Historic cars protagonists in Monza with ACI Storico Festival

Third edition of the event on Sunday 16 April. Paddock, track and banked roads will light up between exhibitions, track day sessions and parades. Free admission for the public.

ACI Storico Festival returns to Monza also in 2023. Sunday 16 April the Temple of Speed will in fact be the scene of the first seasonal appointment among the ACI Storico Club events, for a day that promises to be full of charm for lovers of heritage, tradition and vintage cars.

The success of the format of the event, now in its third edition and organized in collaboration with the Automobile Club Milano, the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo and Scuderia del Portello, is demonstrated by the numbers from last year, when over 650 cars invaded the paddock, the track and the banked roads of the Brianza circuit amidst parades, exhibitions and non-stop free laps.

The structure will replicate that of 2022, with the road track open from 9:30 for track day sessions that will take up the whole day and end at 16:45. Each round will last 25 minutes and will allow members to experience the thrill of driving on one of the most famous tracks in the world.

There is also space for an important novelty : participants will in fact be able to test their cars on track laps in street legal configuration, with a discounted cost for ACI Storico members. There will be 6 slots of this type, and one of these will open the day of action on the track.

Then there will be the classic parades, which will partly characterize the road circuit between 12:15 and 14.25 and between 17 and 18, and partly the High Speed Ring and the Sopraelevate, with continuous shifts of 30 minutes each starting from 9:30 and until 5pm.

Finally, during the event there will also be some round tables, presentations and award ceremonies located between the paddock and the Tazio Nuvolari Press Room. Among others, at 2.30 pm the new course on the restoration of vintage cars by the MTS Motorsport Technical School will be presented and at 4.00 pm there will be the awarding of the cars participating in the ACI Storico Festival.

The racetrack will be open to the public , as will free access to the grandstands and paddock , the latter dedicated to static displays of the cars involved in the event. During the day , the tours of the Monza Circuit Experience and the Tiscali Monza Karting will also be active in the internal square of the Curva Parabolica-Alboreto. All information on the event and the weekend at the racetrack is available on the website www.monzanet.it.

An eventful month of April in the Temple of Speed

The Coppa Milano-Sanremo and FX Racing Weekend concluded with an excellent balance, the Autodromo is preparing for weeks full of activities including tests, races, historic events and the Monza Sport Festival

With the XIV Historical Commemoration of the Milano-Sanremo Cup and back and the FX Racing Weekend , the 2023 sports season of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza has officially begun . Two events that lit up the paddock and grandstands of the Temple of Speed and paved the way for a month of April that will continue with other important appointments.

The Milano-Sanremo Cup , also known as the "Lady of the Races", got underway on 23 March right in the Brianza Autodrome, with the first timed trials that saw the historic cars make a double pass both on the road track and, above all, on the legendary banked roads, one of the iconic sections of the circuit.

On the other hand, during the weekend that has just ended, between Friday 31 March and Sunday 2 April, the 12 series of theFX Racing Weekend, able to give entertainment and emotions to the approximately 3500 people who attended live three days full of races, no less than 22, for a total of over 200 drivers engaged on the track.

Among the various categories, the GT4 Italy Championship stood out for its prestige, a real seasonal novelty for FX thanks to the partnership with SRO Motorsport, with the drivers who competed in two exciting races in Monza. Giovanni Berton (Bolza Corse) on an Audi R8 LMS prevailed over his adversaries in race-1 and, in race-2, Tommaso Lovati driving the Mercedes AMG of Lema Racing.

But for the Autodrome the activity of the month of April has just begun and there are various appointments scheduled in the next few days. Proceeding in chronological order, the week after Easter will be mainly dedicated to testing some categories that will take to the track at Monza in 2023.

On 11 and 12 April the drivers of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine will test the cars on the Brianza asphalt to prepare for their season, while two days later, on the 14th, it will be the turn of the tests for the Porsche Carrera Cup Italy, with three-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo at the wheel, like last year, of the Q8 Hi Perform Team's 911 GT3 Cup.

