Formula 1 2024, results and rankings of the longest world championship in history

The 2024 Formula 1 World Championship has officially started. In this article, the complete race calendar with all the winners and the constantly updated driver and manufacturer rankings.

The 2024 Formula 1 World Championship will be the longest in history . The calendar of events, in fact, will include 24 grand prix , starting on March 2 in Bahrain and concluding on December 8 in Abu Dhabi . The 2023 Championship should have already reached this record level but the cancellation of the Chinese GP and the cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna GP due to floods had reduced the scheduled races to 22. For 2024, however, things will start to rise again, because both circuits are back in the equation. Here are all the appointments .

The official calendar of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship and the winners of each Grand Prix

  1. Bahrain Grand Prix – Sakhir - 02 March - Verstappen on Red Bull

  2. Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – Jeddah - 09 March - Verstappen on Red Bull

  3. Australian Grand Prix – Melbourne - 24 March - Sainz on Ferrari

  4. Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka - 07 April - Verstappen on Red Bull

  5. Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai - 21 April

  6. Miami Grand Prix – Miami - 05 May

  7. Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix – Imola - 19 May

  8. Monaco Grand Prix – Monaco - 26 May

  9. Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal - 09 June

  10. Spanish Grand Prix – Barcelona - 23 June

  11. Austrian Grand Prix – Spielberg - 30 June

  12. British Grand Prix – Silverstone - 07 July

  13. Hungarian Grand Prix – Budapest - 21 July

  14. Belgian Grand Prix – Spa - 28 July

  15. Dutch Grand Prix – Zandvoort - 25 August

  16. Italian Grand Prix – Monza - 01 September

  17. Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Baku - 15 September

  18. Singapore Grand Prix – Singapore - 22 September

  19. United States Grand Prix – Austin - 20 October

  20. Mexican Grand Prix – Mexico City - 27 October

  21. Brazilian Grand Prix – Sao Paulo - 03 November

  22. Las Vegas Grand Prix – Las Vegas - November 23

  23. Qatar Grand Prix – Losail - 01 December

  24. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina - 08 December

Drivers ranking

  1. Verstappen M. - Red Bull - 77 points
  2. Perez S. - Red Bull - 64 points
  3. Leclerc C. - Ferrari - 59 points
  4. Sainz C. - Ferrari - 55 points
  5. Norris L. - McLaren - 37 points
  6. Plates O. - McLaren - 32 points
  7. Russell G. - Mercedes - 24 points
  8. Alonso F. - Aston Martin - 24 points
  9. Hamilton L. - Mercedes -10 points
  10. Stroll L. - Aston Martin - 9 points
  11. Tsunoda Y. - Rb - 7 points
  12. Bearman O. - 6 points
  13. Hulkenberg N. - Haas - 3 points
  14. Magnussen K. - Haas - 1 points
  15. Zhou G. - Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber - 0 points
  16. Ricciardo D. - Rb - 0 points
  17. Albon A. - Williams 0 points
  18. Ocon E. - Alpine - 0 points
  19. Gasly P. - Alpine - 0 points
  20. Bottas V. - Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber - 0 points
  21. Sargeant L. - Williams - 0 points

Manufacturers ranking

  1. Red Bull - 141 points
  2. Ferrari - 120 points
  3. McLaren - 69 points
  4. Mercedes - 34 points
  5. Aston Martin - 33 points
  6. Rb - 7 points
  7. Haas - 4 points
  8. Alpine - 0 points
  9. Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber - 0 points
  10. Williams - 0 points

The drivers of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship

Even on the drivers' side, the 2024 World Championship marks an unprecedented record, with the confirmation of all the teams taking to the track in 2023 . Only Sargeant's confirmation is missing, here the sentence needs to be revised.


  • Kevin Magnussen – confirmed

  • Nico Hulkenberg – confirmed

Red Bull

  • Max Verstappen – confirmed

  • Sergio Perez – confirmed

Aston Martin

  • Fernando Alonso – confirmed

  • Lance Stroll – confirmed


  • Oscar Piastri – confirmed

  • Lando Norris – confirmed


  • Daniel Ricciardo – confirmed

  • Yuki Tsunoda – confirmed


  • Sargeant

  • Alexander Albon – confirmed


  • Charles Leclerc – confirmed

  • Carlos Sainz – confirmed


  • Lewis Hamilton – confirmed

  • George Russell – confirmed


  • Pierre Gasly – confirmed

  • Esteban Ocon – confirmed


  • Valtteri Bottas – confirmed

  • Zhou Guanyu – confirmed

Tests of the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship, how did they go?

The 2024 Formula 1 World Championship winter testing was held in a single event in Sakhir, Bahrain, from 21 to 23 February. Here's how they went and what were the results recorded on the track by the new single-seaters, presented just a few days ago.

