Milan, 30 August 2022 – The 100-year journey of the Monza National Circuit aboard Line 5 of the Metro, the one that will one day connect Milan to the Brianza capital. The initiative of ACI Milano and M5 was presented today with the graphic design at 360 degrees of a convoy that left the platform of the Bignami station to celebrate the centenary of the Temple of Speed wanted, designed and built by the Automobile Club Milano in 1922. . For a month the colors of the Autodrome will “dress” a lilac train and the Bignami stop.


At the press conference, with the president of ACI Milano Geronimo La Russa and the managing director of Metro 5 Serafino Lo Piano, the councilor for transport infrastructures and sustainable mobility of the Lombardy Region, Claudia Terzi, the councilor for safety of the Municipality of Milan Marco Granelli, the councilor for the Environment, Energy and Mobility Giada Turato of the Municipality of Monza and the president of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza Giuseppe Redaelli.

“With this initiative we want to underline our institutional role as a promoter of motor sport, but also of the most diverse and advanced forms of mobility, by signing a collaboration with M5, the light and fully automated metro line whose expansion will allow us to connect, in the near future, important areas of the city of Monza – and the Autodrome – to the city of Milan ”, he said Geronimo La Russa , president of Automobile Club Milano.

“I am convinced that all the subjects involved in various capacities in the theme of urban and local mobility have the task of making innovative and technologically advanced proposals to combine in the best possible way the mobility needs of citizens, individual autonomy, respect for environment and the programming of the flows of movers ”concluded La Russa according to which“ the extension of the lilac will further increase the usability of a facility that represents the history and future of national and international motorsport ”.

“We have enthusiastically entered into this new collaboration with Automobile Club Milano on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Monza racetrack”, declared the managing director of Metro 5 Serafino Lo Piano, “Metro 5 has in its DNA the focus on everything that represents movement, dynamics and energy, concepts that sport makes the most of. For us it is a source of pride to aim for the excellence of the territory and to support sport, which also has a leading role in the tourism of our country “.

“The centenary of the racetrack”, highlighted the Councilor for Transport Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility of the Lombardy Region Claudia Terzi , “is an opportunity to underline the value of this Lombard excellence. With this in mind, the extension of the M5 from Bignami to Monza will create a new “road” for sport, an important project for which the Lombardy Region has allocated around 283 million euros. Great attention to the territory by the Region which through the Lombardy Plan has provided for an additional 20 million for the compatibility of the M5 intervention with the main interchange nodes between the railway station, the bus station and the Monza institutional hub. The goal is to facilitate mobility in the name of rail-road intermodality and sustainable transport “.

“I really like that there is a tangible sign of the link between the Lilla metro and the Monza racetrack in the year of its centenary”, underlined the Councilor for Safety of the Municipality of Milan Marco Granelli . “With the construction of the extension of the M5 it will be possible to go to the racetrack by public transport, an important goal on which we are working to continue on the edge of modernity and innovation that the Autodrome itself has always represented”.

“Our city is preparing to experience the festive atmosphere of the Grand Prix and to celebrate the prestigious milestone of the Autodrome’s centenary”, added Giada Turato , Councilor for Mobility of the Municipality of Monza. “In this context, it is essential to confirm the commitment to promote increasingly innovative forms of mobility, capable of offering more and more sustainable mobility and transport opportunities. The extension project of MM5 up to Monza goes in this direction which, with its seven city stops – one of which is right at the gates of the Park – will mark the turning point in the offer of public transport with the latest generation means “.

In conclusion, the president of the Monza National Circuit Giuseppe Redaelli he underlined how “the choice to customize one of the trains of the M5 line on the occasion of the centenary of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza allows us to communicate how important it is that the circuit is connected to the capital. The Temple of Speed is one of the most interesting points of Monza and the arrival of the public will be facilitated with the extension of the line. The intermediate stops can become the places of a sort of Fuorisalone for each event hosted by the Autodrome, offering an additional experience to the race weekend “.