Two days will pass and the cars of the ACI Storico Festival , an event signed by Club ACI Storico and now in its third edition, will take care of animating the Temple of Speed again on 16 April. The format will repeat that of 2022, when over 650 cars including historic cars and youngtimers gave dynamism to the event, making it an extraordinary success between parades, free laps and parades.

Instead, we will return to pure racing in the last ten days of April, with an appointment to be marked in red on the calendar for all Fans. The Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS will in fact open its 2023 with an unmissable 3 Hours and will see Valentino Rossi in the parterre of drivers. Tickets to watch the race live, scheduled between Friday 21 and Sunday 23 April, can be purchased from the monzanet.it website or directly on the platform of the official reseller www.TicketOne.it.

Finally, the last weekend of April, between Friday 28 and Sunday 30, will be dedicated to one of the events organized by the Municipality of Monza and hosted by the Autodromo: the Monza Sport Festival, promoted by the Unione Società Sportive Monza and Brianza, which for over 45 years has brought together the sports associations of Monza and Brianza for a double day of all-round sport.

All the information and the complete 2023 calendar of the Temple of Speed are available on the official website of the circuit www.monzanet.it.

In the Temple of Speed the seasonal debut of FX Racing Weekend

Appointments on the track between Friday 31 March and Sunday 2 April. 22 races in three days for a program that doesn't include breaks. Compared to the last edition, the novelty of the GT4 Italy championship and of the Supersport FX Series. Doors open for fans.

Everything is ready at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza for the first racing weekend of 2023. The FX riders, who fought for the titles of their respective championships in the Temple of Speed last year, this time will open the dances of their season right on the Brianza track between Friday 31 March and Sunday 2 April.

There will be 12 series involved on the track in the FX Racing Weekend , for a total of 22 races overall . Compared to the Monza appointment in 2022, when all racing activities had been condensed between Saturday and Sunday, the event program is spread over three days, with Friday dedicated to free practice and qualifying for some classes, which will act as a prelude to attach.

Another important novelty for 2023 concerns the inclusion of a prestigious competition in the FX format, which will also be the highlight of the series thanks to the agreement with SRO Motorsports: the championship GT4 Italy, whose drivers will battle it out in two heats of 30' each, respectively at 15:05 on Saturday and at 15:20 on Sunday, both with a rolling start.

Also new is the Supersport FX Series , which will see the French models Ligier JS P4 and JS2 R at the start. The cars of FX1, FX2, FX3, FX PRO Series, ATCC RS, ATCC Italy, Maxx Formula, Twingo will also entertain fans Eurocup, Lotus Cup and Ford MPM Challenge. All series will feature a double race, with FX1 and FX2 sharing the grid.

The public will be able to enjoy the show for all three days without having to buy any tickets and with free admission . To access the circuit, however, it will be necessary to pay for parking at a cost of 15 euros for a single car and 5 euros for each motorbike.

During the weekend, the Tiscali Monza Karting - the semi-permanent kart track installed in the square of the Parabolica-Alboreto curve and designed for the enjoyment of adults and children - and the new Monza Circuit Cafe, the bar-restaurant of the racetrack located near the statue of Fangio and the Monza Circuit Shop. Further information is available on the official website of the Temple of Speed www.monzanet.it.

FAI Spring Days in Monza and Brianza - Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2023

The Cathedral of Monza, the Cascina Cernuschi, the Fixed Post of the Carabinieri on horseback inside the Monza Park, the National Autodrome as a sports facility and in its forestry component, the stained glass windows by Aligi Sassu in the council chamber of the Municipality of Giussano are the places and cultural heritage proposed by the Delegation and the Youth Fai Group of Monza for the 31st edition of the national event. A great moment of active participation and fundraising to promote the rediscovery of the Italian historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage.

«The history and evolution of the Autodrome in the year of its centenary. The woodland-natural treasure of the Monza Park and the historical architectures present within it, including the Cascina Cernuschi, headquarters of the Fixed Post of the Carabinieri on horseback. Monuments and works of art that exalt the spiritual roots and civic virtues of local communities, such as the "unveiled splendour" of the restored facade of the Monza Cathedral and the stained glass windows by Aligi Sassu in Giussano. This multi-dimensional richness of the Brianza cultural heritage is the leitmotif of the five itineraries proposed to the public by Fai di Monza, for the Fai days of Spring, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, thanks to the commitment and creativity of many volunteers and the participation of public, private and ecclesiastical bodies» declares Elena Colombo, Head of the FAI Monza Delegation.