Every year, the lead-up to a new Formula 1 season is marked by two fundamental stages: the presentations of the new single-seaters and the winter tests . In particular, the latter represent a sort of dress rehearsal for the Formula 1 World Championship , the only official opportunity for the ten teams to refine the feeling between car and drivers before the start of the season. It is normal, therefore, that the eyes of professionals and enthusiasts are focused precisely on the tests, which heat up the environment and increase curiosity for the start of the new championship.

The 2024 Formula 1 winter testing schedule

This year too, however, four-wheel fans, as already happened in 2023, had to settle for just one appointment for the Formula 1 winter tests, instead of the two scheduled for the 2022 season. The 2024 Formula 1 World Championship , in fact, is already upon us (it will start on March 2) and will be the longest in history. There was therefore little time to test the new single-seaters, given that the presentations ended in mid-February . For this reason, the only 2024 Formula 1 winter tests were held from 21 to 23 February in Bahrain , precisely on the Sakhir track, the same one that will host the first Grand Prix of the season.

What to give to a Formula 1 fan?

All test results from the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship

Formula 1 fans know this well: the results of winter tests should always be taken with a pinch of salt , because they can be misleading. In fact, there are many possibilities for teams to "bluff" to maintain an aura of mystery about their strengths and especially their weaknesses until the moment of the first Grand Prix. However, this does not mean that the tests cannot provide some useful information for imagining the Championship to come . From this point of view it is therefore legitimate to ask what the laps of the track done by the single-seaters in Bahrain revealed. The final time classification reveals a Ferrari capable of taking home the virtual front row: first Sainz , who stopped the clock of his fastest lap under a minute and a half (1'29''921), second Lecrerc , who stopped just above (1'30''322). Followed by Russell on Mercedes (1'30''368), Zhou on Sauber (1'30''647) and Perez and Verstappen on Red Bull (with 1'30''679 and 1'30''755 respectively). In the three days of Sakhir there were different simulations both on the "flying lap" and on the race pace. Only the start of the season will reveal who got close to 3-time World Champion Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Formula 1 - Italian Grand Prix 2024


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Presentations of the Formula 1 single-seaters, the complete calendar for 2024

In the first half of February, the teams competing in the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship will present the new single-seaters. A crucial step ahead of the new season, which attracts all Formula 1 fans.

The presentations of the single-seaters and the winter tests in preparation for the new season are the stages leading up to the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship . The first official outing of the cars is scheduled for February 21st to 23rd in Sakhir, Bahrain. By that date, therefore, all the teams must have presented their new race cars. Launch events always attract a lot of attention and exert a particular fascination on enthusiasts and professionals. It is from that moment, in fact, that you can begin to fantasize about the new season, venturing into more or less reliable predictions.

F1 World Championship 2024, the calendar of single-seater presentations

Almost all the teams that will participate in the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship have communicated the presentation date of the new single-seaters and all the events will be concentrated in the first half of February .

Here is the calendar of events (the name of the car in brackets):

  • Haas F1 (VF-24) – February 2
  • Williams (FW46) - February 5
  • Sauber (C44) - 5 February
  • Alpine (A524) - 7 February
  • Visa Cash App Racing Bulls – February 9th
  • Aston Martin Racing (AMR24) - 12 February
  • Ferrari - 13 February
  • Mercedes (W15) - February 14
  • McLaren (MCL38) - 14 February
  • Red Bull Racing (RB20) - February 15

The 2024 Formula 1 single-seaters

Below, a brief summary of the main characteristics of each car that will take part in the 2024 Formula 1 World Championship.

Haas - VF-24

Also for 2024, Haas has chosen a digital-only presentation of the new single-seater, releasing renderings of the livery of the new car from which little can be hypothesized regarding any technical innovations. The photos, however, were then followed by the first real images, coming from the Silverstone circuit, where Haas raced its first filming day. Overall, there is a slimming of the sides , also made possible by moving the radiators to a central position . On the mechanical front, the suspensions with push rod model on the front and pull rod on the rear appear to be confirmed.

Haas - VF-24 - Photo by

Williams - FW46

The launch of the new Williams single-seater took place in New York, in the iconic Puma flagship store. However, it was a partial presentation. In fact, only the livery of the FW46 has been revealed , while maximum confidentiality has been maintained on the technical innovations, which will only be made known during the first official tests. The aesthetics of the new car that will be driven by Albon and Sargeant do not differ much from the 2023 version. The navy blue color remains prevalent, with variations in lighter and darker shades. Furthermore, on the muzzle there is a double red and white stripe , a tribute to the glorious past of the team.

Williams FW46 - Photo by

Sauber - C44

At Sauber , however, a choice was made opposite to that of Williams, revolutionizing the colors of the livery . Goodbye to the red-white references, a sign of the collaboration with Alfa Romeo, and space instead for a powerful combination of black and acid green . As regards technical innovations, however, the most obvious are the new pull-rod front suspension , which replaced the previous push-rod system, and an aerodynamic package with very aggressive lines .

