Good first for the Motorist’s Day

The report of the first edition of the Motorist’s Festival, hosted at the Monza racetrack. During the event, the Bruno Brida Monza Prize was awarded to Dario Lucchese, Autosprint journalist.

A success with the public for the first edition of the Motorist Festival which took place on 25 July 2021 at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza . On the occasion of the patron saint of San Cristoforo motorists, the Monza circuit opened its doors to all four-wheel enthusiasts for a day of track day . The members of the Automobile Clubs of Milan, Brescia, Varese and private individuals were able to race on the track with their cars in shifts of 25 minutes.

At 12.30, preceded by the wooden statue of San Cristoforo, the agricultural vehicles of Coldiretti , the service cars of the Police , Civil Protection and the Italian Red Cross , the cars of the public and the motorbikes of the Moto Club Monza . All the vehicles present received the blessing of the Archbishop of Milan Mons. Mario Delpini who greeted, on his arrival, the Alpini of Varese, the volunteers of the Monelli della Motta association and of the Caritas Ambrosiana, engaged in the preparation of the lunch baskets for the present public and whose proceeds, after deduction of out-of-pocket costs, were entirely devolved to the latter pastoral organization for charitable and welfare initiatives.

The assignment of the Bruno Brida Monza Prize

In the afternoon, Dario Lucchese received the Bruno Brida Monza Prize in the “Tazio Nuvolari” press room for his journalistic activity for Autosprint during the ACI Racing Weekend . The award, purely of honor, is dedicated to the memory of the Paddock Director Bruno Brida, who died prematurely in 2019. Giuseppe Redaelli and Alessandra Zinno, respectively President and General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Umberta Testa and Luca Brida, wife and son of Bruno Brida, took part in the handover ceremony, conducted by the Communications Coordinator of the Autodrome Davide Casati, and in connection Franco Carmignani of Paddock and Carlo Leoni of Stellantis.

Lucchese was honored with two grandstand tickets for the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix on 12 September and with a Peugeot or Citroen car on trial for one month . Upon delivery of a celebratory parchment, designed by Carlo Baffi, the jury’s motivation was read: «It would seem an almost predictable outcome given Dario’s ownership of this“ non-F1 ”range of activities in the weekly magazine directed by Andrea Cordovani. In reality, Lucchese always puts that little bit extra into it and it is not easy in the tight times as they are crowded with races like those of Monza, which we want to further enhance ».

Giuseppe Redaelli, President of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, said: “I am very proud, together with the General Manager Alessandra Zinno, to have accompanied the birth of the Prize and that it will be delivered at the Autodrome because I believe it is right that an institution from Monza supports the ‘initiative. Although I have not met the Director Bruno Brida in person, I feel I admire him and I hope that his work can represent a model for the young journalists to come. I am very pleased that the prize was awarded to Dario Lucchese because his articles on the Italian championships embody what we would like motoring to be ».