Monza 100 – The podcast of the Autodromo, an audio journey to celebrate the centenary of the Temple of Speed

From 7 September, available on all platforms, a series in 8 episodes written and spoken by Pino Allievi with the story of the myths that have made the Autodromo Nazionale Monza legendary.

The history of the Circuit and the story of the myths (and not only) that have made the Temple of Speed famous in the world. From today, Wednesday 7 September, ” Monza 100 – Il podcast dell’Autodromo ” is available on all audio streaming platforms, a series written and spoken by the international F1 signature Pino Allievi and conceived and produced by Dr Podcast Audio Factory LTD for the Monza National Circuit.

“Monza 100 – The Autodromo podcast” is a podcast in eight episodes, made in the year of the centenary of the Circuit, in which the great journalist and storyteller Pino Allievi tells the most interesting stories hidden behind the results of the races, the curiosities, the behind the scenes of the pits, the jokes between the drivers and the technical notes more salient.

The result is a different portrait of a racetrack that was, and is, the scene of events involving champions, builders, various characters, even in strong colors. Often unreleased episodes that have become legends. Monza seen from an angle never explored: less obvious, more truthful and above all more exciting.

Alessandra Zinno, General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, comments: «The creation of a podcast on the Temple of Speed was a goal we had in the pipeline to enrich the centenary celebrations. Summarizing 100 years of history of a legendary track, which has seen all the strongest drivers in the history of motorsport darting along its straights and curbs, was a difficult and stimulating challenge at the same time, which allowed us to tell some of the most extraordinary stories that the world of motors has ever known. With the voice of Pino Allievi, we believe we have created a dynamic product within the reach of everyone, passionate about challenges on and off the track ».

“Thanks to Allievi’s storytelling and immersive sound design, we will lead listeners on a historic journey through the pits, on the pit lane, aboard the single-seaters, in the drivers’ earphones – he comments. Raffaele Tovazzi, creative director of Dr Podcast Audio Factory LTD – It is a production of which we are very proud because it allows you to explore the full potential of an audio product at the service of a great story ».


For Pino Allievi the path designed in this series is aimed at telling “One hundred years of priceless emotions. Secrets and exploits of the pilots who have made history “. It begins with the birth of the racetrack in 1922, to explore its history linked to the Formula 1 drivers (including Nuvolari, Varzi, the Ascari, Fangio) who contributed to generating the myth of the circuit.

Following the relationship between Ferrari and Monza , the protagonists of “a day of glory in Monza”, from Scarfiotti to Fittipaldi passing through Alboreto, Montoya and Frentzen up to Monza beyond Formula 1: the motorcycling grand prix, the 1000 Kilometers , the Junior Formula.

But Monza is also the story of great defeats , bad luck and first times, like the first woman at the start of an F1 GP, daring accidents and hidden fears of the drivers. The last episode is dedicated to the relationship between the racetrack and the city of Monza, from the enthusiastic cheering of the public to the little-known stories of the Monza drivers who took to the track.

“Monza 100 – The Autodromo podcast” is an eight-part podcast series conceived and produced by Dr Podcast Audio Factory LTD for Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The series is available on all audio streaming platforms and on the website in the dedicated PODCAST section.