"As public administrators, we owe a big thank you to Fai for organizing the Spring Days" - explains Arianna Bettin, councilor for culture and for the Villa and Royal Park of the Municipality of Monza. "It is the most concrete and real example of partnership between public and private for the enhancement of the historical, artistic and even anthropological heritage of all the infinite realities of this country. And in particular of Monza where this year they will be told and made to visit the three symbols of the city: the Cathedral, the monumental complex of the Reggia and the Autodrome".

Now in its 31st edition , the great national event in support of the fundraising of the FAI-Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano involves 400 cities this year with the aim of promoting awareness of 750 places and cultural heritage of extraordinary value, often undervalued and inaccessible. In Monza and Giussano, 170 volunteers are involved in welcoming and cultural visits, together with 50 Apprentice Guides from the Leone Dehon Institute in Monza (Classical Lyceum, Human Sciences Lyceum and Professional Institute of Health and Assistance Services Sociale) and of the Martino Bassi Technical Institute of Seregno.

The program for the 2023 Spring Days of the FAI Youth Group and the Fai Delegation of Monza includes five itineraries:

- the restored facade of the Cathedral of Monza;
- the Monza racetrack and park with three cultural visits (one in the spaces dedicated to Formula 1 insiders; one between Bosco Bello, the high-speed loop and Serraglio dei Cervi; one at Cascina Cernuschi);
- the stained glass windows made by Aligi Sassu in the council chamber of the Municipality of Giussano.

«Mine, like that of many mayors, is an appeal to the people of Monza and all Lombards to participate with great enthusiasm in these Fai Spring Days, says Paolo Pilotto , Mayor of Monza and President of the Villa Reale and Monza Park Consortium. - Like every year, this is a precious opportunity to rediscover the beauties of our city, even in their most hidden and therefore most suggestive details. It is also a moment of reflection on the history of our community which, through the Reggia, the Park and the Autodrome, is projected into the national events of Italy. Not least these 'days' represent the civic commitment of many citizens who voluntarily place themselves at the disposal of the community to tell the meaning and value of its past. A heartfelt thanks also goes to the many school students who will be involved in the role of Apprentice Guides in the visits of the FAI».

Three of the open places are located in the monumental complex of the Reggia di Monza, made up of a royal residence, over 30 historic buildings, a Royal Park and Gardens covering a total of 740 hectares, a great historical, cultural and landscape heritage rich in meanings for which for public use, the Villa Reale and Monza Park Consortium was set up.

«The Fai Primavera days are a very important appointment for the Villa and the Park of Monza, explains Giuseppe Distefano , general manager of the Consortium for the Villa Reale and the Park of Monza. - They are so because of the ability of the FAI volunteers in Monza to bring a large public closer to our monumental asset, to its main 'places' as well as to the more 'secret' and hidden ones. They are due to the communicative power that these 'days' have on the local collective feeling but, more generally, on the feeling of the country. They are for the historical 'story' that Fai manages to immortalize in these visits. All this is and becomes a driving force for knowledge and commitment to safeguard this monument that past generations have left us as a legacy»

  • National Autodrome of Monza. BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE CIRCUS

The magic of the Autodrome told in the year of the centenary celebrations. The FAI Days offer direct knowledge of the exclusive places of Formula 1 and a journey through the history of the Monza facility between culture, social customs and sporting protagonists. Built in 1922 in just 110 days and the third oldest in the world after Brooklands and Indianapolis, the Autodrome is the product of an era marked by the myth of racing and the discovery of leisure time and sports associations as mass phenomena.

The visit will allow you to learn about the different modifications to the track of the Autodrome and the affirmation of its legend as a "temple of speed". Visitors will be accompanied in the spaces reserved for professionals. Here we will also talk about the results of research and technological experiments carried out within it, such as the guardrail, the transponder that originated the telepass and the draining asphalt.

