Becoming a racing car driver, the profession that everyone dreams of

Short guide for those who want to become a racing car driver: requirements, ACI courses and medical examinations to obtain a sports license. The official way to realize the dream of racing on a track like a real motorsport driver.

To many it seems an unattainable dream, but that of the sports car driver is a profession in all respects, with its own rules and criteria for access. And the truth is that obtaining an ACI Sport license to race on the track like a true professional is not a prohibitive goal reserved for a select few. Of course, it’s not even simple, but if you’ve always dreamed of being a pilot , it’s right that you give yourself a chance. Who knows, one day you could be the protagonist of a race on the track of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Temple of Speed. This short article is intended to be a quick and easy guide to becoming a racing car driver by earning a sports license . Let’s go!

How does a Formula 1 driver train?

The requirements to become a car driver

An aspiring sports driver , by law, does not have to meet special requirements . What is required are only a minimum (and maximum) age and the possession of a license for driving on the road.

The age to become a pilot

As for the age requirement, you must have completed 18 years and not exceeded 80 years , a limit beyond which you are considered no longer able to sit at the wheel of a sports car, within a circuit professional. A clarification, however, is a must. The minimum age, in fact, is required for sports licenses , but getting behind the wheel is an activity that can be started at 6 years (in the case of karts) or 15 years (for sports cars within a circuit Closed).

The driving license B

The second requisite is the possession of a type B driving license, the one normally required for road circulation with vehicles that do not exceed 3.5 tons in weight. Obviously, if you have a higher level driving license, these are equally accepted.

Minimum age Maximum age Driver’s license
18 80 Type B

How do you become a car driver? The complete path

Do you have both the age requirement and the driving license requirement? Well, then your path towards the acquisition of a sports license can begin by submitting the appropriate application at the Sports Offices of the Automobile Club Italia (ACI) , which are present in every provincial capital .

The necessary documents

During the process of obtaining the license you will be asked for :

  • Valid identity document ;
  • ACI membership card;
  • Certificate of psycho-physical fitness for competitive or non-competitive activity (issued after medical examination, to be carried out at an accredited Sports Medicine Center);
  • Tetanus vaccination certificate;
  • Payment of the license fee (see the updated ACI Sport price list and find out how much it costs to become a pilot).

The course for aspiring pilots

But bureaucracy is not enough to become a pilot. It is also necessary to participate in the courses organized by the ACI , which are free, are activated throughout the year and require the issuance of a certificate. They are simple theoretical lessons, without final exams, aimed at explaining the basic rules of motor sports (here is the list of ACI courses scheduled for first licenses ).

The main topics covered are:

  • the sports system;
  • the types of license;
  • car approvals;
  • the conduct of the competitions and the role of the professionals involved;
  • the meaning of the flags displayed in the race;
  • sanctions for technical and sporting irregularities and related complaints.

Track Days – Race on the Monza post office like a real driver


The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

JustSpeed Connecting Partner of Autodromo Nazionale Monza

● JustSpeed is also the technological partner of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza until 2024;
● The agreement followed that of the partnership with Snipers, the Italian team of the 2020 vice world champion in the Moto 3 Championship, announced in April 2021;
● The Linkem brand dedicated to FTTH services is already available in over 2100 municipalities and large cities.


Rome, January 28, 2022 - JustSpeed, the Linkem brand dedicated to FTTH services is C onnecting P artner of Autodromo Nazionale Monza until 2024. The brand will also be T itle S ponsor of JustSpeed Monza Karting, of the Guest House and Live TV .

After the launch of the first TV commercial created right inside the Autodrome in collaboration with the Snipers team, JustSpeed made its first appearance on the Circuit in November 2021 as part of the FORUM8 ACI R ally M onza , an important event open to the public and stage of the World Rally Championship 2021 at the Autodrome.

"This agreement links the JustSpeed brand, former partner of Snipers, to a symbolic place in Italy of speed such as the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, historically known as the" Temple of Speed "- said Francesco Sortino, Chief Marketing Officer of Linkem -" Thanks to this further partnership JustSpeeders will have at their disposal a physical point dedicated to the sale of services and more. Within the spaces assigned by the racetrack, Initiatives and engagement activities will also be carried out aimed at new customers to make the advantages and potential of our service closely known ” , concluded Sortino.

"We are very happy with the partnership with JustSpeed that unites its brand to our Circuit: both companies link their image to the concept of speed and innovation. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is one of the fastest circuits in the world as JustSpeed aims for an ultra-fast connection thanks to FTTH technology. This collaboration is well represented by the JustSpeed commercial broadcast on the main television networks which was recorded right in the Temple of Speed. We will work jointly with JustSpeed until 2024 to celebrate together the main feature that binds us both through communication to the general public and with on-site activations during our main events."declared Alessandra Zinno, General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza .

"We Snipers are very proud of the partnership with JustSpeed, born with the start of the 2021 World Championship. We have a lot in common: the pursuit of speed is in our DNA and having met a partner who makes this his strength and main message is truly stimulating for us. Our Team and our riders have the strong fiber and on the circuit we always have to give our 100% to be fast, indeed ultra-fast. For Snipers rider Andrea Migno , protagonist of the aired commercial, was a great experience, his bike represents all of us, our work and our passion,
always looking for the best performance. Happy to carry the JustSpeed logo on ours
bike with the only goal of winning together "said Mirko Cecchini of Snipers Team Principal.

Furthermore, from April 2021 the riders Andrea Migno and Alberto Surra and the same bike of Snipers , the Italian team founded in 1964, are among the Ambassadors of the brand values and protagonists of the JustSpeeders community together with customers.

