Monza Rally between technical challenges and celebration for the public

Dirt and asphalt will put the choice of set-ups and tires to the test, while in the service park and in the stands it will be a great celebration for the event that closes the 2023 season.

There is less and less left until the start of the Monza Rally . The race, valid for both the Campionato Italiano Assoluto Rally Sparco and the Campionato Italiano Rally Terra will see the tricolor flag flying on the starting stage of The Temple of Speed ​​straight on Friday 1 December at 1.00 pm . Free entry to the circuit and to the service park set up in the paddock of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza , internal paid parking. A rally that promises to be challenging for the preparators who will have to juggle between setups and tire choices on a mixed terrain with 56% dirt and 44% asphalt .

The return of a stage of the Italian championship on mixed surfaces comes after the seventh round of the 1996 Italian Rally Championship, held in conjunction with the stage of the World Rally Championship at the 38th Rallye Sanremo. Among the protagonists of that race, and fighting for the 2023 title of the Italian Terra Rally Championship, Paolo Andreucci, eleven-time Italian Rally Champion, was a sure protagonist of the challenge on the asphalt and dirt roads of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

After the start, from the straight of the Brianza circuit, the SSS1 Monza 1 will ignite the challenge. The start, located in conjunction with the area of ​​the first variant, can be followed from Grandstand 8 – Prima Variante Esterna with a double inversion that will take the pilots along the North Overpass. The same test will be repeated on Saturday 2 December at 12.58pm ( SP8 ) and 3.37pm ( SP 10 ) as the final test of the 2023 Monza Rally.

However, Grandstand 23 – Inner Parabolica will be the best observation point for one of the most spectacular passages of SS2 Junior (Friday 2.55pm) which will also be repeated as SS7 (Saturday 12.40pm) and SS9 (Saturday 3.19pm). The jump and the inversion exiting the South Flyway have always been among the most anticipated passages in the Monza rallies and such a spectacular passage could not be missing for the last act of the Italian series.

As darkness falls on the Temple of Speed, the show will move to the Service Park , in the Paddock of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Live entertainment with DJ sets and the possibility of following the PS3 and 4 Serraglio on the big screen thanks to the live images of ACI Sport TV will be a moment of celebration waiting for the crews before the nightly regrouping.

On Saturday morning, the final day of the Italian Absolute Rally Sparco Championship and the Italian Rally Terra Championship will open with the PS5 Roggia at 8.04, followed immediately by the repetition of the same test PS6 at 10.24. There are various stands that will be able to welcome enthusiasts to observe the most evocative passages: La Grandstand 23 – Parabolica Interna with the inversion that will take the protagonists towards the South Flyover, the Grandstand 8 – Prima Variante Esterna from which you can enjoy one of the most technical passages at the height of the First Variation and the Tribune 18 – 19 – 20 Uscita Ascari to see the end of the test which has the highest percentage of dirt track.

At 4.00 pm the appointment is on the finishing straight of The Temple of Speed ​​where, on the finishing stage, the winners of the Monza Rally will be able to raise their trophies to the sky and celebrate their Italian titles.

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