→ Reservations through the giornifai.it website or directly on site

  • National Autodrome of Monza. BEYOND THE RACING, IN THE GREEN

For the FAI Days we propose a walk of two and a half kilometers during which we will get to know the two faces of the racetrack and their interaction over the last 100 years. On the one hand, the Bosco Bello and forest area with its peace and quiet. On the other, the circuit with the high-speed loop. A few meters separate two realities whose history, stories, protagonists and atmospheres we will try to tell. Among them is the Serraglio dei Cervi, a neo-Gothic building built in the early nineteenth century, once used for the breeding of deer, fallow deer and American goats, destined to be set free for hunting trips, and today " trait d'union" between these two worlds that have been living together for 100 years.

This immersion in the woods, meadows and vine rows is a precious opportunity to learn about the silvicultural interventions underway to safeguard the woodland and natural heritage inside the Autodrome and for its safe use by all.

Giuseppe Redaelli, President of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, comments: «The Temple of Speed welcomed with satisfaction the invitation of the FAI Monza Delegation to be included in the FAI Spring Days 2023 program not only for its centennial history which has made Monza famous in the world but also for its location in one of the most renowned green spaces in Europe. The Autodrome pays daily attention to the protection and safeguard of the Park and its ecosystem with concrete initiatives of environmental sustainability, in the organizational processes of the motorsport races it traditionally hosts: for these actions it has received from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) the highest recognition of three stars. Also relevant is the commitment to the maintenance of the park areas under concession with the professional assistance of agronomist and forestry experts who work in concert with the Park Consortium and Villa Reale, promoting the correct development of native tree species while respecting biodiversity and the safety of park visitors. All this will be known during the visits organized with the FAI ».

Ticket sales for the 6 Hours of Monza - round five of the FIA World Endurance Championship – now on sale

The WEC returns to Monza again in 2023. After successful editions in 2021 and 2022, the 6 Hours of Monza – round five of the FIA World Endurance Championship – will once again be held in Italy. Consisting of three categories - Hypercars, LMP2 and LMGTE Am - the Italian round of WEC is scheduled from 7 – 9 July.

Ticket sales for the event are now open with tickets available at www.monzanet.it and on the official dealer's website www.ticketone.it. They are also available at approximately 1,000 physical outlets located throughout Italy.

The 2023 FIA WEC season will see a total of 38 full-season entrants from 12 different countries plus a record number of teams competing in the Hypercar and LMGTE Am categories. Over the course of just one year – the WEC Hypercar field has more than doubled with a total of 13 entries in 2023 (up from six in 2022). Among them, the two Ferrari 499Ps will make their debut this season, which the public will be able to see up close and personal if purchasing a ticket for the event.

The two cars of the Prancing Horse, a team that will return to the top class of endurance racing 50 years after its last appearance, will be fighting for the top step of the Monza podium – a position that André Negrao, Nicolas Lapierre and Matthieu Vaxivière occupied last year as the 2022 winners   with the Alpine A480 - Gibson.

There will be free admission on Friday 7 July with open access to the paddock as well. The public will be able to take advantage of special discounted prices on tickets for Saturday and Sunday until 11 June.  Admission for Saturday will be 30 Euros with Sunday tickets available for 40 Euros, Tickets for both days are priced at 45 Euros.

From 12 June until the event weekend, Saturday tickets will cost 40 Euros, Sunday will be 50 Euros and a weekend ticket will cost 60 Euros. In addition, fans will be able to access the paddock by purchasing the VIP Paddock at an additional daily cost of 20 euros. Parking at the circuit will be free for all three days.

There will be free access for children up to the age of six and for people with disabilities. Discounted tickets are also available for under 24s, over 65s, carers of the disabled plus ACI and AC Milano members.

More information is available on the dedicated page at www.monzanet.it.