The birth of JustSpeed is part of Linkem's strategy aimed at further expanding the offer of ultra-broadband Internet services to effectively respond to the different needs of families and businesses throughout the country, with the best available technology: FTTH and 5G FWA. Based on FTTH GPON technology with browsing speeds of up to 2.5 Gb / s in download and up to 300 Mb / s in upload, JustSpeed is already available in over 2100 municipalities and large cities.


On Linkem

Linkem SPA is the leading telecommunications operator in Italy in the wireless ultra-broadband sector. Present on the market since 2001, Linkem offers ultra-broadband Internet services for families and businesses throughout the country based on various technologies, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), fiber, as well as symmetrical / guaranteed point-to-point installations dedicated to the business and public world. administrations. Linkem is committed to creating value for customers and for the territories in which it operates thanks to the constant evolution of the network in terms of capacity and with a view to transition to 5G. Linkem represents a virtuous example of attracting capital from abroad, thanks to investments made by American funds of the caliber of Jefferies, Cowen in partnership with Armavir, and Blackrock. To date, Linkem covers 70% of the population nationwide thanks to its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network based on licensed frequencies in the band recognized internationally as a golden band for the development of 5G networks.

On the Monza Autodrome

L'Autodromo Nazionale Monza is the second oldest racetrack in the world still in operation after Indianapolis. Built in 1922 in just 110 days, the circuit is one of the longest-running on the F1 calendar and the fastest in the championship. For this reason, it is also known with the nickname "The Temple of Speed". In addition to the road track, on which almost all the races of the year are held, it includes the Junior track and the High Speed Ring. Recently and in addition to these three tracks, the Monza Circuit Karting was also installed in the Autodrome, a semi-permanent kart track for adults and children. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza can host more than 130 thousand people, generating an annual turnover in Lombardy of 125 million euros. The Circuit celebrates its centenary this year.


The capital of Brianza is also growing as a city with a tourist vocation.


For favor the attractiveness of Monza , the Municipality with its Civic Museums, the Villa Reale and Park Consortium, the National Circuit and the Museum of the Treasure and the Duomo offer, starting next Thursday, January 27, visitors the Tour of Monza in 60 days through the new “City Passport”.

The passport of Monza is a fundamental step towards a finally integrated tourist offer - explains the Mayor Dario Allevi - Investing in the attractiveness of the city means enhancing an enormous historical, artistic and monumental heritage: we have what it takes to aim even higher and forge alliances strategies capable of making us fully become a city with a tourist vocation ".

Upon first access to one of the places managed by the project partners - Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Villa Reale, Duomo Museum, Civic Museums - visitors will pay full admission. Subsequently, by showing the tax receipt, or the ticket, or the Passport, they will be able to access by paying the reduced rate.


The Monza tour in 60 days: why a passport?

The title of the initiative is inspired by the famous novel by Jules Verne, Around the world in 80 days to offer visitors to our city 60 days available to discover the iconic places of Monza and access the main points of interest.

Hence the choice of a passport, a symbol of the journey and the discovery of new destinations, in which the partner's stamps will be affixed gradually. The stamp will be proof of full-rate access to the first point of interest so that it can be shown to access the subsequent ones at a reduced rate. The discount applied is approximately 20% of the full ticket price.

"We have worked for years to achieve this important result: thanks to this project we hope to bring visitors back on several occasions - explains the Councilor for Culture and Tourism Massimiliano Longo - multiplying the opportunities for staying with an undoubted return on our activities as well. receptive and commercial ".


Ticket offices and Infopoint

Personalized exhibitors will be set up at the ticket offices of the various points and at the tourist Infopoints: here it will be possible to collect the passport , which will also offer historical and artistic notes of the four points of interest and useful information.

“This project promoted by the Municipal Administration is in line with the aims of the Consortium: an important and ambitious initiative for the knowledge of the city's heritage. The 'tour' allows the visitor to become loyal with a unique proposal. The Villa Reale and the Autodromo Nazionale Monza are increasingly interested in being a strong attraction pole for the whole territory capable of promoting the other civic museums of the city ", he adds. Giuseppe Distefano, General Manager of the Villa Reale and Monza Park Consortium .

“It is an honor for the Museum and Treasury of the Duomo to be part of a project that enhances the artistic and cultural heritage of the entire city of Monza. This initiative fits perfectly into the vocation and spirit of patronage of the Gaiani Foundation, born precisely with the aim of conserving, promoting and enhancing a unique and at the same time universal historical-artistic heritage, such as that of the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista and the legacy by Teodolinda. The origins of our city are intimately linked to the Queen and her far-sighted vision of peace and dedication to our territory, just as the Iron Crown has been a symbol of importance and prestige for Monza for centuries. We are grateful to the promoters and partners who have made this collaboration possible, which we hope will be a first step towards an ever greater growth of Monza tourism, aware of the great potential of our city ", he adds. Titti Gaiani, President of the Gaiani Foundation .

Alessandra Zinno, General Manager of Autodromo Nazionale Monza, comments: "Monza is investing heavily in tourism with the ambition of becoming one of the major attractions not only in Lombardy but in our entire peninsula. An excellent demonstration of the potential was highlighted by the increase in the flow of visits after the recent Rai1 program conducted by Alberto Angela dedicated to the city. We could not fail to find a strategy that would allow the most prestigious attractions of Monza to be coordinated in a single shared project. I am sure that this strategy will provide an even more important impulse to tourism in Brianza and that the Autodromo Nazionale Monza will make a significant contribution to the successful outcome of the initiative, with the opportunities it already offers - including the newborn Monza Circuit Experience and its guided tours - and with further future projects. The Temple of Speed has always been affirmed, in its century-old history, as a universally known and appreciated pivotal point, and certainly ta the proposal will lead to a further benefit due to its attractiveness to both Italian and foreign visitors ".