Monza Meta-Challenge: the results of the Centenary Race, the first race in the Metaverse of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

On Sunday 11 September, at the end of the Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022, the Monza Meta Circuit, the first circuit in the world in the Metaverso , hosted the Monza Meta-Challenge on its asphalt 3.0.

The first virtual GP in history represented an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience for users as well as a completely new and totally immersive experience. The owners of the Monza Fan Token and the Monza Vip Token , in fact, had the opportunity to test themselves with their avatar, competing on board the single-seaters in the Monza Meta-Circuit, the faithful reproduction of all the spaces of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, developed on The Nemesis platform.

A unique opportunity to virtually write your name next to that of the drivers who, in reality, made the first 100 years of the Temple of Speed magical, becoming part of the legend in all respects.

During the week, free practice was held, which saw over 200 drivers put themselves to the test on the virtual circuit, covering more than 3000 laps.

To have the best of all in the Centenary Race was @BONYSOSAYT , who covered the 3 laps of the Monza Meta Circuit foreseen by the race with a record time of 2.05.339, winning a place in the history of the circuit.

Many initiatives that from now on will be dedicated exclusively to the owners of the Monza Fan Token and Monza Vip Token, the exclusive Limited Edition NFTthat allow you to enjoy benefits both in the virtual and in the real world: exclusive events, dedicated challenges and gaming activities will follow one another for the 2022-2024 seasons. The certificate of ownership of the limited series Tokens, moreover, is collectible and resalable: a real digital memorabilia, intended for 3.0 enthusiasts and collectors.

Tokens can still be purchased on the Opensea platform , in Ethereum currency, until sold out.

Users can still secure one of the prestigious Monza Meta Circuit limited series tokens by accessing the page http: //metacircuit.monzanet. it / and following the directions for the purchase .

The Monza Meta Circuit project and the Monza Tokens are created and managed by Nfactory , an Italian startup specialized in the creation of Web 3.0 products and technologies dedicated to large companies.