Sauber C44 - Photo by

Alpine - A524

Let's now move to Enstone, where the veils covering the new Alpine single-seater have fallen, revealing what appears to be a real revolution. In fact, there are many new features that characterize the A524 . A lot of work was done on the frame , which came out completely redesigned as well as lighter . Furthermore, a new rear suspension system was introduced and the front suspension system was optimized (in both cases, however, the push-rod model was confirmed). Finally, it is also worth mentioning the important changes that affected the air cooling system .

Alpine A524 - Photo

Visa CashApp Racing Bulls – VCARB 01

Visa CashApp Racing Bulls , the new name of the former AlphaTauri team, has instead chosen Las Vegas to unveil the VCARB 01. Even in this case, however, only renderings were shown and not the real car. The new single-seater features a livery that takes you back in time, because its colors and style recall that used by the latest Toro Rosso cars (2019): dominant blue, broken up by two white stripes with red edges. From a mechanical point of view, however, the clues obtainable from the images seem to indicate a strong resemblance to the Red Bull RB19.

VCARB 01 - Photo by

Aston Martin Racing - AMR24

The AMR24 , the car with which Aston Martin will present itself at the starting line of the 2024 season, presents important evolutions compared to the 2023 single-seater, but not radical upheavals. The livery is in absolute continuity with last year , with the exception of a few details. More interesting, however, are the technical variations. What stands out above all is the shorter muzzle and the smaller air inlets . Furthermore, the rear suspension switches from the pull rod model to the push rod one , realigning itself with the front ones. Finally, the overall slimming of the bodywork should be highlighted.

Ferrari - SF-22

There are also many new features at Ferrari . The new SF-24 , shown only on video in the presentation event and then seen live during the shakedown held in Fiorano, already appears evolved in the livery , with the traditional white and yellow stripes that gain more space, starting from the nose, and with the wheel covers turning red. As regards the mechanics, the distinction between the front (push-rod) and rear (pull-rod) suspensions remains but the installation points of the arms on the frame change. Interesting elements are also the lengthening of the chassis itself, the moving back of the gearbox and engine and the reshaping of the sides .

Ferrari SF 24 - Photo by

Mercedes - W15

Mercedes has chosen a truly revolutionary approach. The W15 offers a radical renewal compared to the 2023 single-seater, both in form and substance. First of all, silver dominates the livery again , a tribute to the 90 years of the team. In terms of structure and mechanics, a very important change concerns the height from the ground , which decreases again but without reaching the record limits of 2022, which we had caused some problems. The chassis , the nose and the gearbox are new, just as the position of the cockpit appears further back, in response to needs expressed by Hamilton.

W15 - Photo by

McLaren - MCL38

Among the last single-seaters to be presented, the MCL38 from McLaren showed itself to the world of enthusiasts with the classic livery dominated by orange , combined with the carbon black of the unpainted parts. From a structural and mechanical point of view, the English car manufacturer seems to have worked a lot on details and not on major upheavals. The nose attaches to the front wing on the second profile, the bellies are quite pronounced and go down drastically at the rear, on the bonnet there are two "pipes" which convey the hot air onto the rear wing. Finally, the distinction between rear (push rod) and front (pull rod) has been confirmed in the suspensions .

MCL38 - Photo by

Red Bull Racing - RB20

The RB20 was long in coming but did not disappoint expectations, with which Red Bull will try to confirm itself as the dominator of Formula 1 also next season. Regardless of the motto "you don't change a team that wins", the Keynes team has revolutionized the single-seater with which it won the last championship. What remains practically identical is only the coloring. Among the most impactful innovations are the elongated snout , the completely redesigned entrance to the bellies and the overall shapes which appear very extreme . The suspension systems, however, are confirmed, but with changes to the kinematics.

RB20 - Photo by

Formula 1 - Italian Grand Prix 2022


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Campionato formula 1 2023

Formula 1 World Championship 2023, the final rankings: Verstappen and Red Bull still champions

The 2023 Formula 1 World Championship ended once again in the name of Verstappen and his Red Bull. The Belgian driver became world champion for the third consecutive time. his was a triumphal and unstoppable march, which no one was ever able to question during the course of the season. Verstappen has in fact collected 19 victories out of 22 grands prix contested, for a total of 575 points. With him, Red Bull also flew, winner of the team classification, ahead of Mercedes (second) and Ferrari (third)

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The 2023 Formula 1 race calendar

The 2023 edition of the Formula 1 World Championship has 23 Grands Prix, of which however only 22 were actually held, given the cancellation of the Emilia Romagna GP due to the flood. Losail (Qatar) and Las Vegas have entered the calendar (bringing the GPs in the United States to 3), while Le Castellet (France) has left the scene. the start was on 5 March with the Bahrain Grand Prix at the Sakhir circuit. Instead, it will close on November 26 in Abu Dhabi , on the post of Yas Island. Below is the complete program with the winners of the races already played.