Tickets for the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza are on sale

Valentino Rossi back on track at Monza almost 5 years after the last time. The Temple of Speed returns to be the opening stage of the most important championship in the world for GT3 cars. Admission to the public is free on Fridays and access to the paddock is included in the ticket

The sales of one of the most prestigious appointments in the 2023 sports calendar of the Temple of Speed have officially started. In fact, tickets for the Italian stage of the are available from today Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS, the most famous series in the world for GT3 cars promoted by the Stéphane Ratel Organisation, in which Monza returns to occupy a place as the opening round of the championship, as per tradition.

The 3 Hours of the Fanatec GT World Challenge will take place on the weekend of 21, 22 and 23 April and will offer an unmissable race for all endurance lovers, who will be able to follow it live at the racetrack by purchasing their ticket.

Among the elements of attraction for the public, the presence in the parterre of riders of Valentino Rossi , multiple MotoGP world champion, who will return to Monza almost 5 years after his last appearance, when he was a protagonist in the Monza Rally Show, should certainly be underlined. of 2018. The native of Urbino will be driving a BMW M4 GT3 of the WRT team and will have to contend with all the other GT3s that make up the entry list.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on www.monzanet.it or directly through the official reseller on the website www.ticketone.it and in the almost 1000 physical sales points located throughout Italy.

On Friday, the day traditionally dedicated to free practice for both the cartel and the support races, admission for the public will be totally free , including parking. On Saturday and Sunday, entrance costs 20 and 25 euros respectively, while the season ticket for both days can be purchased for 35 euros. Free access to the paddock is also included in the ticket.

Children up to 6 years old and people with disabilities can enter the Temple of Speed for free, while those aged between 7 and 11 will have to spend one euro for both Saturday and Sunday. Discounts are also available for under 24s, over 65s and ACI members. Further information is available on the official website of the circuit www.monzanet.it.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza obtains the 3 Stars of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme

Thanks to the various initiatives implemented in recent years in the field of environmental sustainability, the Temple of Speed has achieved the most important recognition from the International Automobile Federation. The circuit had already received the "FIA 1 Star" and "FIA 2 Star" awards in 2020 and 2021.

The commitment to environmental sustainability that Autodromo Nazionale Monza has been pursuing for years with concrete and measurable initiatives has allowed the circuit to win the precious "FIA 3 Star" award, which the International Automobile Federation assigns to operators who guarantee compliance of the highest environmental standards.

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the oldest and most prestigious circuit in the world and, compared to all the other racetracks, has the characteristic of being located within one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe. For this reason, attention to the protection of the environment and the conservation of the natural heritage is an absolute priority for the Temple of Speed.

After having obtained the two prestigious "FIA 1 Star" and "FIA 2 Star" awards in the two previous editions of the WRC World Rally Championship, held in 2020 and 2021, thanks to specific programs and actions in favor of the park and greenery, the Autodromo Brianzolo was therefore honored with a new important award.

In addition to the activities implemented during motorsport competitions, with the contribution of local institutions and the Lombardy Region, a vast environmental protection plan all round; among the various initiatives it is important to mention the forest enhancement projects, on the one hand the actions to compensate for losses due to various atmospheric phenomena and on the other to improve the green lung of the park for the benefit of visitors.

The inclusive approach is also appreciated that Autodromo Nazionale Monza has adopted to achieve the objectives of environmental sustainability, i.e. to educate and engage all of its stakeholders - from the institutions to civil society and all the motorsport enthusiasts who populate the stands at sporting events - to raise awareness of the importance of a common and participatory action, because a small individual gesture can have enormous benefits for the whole community.

“We are proud to have obtained this important certification which we do not consider a point of arrival but an incentive to continue on the path we have taken. We see the commitment to environmental protection as a duty not only towards the community for which we have been operating for over 100 years, but also towards future generations, who will continue to develop a passion for motor sport, to enjoy its positive economic repercussions on the whole surrounding area and to enjoy the beauty of a unique park of its kind”, he underlined Giuseppe Redaelli , President of the Monza National Autodrome.

ACI launches phase 2 of ticket sales for the Monza and Imola Formula 1 GPs

On Monday 30 January, the Automobile Club of Italy will launch the second phase of ticket sales for the two Italian rounds of Formula 1 of the 2023 season: Grran Premio del Made in Italy e dell'Emilia Romagna - sixth round of the championship series, now in its 4th edition, scheduled from 19 to 21 May at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Circuit in Imola - and the Gran Premio d'Italia , now in its 94th edition, which will take place from 1 to 3 September at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, as the fifteenth round.

