The Monza National Circuit enters the Metaverse

The Temple of Speed will be recreated in virtual reality in the year of its centenary.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the first circuit to enter the Metaverse . In the year of its centenary, the Temple of Speed will in fact be recreated in the virtual universe and will thus be usable by fans to remotely attend events, visit the track and the structures reproduced in three dimensions and participate in contests related to motorsport.

The announcement was made today by Alessandra Zinno , General Manager of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, at the Giffoni Film Festival . The official launch of the Monza Meta Circuit , the land of the Circuit in the Metaverse, will take place in September on the occasion of the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix of Italy 2022.

The racetrack can be visited for free by fans in the Italian Metaverse The Nemesis . Through their computer or smartphone, users can choose an avatar and access the virtual and interactive world, taking part in immersive experiences and meeting other enthusiasts.

During a panel at the children’s film festival, Alessandra Zinno explained: «Last year we were the first to launch the NFTs of the Circuit and from September we will be present in the Metaverse, once again setting a record. The Monza Meta Circuit will provide new opportunities for interaction not only with the public, but also with customers and sponsors ».

«With reality, we will combine experiences in the virtual world that will allow us to involve viewers in events designed specifically for the Metaverse and at the same time provide a new visibility opportunity for brands. In the coming weeks we will illustrate all the possibilities that we will offer to our fans », he concludes.

The Monza Meta Circuit will be built by the Italian start-up Rocket Dreams through Nfactory . The factory specializing in products for the Metaverse will follow the design of the virtual environments and experiences offered to users, supported by Wheelz Magazine for the brand strategy. (A.D)