  • 5 MAR – Bahrain Grand Prix – Sakhir (Bahrain) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 19 MAR – Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) - Perez on Red Bull
  • 2 APR – Australian Grand Prix – Melbourne (Australia) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 30 APR - Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Baku (Azerbaijan) - Perez on Red Bull
  • 7 MAY – Miami Grand Prix – Miami (Florida - USA) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 21 MAY – Made in Italy and Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix – Imola (Italy) - Canceled
  • 28 MAY - Monaco Grand Prix - Monte Carlo (Monaco) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 4 JUN – Spanish Grand Prix – Barcelona (Spain) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 18 JUN - Canadian Grand Prix - Montréal (Canada) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 2 JUL – Austrian Grand Prix – Spielberg (Austria) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 9 JUL - British Grand Prix - Silverstone (England) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 23 JUL - Hungarian Grand Prix - Budapest (Hungary) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 30 JUL - Belgian Grand Prix - Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 27 AUG - Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort (Holland) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 3 SEPTEMBER – Italian Grand Prix – Monza (Italy) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 17 SEP – Singapore Grand Prix - Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore) - Sainz on Ferrari
  • 24 SEP – Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka (Japan) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 8 OCT – Qatar Grand Prix – Losail (Qatar) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 22 OCT – United States Grand Prix – Austin (Texas - USA) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 29 OCT – Mexico City Grand Prix - Mexico City (Mexico) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 5 NOV – Sao Paulo Grand Prix - Sao Paulo (Brazil) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 18 NOV – Las Vegas Grand Prix – Las Vegas (California – USA) - Verstappen on Red Bull
  • 26 NOV – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Yas Island (Abu Dhabi) - Verstappen on Red Bull

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Formula 1 World Championship 2023 results and standings

Below, the updated rankings of the drivers 'and constructors' championships.

The 2023 Formula 1 drivers ranking - Updated to 22 October 2023 (USA GP)

  1. Verstappen M. - Red Bull - 575 (Champion)
  2. Perez S. - Red Bull - 285
  3. Hamilton L. - Mercedes - 234
  4. Alonso F. - Aston Martin - 206
  5. Leclerc C. - Ferrari - 206
  6. Norris L. - McLaren - 205
  7. Sainz C. - Ferrari - 200
  8. Russell G. - Mercedes - 175
  9. Plates O. - McLaren - 97
  10. Stroll L. - Aston Martin - 74
  11. Gasly P. - Alpine - 62
  12. Ocon E. - Alpine - 58
  13. Albon A. - Williams - 27
  14. Tsunoda Y. - Alpha Tauri - 17
  15. Bottas V. - Alfa Romeo Racing - 10
  16. Hulkenberg N. - Haas - 9
  17. Ricciardo D. - Alphatauri - 6
  18. Zhou G. - Alfa Romeo Racing - 6
  19. Magnussen K. - Haas - 3
  20. Lawson L. - Alphatauri - 2
  21. Sargeant L. - Williams - 1
  22. De Vries N. - Alphatauri - 0

The 2023 Formula 1 constructors' ranking - Updated to 22 October 2023 (USA GP)

  1. Red Bull - 860
  2. Mercedes - 409
  3. Ferrari - 406
  4. McLaren - 302
  5. Aston Martin - 280
  6. Alpine - 120
  7. Williams - 28
  8. Alphatauri - 25
  9. Alfa Romeo Racing - 16
  10. Haas - 12

The drivers and teams competing for the F1 world title in 2023

If the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship calendar presents few but important innovations, there are also movements regarding the line-up of drivers hired by the teams. Compared to 2022, the teams competing for the titles are the same (always 10), while there are different changes at the wheel of the single-seaters, with numerous changes of "shirt" behind the wheel.

Here are all the complete teams.


  • Kevin Magnussen - Confirmed
  • Nico Hulkenberg - new

Red Bull

  • Max Verstappen - confirmed
  • Sergio Perez - confirmed

Aston Martin

  • Fernando Alonso - new
  • Lance Stroll - confirmed


  • Oscar Piastri - new
  • Lando Norris - confirmed


  • Nyck de Vries - new
  • Yuki Tsunoda - confirmed


  • Logan Sargeant - new
  • Alexander Albon – confirmed


  • Charles Leclerc - confirmed
  • Carlos Sainz - confirmed


  • Lewis Hamilton - confirmed
  • George Russell - confirmed


  • Pierre Gasly - new
  • Esteban Ocon - confirmed

Alfa Romeo

  • Valtteri Bottas - confirmed
  • Guanyu Zhou – confirmed

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strico monza center

Weekend in Monza, what to do? Three tips to enjoy the best of the city

A weekend in Monza is an excellent idea to discover the beauties of an Italian city which holds marvelous treasures, from an artistic, naturalistic and entertainment point of view. To make a weekend in Monza profitable and unforgettable, there are at least three things to see and do: a visit to the historic centre, a walk in the famous Monza Park and the adrenaline-pumping experience of the equally iconic Autodromo, where every year the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. Here is a brief guide for tourists who don't want to miss out on the best that the Lombard city can offer in a weekend.

