11 and 12 November – Appointment at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Luciano Vedovati Memorial and the Pirelli prize pool are up for grabs.

The wait is almost over. All eyes are on a registered list that leaves no doubt about the intensity of the challenge ready to start over the weekend between 11th and 12th November. There’s very little left until the start of an event that makes exclusivity and entertainment its strong points.

Just take a look at the roll of honor to realize how much this competition has always been able to attract the attention of top drivers. Uzzeni Miele, Pedersoli, Puricelli, Brusa, Re, Butti to get to the 2022 edition which boasted of having the Italian champion Andrea Crugnola among its best performers.

The seventh edition of the “Special Rally Circuit” signed by Vedovati Corse presents 89 crews at the start, including a historic car. High-profile presences that do not disappoint expectations. In fact, Mauro Miele will be at the start with number 1. The sixty-seven year old from Varese, 2022 world champion in the WRC2 Master category, will be competing in the Skoda Fabia together with the young Erika Badinelli.

On the powerful WRC Plus we will instead see Guido Zanazio and Cesare Brusa at work aboard the Ford Fiesta, among the most accredited after the third place overall obtained last year. In the same class, the Veronese Stefano Zambon has already been seen at work with both the WRC and the R5, present on this occasion with the expert Gabriele Romei on a Citroen C3. There are also two “classic” WRCs with Mirko Puricelli. The fast Swiss driver will be competing with Marco Menchini in the Citroen Ds3. He will have to contend with another specialist in these competitions: Fabrizio Fontana at the start with Simona Savastano in the Hyundai I20.

The list of cars in the R5 class is particularly large, with 36 competing. In addition to the number 1 Miele we will see some of the most popular Italian drivers at the start including Alessandro Perico present with Matteo Cressoni on one of the Skoda Fabias created by the Factory of the strong driver from Bergamo. In addition to him, Piero Longhi will not be missing from this event. The former Italian Rally champion decided to be in the game with Renato Papaleo also in a Skoda.

All eyes are also on “Linos”, a particularly fast driver on the track who this year already has success at the “Motors Rally Show” in Pavia in his palmares. Also worth keeping a close eye on is Simone Miele who, as mentioned, has already won this race twice. The Lombard driver will have the Skoda Fabia at his disposal and will be supported by Luca Beltrame. Another who has already signed the roll of honor for this event will be Marco Butti on this occasion on the right seat of the Skoda Fabia of the young Gianluca Luchi, the first Under 25 in the entry list. In this regard, the category reserved for young people under twenty-five is of particular interest.

As many as ten, ready to win the prizes up for grabs in this event. In fact, the “Luciano Vedovati Memorial” will go to the winner, while thanks to the important presence of Pirelli , two covers will be delivered to the “Under” winners for both two- and four-wheel drive vehicles. Pirelli also rewards the winners of the “Rally 2” and “Rally 4” classes with two covers, while 4 tires will be made available to the best crew in the “Rally 5” class. All prizes are obviously linked to the use of the products of the famous Milanese brand. Also in this edition the Monza event enjoys the contribution of Mc Racing Store & Garage.

The “Pink” category is also interesting. In fact, there will be four exponents of the “fairer sex” competing. They range from the young Rita Sammartino and Marinella Bonaiti on a Peugeot 208 to the equally young Marta Carello navigated by the excellent Pietro Ometto on the Toyota Yaris passing through Anna Chinnici and Franco Barnardazzi on board a 208. Also part of the pink list are Chiara and Aldo Brambilla on board the Mini Cooper.

The race comes to life on Saturday with the technical and sporting checks. Engines running with the shakedown that will end the day. The competition starts on Sunday at 8.31am. We start with ” Vedovati 1 “, the longest test of the two scheduled. The first car will present itself at the start at 8.38 am. The reorganization and assistance will be the interlude before tackling the over seventeen kilometers of the “Special Vedovati” with the start scheduled at 11:11 am. Tests that will be repeated identically ( Vedovati 2 at 1.37pm and Special Vedovati 2 at 4.10pm) also in this case interspersed with reorganizations and service parks. Arrival and awards ceremony at 4.30pm.