After the Christmas pre-sale – which, in just a few days, recorded record numbers: 27,000 tickets sold for the two events – ACI is now making available a new stock of 150,000 tickets divided over the three days of the event : 60,000 for the Italian GP at Monza, 90,000 for the Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna GP at Imola.

Tickets can be purchased on the websites www.monzanet.it and www.autodromoimola.it, as well as on the website www.TicketOne.it.

At the same time and until sold out, the sale of tickets reserved for ACI Members will continue.


The titles of the ATCC and Legends Cars Italia championships awarded to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

After two days of continuous brawl on the track in front of a good audience. In the final appointment with the seasonal Formula X Racing Weekends, Denis Babuin completed his run-up in the standings by triumphing in ATCC, while among the Legends the 2022 champion is Simone Borghi.

A weekend of great action on the track at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza ended. Nearly 300 drivers competed in 12 different categories in the last one Formula X Racing Weekend season in front of a beautiful setting of spectators, giving life to 18 races in the space of a few hours and decisive duels for the assignment of the titles, with the ATCC and Legends Cars Italia championships that were assigned right in the Temple of Speed.

Denis Babuin (Bolza Corse) completed the comeback in the standings on the duo composed of Giuseppe Bodega and Fulvio Ferri in ATCC , who came as leader in the championship for covered wheels but who did not show up at the Brianza stage. Babuin, who was 13 points behind Monza, did not have an easy time with a 25-second penalty in race-1 which relegated him out of the points zone. The success then went to Silvano Bolzoni, Babuin's teammate, ahead of Matteo Scapozza and Pasquale Notarnicola (Autostar Motorsport). Babuin made a comeback in the second competition, winning the championship thanks to the third place obtained. The driver from Bergamo positioned himself behind Andrea Marchesini, second, and Notarnicola, this time first classified.

Legends Cars Italia also declared the 2022 winner in Monza. At the end of the two 18-minute Brianza rounds, Simone Borghi became the absolute champion of the series. The driver of the Legend Cars Italia team also took away the satisfaction of winning race-2 on Sunday afternoon after an exciting duel with Gabriele Torelli (8KS Warner Experience), second at the checkered flag. Third was Alessandro Bollini Frigerio (Legend Cars Italia). The same three drivers made up the podium of race-1, with Torelli winning on Bollini Frigerio and Borghi.

In the two competitions disputed by the FX Pro Series , Tommaso Lovati (Lema Racing) was the best in a race-1 which ended on a tightrope with three drivers in a few tenths at the waving of the checkered flag. Behind Lovati were Simone Saglio (Corbetta Racing) and Giovanni Maschio. Maschio dominated the second race, ahead of Saglio and Andrea Raiconi (World Racing) by more than 12 seconds.

The weekend with Formula X offered hard-fought races to the last meter in the combined grid between FX3 and the Predator's Trophy . Race-1 on Sunday morning was decided by only 18 thousandths, with Matteo Manzo (Scuderia Cirelli) who got the better of Davide Critelli (D-Team Racing). Matteo Zaniboni (Sportauto Zaniboni) finished third instead. In the afternoon race to prevail over all rivals was Marco Luzzi (Harp Racing by LCM), who won the most prestigious square of the three ahead of Zaniboni and Andrea Giagnorio (CDM-RS).

Sandro De Virgilis (Alpha Team Racing) won the first of two rounds of the FX2 , which this weekend shared the grid with the Formula Classic F.3s and Abarths. The solo podium was the preserve of FX2 only, with Stefano Pezzoni (Ruote Scoperte Motorsport) second and Valentino Carofino (Valentino Racing Team) finishing third. Solid placements on the podium also in race-2 for De Virgilis, second, and Pezzoni, third. The victory, however, went to Andrea Maschi, Pezzoni's teammate.