What to do in Monza on a weekend? Hundreds of tourists, Italians and foreigners, ask each other every weekend. Although much smaller than nearby Milan, Monza is in fact a city capable of attracting visitors all year round . And to those who visit it even just for a weekend, the city offers numerous possibilities for recreation and entertainment, including monuments, nature trails and various types of attractions. The following is a very short guide for tourists looking for advice . Not an exhaustive list of everything that is possible to do in Monza , but a selection of three truly unmissable things, because they are what make the city unique. And these are activities that can be sold out in a weekend.

Visit Monza with the City Passport

A (walking) tour of the historic center

There is no doubt that a nice ride in the historic center of Monza should be at the top of the list of things to do for those visiting the city. Among other things, it is a rather intimate historical center, with the main monuments that are located a short distance from each other, so it can be visited all on foot with pleasure. The ideal is to start from the heart: the Duomo of Monza and its Museum of Treasures . From Piazza del Duomo, then, you can easily reach all the other sites of interest that make up the historic city centre. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the main monuments of Monza :

  • Arengario Palace ;
  • War Memorial;
  • Teodolinda Tower;
  • Civic Museums ;
  • Ponte dei Leoni on the Lambro river;
  • Church of Santa Maria in Strada;
  • Church of San Maurizio;
  • Church of Santa Maria al Carrobiolo;
  • Church of San Pietro Martire;
  • Reggia di Monza or Villa Reale (slightly off-centre, but still reachable with a walk of just a quarter of an hour).

Since, however, a tourist does not eat only art and culture, it is good to underline that in the historic center of Monza you can easily meet bars and restaurants to eat , stopping for lunch or dinner, or for a simple aperitif. So what to eat in Monza also becomes a simple question to answer.

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A walk in the Monza Park

Second stop, this time of a naturalistic nature: the Park of Monza . It is truly a unique place (here a dedicated study ), which deserves to be experienced even with just a walk or a short bike ride . It is part of the Villa Reale complex and is the largest urban park in Europe, with over 700 hectares of extension that host a great variety of flora and fauna . In addition, the Park hosts real green monuments , centuries-old trees that represent a unique attraction.

If you want to be sure not to waste your energy in the face of so much potential, you can visit the Monza Park by relying on one of the prepackaged tourist itineraries (also available on the official website ):

  • The Reggia goes on stage;
  • Two steps in history;
  • Along the Lambro river;
  • The green giants;
  • On the paths of the gnomes;
  • On the paths of knights and witches;
  • From the king's hunts to the temple of speed;
  • The Monza of the Savoy.

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A lap of the track on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit

After feeding on art and culture and having deeply breathed the beauty of nature, it's time to treat yourself to a rush of adrenaline and fun . And to do so, there is no better place than the Autodromo Nazionale Monza , which offers, among other things, the possibility of experiencing unique Driving Experiences . The Temple of Speed , therefore, opens its doors to all fans of engines and also to those who do not understand much about cars but want to experience the thrill of the track at least once in their life.

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What to see in Monza: 5 unmissable tips, among historical monuments, natural views and modern attractions

Visiting Monza is a comfortable and pleasant experience. The Lombard city, a few steps from Milan, has a long history of culture and traditions and offers artistic jewels of inestimable value. The following is a brief guide on what to see in Monza, designed for those who want to discover the beauty of the capital that gave birth to the famous Nun Gertrude, whose story is told by Alessandro Manzoni in the Promessi Sposi.

Are you preparing to visit Monza and want to understand what to see ? This article can really give you a helping hand and help you better organize your time in the city. It is a brief guide to Monza that shows you the 5 monuments or places that you really cannot miss , because they deeply characterize the Lombard city. Monza, in fact, has a lot to offer culturally, both in historical and artistic terms, and nothing to envy to the nearby Milan. And then, it is a place with an extremely modern soul, it is no coincidence that it hosts the most famous Italian car circuit , namely the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, known throughout the world as the Temple of Speed. But let's proceed in order, and let's start this little journey through the streets of Monza, divided into five stages.

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Monza Cathedral and Museum of Treasures

The route starts from the undisputed king of the city: the Cathedral of Monza (whose official name, however, is the minor Basilica of San Giovanni Battista). A monument that deserves to be at the top of the rankings, because it would also rightfully enter the even narrower list of things to see in Monza in just one day. The Cathedral was built between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries and houses some timeless masterpieces, including the Tree of Life by Arcimboldo and the wonderful Teodolinda Chapel . The latter takes its name from the Lombard queen who converted the monzese to Catholicism and who is still a much loved figure in the capital (the picturesque historical procession that animates the streets every year at the beginning of July is dedicated to her). In addition, the so-called Iron Crown is also preserved in the Cathedral, with which various kings were crowned for centuries, including the Kings of Italy. Attached to the building, there is also the Museo del Tesoro and Duomo di Monza , whose relics cover over 1400 years of history.

