush vegetation and surrounded by fascinating landscapes. An ideal area for a quiet picnic or a mountain bike excursion .


Montevecchia is a small but precious village perched on the hills of north-eastern Brianza . A small jewel that houses numerous prestigious monuments, such as the sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Carmelo or the Villa Albertoni Agnese . Furthermore, the town is at the center of a beautiful hilly landscape, which can host long and healthy walks. Finally, the food and wine delicacies, such as Pincianèl , a red wine with the IGT denomination, deserve to be honored.


Another municipality in Brianza that must necessarily be included in one’s travel itinerary is Seregno . It is a much larger and more populous town than Montevecchia, but whose historic center preserves a unique and ancient flavor. Among the most important monuments there are certainly the Collegiate Basilica of San Giuseppe , the Torre del Barbarossa , the Sanctuary of Santa Valeria and the Abbey of San Benedetto .

Arese Borromeo Palace and Garden

Cesano Maderno , a town in the province of Monza and Brianza, houses the Palazzo Arese Borromeo , with its suggestive garden. An enchanting place, where art, history and culture meet. Behind the austere façade, the building hides an incredible wealth of frescoed rooms. Likewise, the well-kept outdoor space is populated by statues and fountains. The original structure of the building dates back to the second half of the 1600s, but has since been transformed and enriched over the centuries.

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