Formula Class Junior and FX600 have also split the line-up twice in the Temple of Speed. In the first race Antonio Vessicchio preceded Marco Visconti (Stilo Corse) and Massimiliano Vichi (Polekart). Vichi instead won race-2 finishing ahead of Vessicchio and Mario Pellegrino.

Among the Caterhams of the Super Seven, Diogo Tavares (CRM Motorsport) was the star of race-1 ahead of Nuno Afonso (Atomic-Mageltech) and Gonçalo Lobo Vale (BCM Sports), while in race-2 Lobo Vale and Tavares confirmed a podium placement, respectively second and third, but failed to beat José Carlos Pires (Speedy Motorsport), leader at the finish.

In the first round of the Twingo Cup , held almost at night on Saturday, Mihajilo Mladenovic (ASK Mixa Racing Team) won, behind in the order Rok Cerar (Lema Racing) and Miha Fabijan (ASD Novo Mesto). In the second race, positions reversed on the first two steps of the podium, with Cerar ahead of Mladenovic and Fabijan again third.

The Speed Euroseries raced twice on the centenary track in Brianza: in the opening race the success went to Danny Molinaro (Avelon Formula) who preceded Mikael Jansson (Markmiljo Racing) and the Italian Pietro Ferri (Luxury Car Racing). In the second race, held in the afternoon, Ivan Bellarosa (Avelon Formula) won over Filippo Lazzaroni (Team Lazzaroni) and Steve Brooks (Luxury Car Racing).

At the Autodromo Nazionale Monza we are back on track in two weeks with the Special Rally Circuit by Vedovati Corse , now in its sixth edition. The traditional rally event hosted by the Temple of Speed will exalt the Brianza public on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, with the riders ready to challenge each other along routes built specifically to increase the spectacle of the event. Further information is available on the website monzanet.it . (fm)

The Temple of Speed celebrates its Centenary with an iconic poster collection

Autodromo Nazionale Monza presents a limited edition of 100 pieces to retrace the first 100 years of life and tell through images unforgettable moments that belong to the history of motoring and are part of the memory and identity of our country. On sale 11 significant posters of the Italian Grand Prix from 1922 to today re-edited by Automobilist

For its Centenary the Autodromo Nazionale Monza has decided to create a unique, limited edition artistic work dedicated to all motoring enthusiasts and to those who, at least once, have walked the entrance to the Temple of Speed to attend a unique and recognized event worldwide like the Italian Grand Prix.

It is a special collection that includes 11 posters , or one for each decade of activity plus a commemorative one in the year of the Centenary. A journey through the history of the editions of the Italian Grand Prix as well as a real manifesto on the evolution of the racing car. The posters, in fact, are inspired by the official Grand Prix posters that have remained in the annals starting from 1922, the year of the birth of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza and passing, for example, from the 1949 edition won by Alberto Ascari to that of 1976. which saw the unforgettable Ronnie Peterson triumph, to get to more recent years such as 2003 in which Michael Schumacher won and 2019 with the triumph of Charles Leclerc.

The limited edition was conceived and re-edited by international artistic collective Automobilist, whose mission is to give new energy through art and technology to motoring stories in collaboration with the most renowned houses in the sector as well as with the Federations and the most important players in the sporting and non-sporting panorama. Among the most important collaborations are F1, WRC, FIA, 24 Heures of Le Mans, Oracle Red Bull Racing, Porsche and the Formula 1 teams of McLaren and Mercedes.

The special collection will be produced in only 100 pieces and will be available on the shop of the official website of the Monzanet.it Circuit at the price of 799 euros.

At the same time, an additional 100 pieces will also be available for each of the 11 posters that can be purchased outside the collection at the price of 69 euros, excluding the posters of 1922 and 2022 at the price of 129 euros.

This initiative is a further piece within the wider activity plan that Autodromo Nazionale Monza conceived in the year of the Centenary: it was in fact September 3, 1922 when, on the impulse of the Automobile Club Milano, world motorsport and motor racing have found their home. The Monza Circuit is not just an asphalt track, but has represented and given voice to the stories of many men and women who, competing as drivers, builders, designers, technicians and mechanics, have fueled the passion for this sport and contributed to progress technology of the automotive sector.