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Monza historic center and Lambro river

Once you leave the Duomo, you will find yourself in the beautiful square of the same name, the heart of the historic city center. From here you can start a walk that touches the fundamental monuments of Monza : Palazzo dell'Arengario , Monumento ai Caduti , Torre Teodolinda (again!) and Ponte dei Leoni on the river Lambro .

The Palazzo dell'Arengario is the most important building in Monza after the Duomo (from which it is just a two-minute walk away). It is a former municipal building, located in an area where the main city streets cross, including via Italia , the artery that connects the center of Monza with the heart of Milan. Currently, the Arengario hosts art and photography exhibitions. Not far from the Cathedral of Monza and the Arengario there are also Piazza Trento Trieste , site of the war memorial , and the Tower of Teodolinda , from the Middle Ages. A visit cannot be denied even to the Ponte dei Leoni, which straddles the Lambro river and which owes its name to the four statues placed at its ends.

Finally, the historic center of Monza is full of small churches that still deserve a mention (and maybe a look, given that you are on the spot), such as Santa Maria in Strada, San Maurizio (where legend has it that the nun of Monza took her vows), Santa Maria al Carrobiolo And St. Peter Martyr.

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Royal Villa (or Royal Palace of Monza)

Slightly off-centre compared to the other important monuments, about a quarter of an hour's walk from the Duomo, stands one of the symbols of Monza, which you cannot miss: the Royal Villa (also known as the Royal Palace ). Born as a ducal palace in 1777, at the behest of Ferdinand of Habsburg , it was subsequently acquired by the royal family, who made it a luxurious summer residence . The Royal Villa bears the signature of the architect Giovanni Piermarini , a pupil of Vanvitelli . Not surprisingly, the classic and clean style that characterizes the external architecture is very reminiscent of two famous works by Vanvitelli: the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan . Internally, the Palace is divided into two sections: the royal apartments and the reception rooms, both extremely fascinating.

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Monza Park

The Royal Villa is set inside the Monza Park , another attraction that cannot be overlooked and is absolutely worth seeing. With its 700 hectares of extension, it triples the size of the park of Versailles and is the largest urban park in Europe. Established in 1805, today the Monza Park represents an indispensable green lung for the city, to be explored on foot or by bicycle.

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Monza National Circuit

The last place (but not least) of this ista dedicated to the things you absolutely must see in Monza is occupied by a much more contemporary attraction than the previous ones, namely the Autodromo Nazionale Monza . The Temple of Speed, known and loved internationally, is located inside the Park , near the Reggia di Monza, giving life to an original combination of ancient and modern. On the other hand, the track is also a piece of history , having been the setting in which the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix has been held for decades.

Discover the Autodromo Nazionale Monza through unforgettable tours or hit the track with track days

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Motorsport 2023 season, all the most important appointments in the motor world

The 2023 Motorsport and motoring season is full of appointments and news, starting with Formula 1, which is getting longer and renewed. But the other competitions are not far behind, from Formula E to the World Endurance Championship up to the GT World Challenge Europe. Rich calendars that promise great emotions to all four-wheel enthusiasts.

Formula 1 2023, 24 races scheduled and departure on March 5th

The Formula 1 World Championship will kick off on 5 March 2023 in Bahrain and will be the longest in history, with 24 races , one more than last year. The closure, however, is scheduled for November 26 in Abu Dhabi. Two Grands Prix absent in 2022 are back on the list: Las Vegas and Qatar. On the other hand, the French Grand Prix leaves the list of competitions. In Italy, on the other hand, both appointments have been confirmed: Imola for the Made in Italy Grand Prix and Monza for the Italian Grand Prix (September 3, 2023).

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Formula 2 2023, 14 grands prix with two stages in Italy

Double Italian round also for the 2023 Formula 2 season , again with Monza and Imola on track. The championship, made up of 14 stages, will always start on March 5 from Bahrain and will end on November 26 in the United Arab Emirates. Here is the complete calendar:

  • March 3-5: Bahrain (Sakhir)
  • March 17-19: Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
  • March 31-April 2: Australia (Melbourne)
  • April 28-30: Azerbaijan (Baku)
  • May 19-21: Italy (Imola)
  • 25-28 May: Monaco (Monte Carlo)
  • June 2-4: Spain (Montmeló)
  • June 30-July 2: Austria (Spielberg)
  • July 7-9: Great Britain (Silverstone)
  • 21-23 July: Hungary (Hungaroring)
  • 28-30 July: Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
  • 25-27 August: Netherlands (Zandvoort)
  • 1-3 September: Italy (Monza)
  • November 24-26: United Arab Emirates (Yas Marina)

