The Special Stages of the Monza Rally have been revealed

43.98 km on dirt, 34.96 on asphalt in the 10 Special Stages that will close the 2023 season of the Sparco Italian Absolute Rally Championship and the Italian Terra Rally Championship.

The Monza , Junior , Serraglio and Roggia Special Tests will close the 2023 season of the Sparco Italian Absolute Rally Championship and the Italian Terra Rally Championship . The Monza Rally , scheduled for Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza , is ready to offer a stage of absolute value and technical routes to the protagonists of the Italian series. Registrations open from Monday 30 October 2023 .

The 78.94 kilometers of special tests will represent a real challenge for drivers and trainers who will have to deal with a mixed route which includes 34.96 kilometers on asphalt and 43.98 kilometers on dirt in the two days in Monza. Routes also made famous by the passage, in 2020 and 2021, of the WRC World Rally racing cars which, right inside the largest fenced park in Europe, closed the two seasons marked by the pandemic.

The final act of the tricolor rally will start on the starting straight of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. But in pole position, at 1.00 pm on December 1st, the R5s will take off under the traffic lights that usually start the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. We’ll get straight to the point SSS1 Monza , la Power Stage live on TV on ACI Sport TV and on Rai Sport which will see the pilots and navigators tackle the 2.53 kilometers of the first special which, from the area of ​​the first variant, will pass behind the North Flyover and then face a hill that will lead to the first asphalted section. After covering a stretch of track at the Curva Grande, you will return to the park for the second half of the test which includes several 90° bends and a circular sector of approximately 270° in width.

After the reorganization and a visit to the service park, it will be Junior 1 (7.33 km – 4.92 km dirt – 2.41 asphalt) that will put the protagonists of the Italian rallies to the test. Departure from the Ascari variant and then travel along the dirt roads that border the northern area of ​​the Temple of Speed. A section of the High Speed ​​ring will be part of this spectacular test which retraces one of the most evocative stretches of the World Rally Championship route behind the central grandstand where the test will end.

The third special stage on Friday, the longest of the scheduled tests, will already see additional headlights fitted on the cars of the Monza Rally. The Serraglio will be a real test for the competing crews. The 12.50 kilometers ( 6.31 km asphalt – 6.19 km dirt ) will retrace some sections of the first two stages after the start from the Junior track junction and a series of hairpin bends on the straight. The low light, the terrain marked by the passage of other cars and the December temperatures will do the rest.

To close the first day of the rally, in the Monza night, the Serraglio will once again precede the night reorganization. While the “double” Roggia will open on Saturday morning with a route of 12.18 km ( 6.32 km dirt – 5.86 km asphalt ). New sections and continuous surface changes will be an important test bed with the start located at the exit of the service park and a downhill start in the underpass that leads behind the central grandstand. A southern elevated passage before skirting the high-speed straight and returning to the northern area of ​​the Monza park. Curva del Serraglio, Curve di Lesmo and a stretch of Variante della Roggia, covered in the reverse direction, before tackling the last test stretch which retraces some passages of the Monza, but in the opposite direction.

Monza itself will be part of the Junior – Monza loop which, traveled twice, will close the 2023 Monza Rally.

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