Formula 3 2023, 10 grand prix in 6 months

The 2023 Formula 3 season, on the other hand, sees the total number of appointments rise from 9 to 10, with the entry of Australia and Monaco and the exit of Zandvoort. The departure is always scheduled for March 5 from Bahrain, while the closing will be in Monza on September 3. Here is the list of all stages:

  • March 3-5: Bahrain (Sakhir)
  • March 31-April 2: Australia (Melbourne)
  • May 19-21: Italy (Imola)
  • 25-28 May: Monaco (Monte Carlo)
  • June 2-4: Spain (Montmeló)
  • June 30-July 2: Austria (Spielberg)
  • July 7-9: Great Britain (Silverstone)
  • 21-23 July: Hungary (Hungaroring)
  • 28-30 July: Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
  • 1-3 September: Italy (Monza)

Formula E 2023, ninth season for the electric car championship

The 2023 season will be the ninth for Formula E, the championship dedicated to electric cars, which will visit 11 cities for a total of 16 Grands Prix. It starts on January 14 from Mexico City and ends on July 30 in London.

Below, the complete calendar of the Formula E rounds:

  • Round 1: Mexico City - 14 January 2023
  • Round 2: Diriyah - 27 January 2023
  • Round 3: Diriyah - 28 January 2023
  • Round 4: Hyderabad - 11 February 2023
  • Round 5: Cape Town - 25 February 2023
  • Round 6: Sao Paulo - 25 March 2023
  • Round 7: Berlin - 22 April 2023
  • Round 8: Berlin - 23 April 2023
  • Round 9: Monaco - 6 May 2023
  • Round 10: Jakarta - 3 June 2023
  • Round 11: Jakarta - 4 June 2023
  • Round 12: Portland - June 24, 2023
  • Round 13: Rome - 15 July 2023
  • Round 14: Rome - 16 July 2023
  • Round 15: London - 29 July 2023
  • Round 16: London - 30 July 2023

World Endurance Championship (WEC) 2023, 6 unmissable stages to celebrate the tenth season

The 2023 FIA World Endurance Championship WEC calendar grows by one stage compared to the previous year. Seven appointments in nine months, from the USA to Bahrain.

Here is the complete WEC calendar :

  • March 17: United States - 1000 Miles of Sebring
  • April 16: Portugal - 6 Hours of Portimao
  • April 29: Belgium - 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps
  • 10-11 June: France - 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • July 9: Italy - 6 Hours of Monza
  • September 10: Japan - 6 Hours of Fuji
  • November 4: Bahrain - Bahrain 8 Hours

GT World Challenge Europe 2023, 10 Grand Prix for Gran Turismo cars

The GT World Challenge Europe is one of the most important international competitions for GT cars. The 2023 calendar includes 10 stages in as many circuits :

  • 22-23 April: Italy – Monza Endurance Cup
  • May 13-14: Great Britain - Brands Hatch Sprint Cup
  • 23-24 May: Test 24 Hours of Spa - Spa-Francorchamps
  • June 3-4: 1000 km Paul Ricard - Paul Ricard Endurance Cup
  • 29 June – 2 July: 24 Hours of Spa - Spa-Francorchamps Endurance Cup
  • 15-16 July: Italy - Misano Adriatico Sprint Cup
  • June 29-30: Germany – Nürburgring Endurance Cup
  • September 2-3: Germany – Hockenheim Sprint Cup
  • 16-17 September: Spain – Valencia Sprint Cup
  • 30 September – 1 October: Spain – Montmeló Endurance Cup
  • 14 – 15 October Netherlands: Zandvoort - Sprint Cup

WRC 2023, the FIA championship for rally cars

Thirteen races, 8 of which on dirt roads (a circumstance that has caused some controversy): this is the calendar for the 2023 season of the World Rally Championship, the FIA world championship dedicated to rally cars. Here are all the stages with their respective terrains:

  • January 20-22: Monaco - Mixed
  • February 10-12: Sweden - Snow
  • March 17-19: Mexico - Offroad
  • April 21-23: Croatia - Asphalt
  • May 12-14: Portugal - Off road
  • June 2-4: Sardinia - Dirt road
  • June 23-25: Kenya - Off road
  • July 21-27: Estonia - Off road
  • 4-6 August: Finland - Off road
  • 8-10 September : Greece - Off road
  • 29th September - 1st October: Chile - Off road
  • October 27-29: Central Europe - Asphalt
  • November 17-19: Japan - Asphalt


The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

christmas in monza

Christmas in Monza, all the events and initiatives of the 2022 holidays

During the Christmas holidays, Monza lights up with numerous events and initiatives. For those arriving in the city as a tourist, therefore, there are many possible things to do, including markets, Christmas villages, walks in the historic center lit up and visits to the main monuments. Here are some tips.

The Christmas period is coming, impossible to ignore it. The streets of all the most important Italian cities begin to be colored with decorations and themed lights and the shops begin to display decorations based on snow, elves and Santa Claus puppets. There are still several weeks to go, but everything is ready to celebrate the holiday season . It is time, therefore, also to plan any trips , made easier by the holidays and the closure of schools. And what better time than Christmas to rediscover the beauties made in Italy ? Not surprisingly, even Monza and Brianza, during the days ranging from Christmas to the Epiphany, are filled with tourists. This is why a short and updated vademecum that indicates the most important Christmas events among those scheduled in the city can be useful. A guide that answers the fateful question: what can you do at Christmas in Monza?

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The Christmas markets in Monza

The first answer brings to mind a great classic: the Christmas markets , a traditional unmissable event. And Monza is no exception. From the end of November until the Epiphany, there are numerous opportunities that the city of Brianza offers its inhabitants and tourists to stroll among crafts and food and wine stalls.

The first initiative on the calendar is Christmas Experience , an exclusive Christmas market hosted inside the Royal Villa of Monza , a place with a unique charm. The event is scheduled for 26 and 27 November , from 10 to 19 .

Also from 27 November, the Christmas Village , the historic open-air market of Monza, returns to Piazza Carducci and Piazza San Paolo, with its load of stands and attractions for adults and children. Open every day until 6 January (9.30-19.30), the Christmas market also hosts the Magic Tree , a spectacular carousel ten meters high .

The Christmas attractions of the historic center

The rides in Piazza San Paolo (a faithful replica of a 19th century model, with wooden horses and carriages) and in Largo Mazzini (an electric train on rails) are also very impressive, as well as the Ferris wheel in Largo IV November 8, open every days, 10-24). Another little train then crosses the entire historic center (departing from Piazza Roma ), immersing Monza residents and tourists in the beautiful city decorations. In Piazza Trento e Trieste , on the other hand, there is an ice skating rink : over 300 square meters for enthusiasts and amateurs. Christmas in Monza, however, is not concentrated only in the main streets but spreads throughout the districts, with sweet houses, attractions and lights.

And for children who want to meet Santa Claus , there are two appointments:

  • on 19 December at 4.30 pm at the Parchetto via Luca della Robbia ;
  • on 20 December at 4.30 pm at the Varisco Park.

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The other Christmas events in Monza and surroundings

To close, here is a list (in update) of Christmas initiatives in Monza and its surroundings, suitable for adults and children:

  • Santa Claus Village in the Bellusco donkey : a real Christmas village, set up from November 27 to January 8 inside a farm, populated by elves and other magical creatures and animated by workshops for children;
  • The Christmas Village of Cavenago : a magical place, open from November 26 to December 18, with an ice skating rink, artisan markets, shows and many tasty sweet and savory delicacies;
  • the Track Days of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza : on 20 and 27 November the Temple of Speed welcomes those who want to experience the thrill of a lap on the track aboard a real racing car; two days of Track Days with some special surprises (find out more here ).

Christmas holidays, an opportunity to discover Monza and Brianza

To enjoy Monza at Christmas, however, it is not necessary to dive into the colorful chaos of organized events. More simply, you can let yourself be conquered by the city and its beauties , taking advantage of the holidays to visit it. Decorated with Christmas lights, the historic center of Monza and its symbolic monuments acquire an even greater charm. Christmas, therefore, can simply become a good excuse to visit beauties such as:


The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

team building activity

Corporate team building activity, 3 winning ideas to make a group

Corporate team building activities have long been widespread among companies in every sector. Through team building events, in fact, it is possible to work on the harmony and motivation of employees, enhancing the so-called human resources of the company. The important thing, however, is to find the right idea, the one that manages to keep fun and effectiveness together. Here are 3 ideas for successful corporate team building.

Those who work in the human resources sector know it well: creating a positive climate among company employees is essential to allow them to work at their best and be productive. In fact, a motivated worker who feels part of a project that enhances him is naturally led to commit more, to contribute ideas and energy to the good running of the company, to collaborate with colleagues in a profitable way. An advantage for everyone: for the company, which will see its productivity grow, and for the worker, who will not experience the time spent in the factory or office with frustration. But how are these positive results achieved? The modalities are obviously manifold. An important role, however, is played by the so-called corporate team building activities , that is, initiatives aimed precisely at cementing employees, motivating them and helping them to form a group. Like many of the innovations in entrepreneurship and human resource management, corporate team building events originated in the United States but soon spread around the world. In Italy, for many years now, the HR departments of the largest and most innovative companies have been carrying out periodic team building activities aimed at all employees or specific sectors . More and more often, in the personnel offices, there are professionals who are specifically dedicated to organizing these initiatives and are always looking for new ideas and ideas for team building . Of course, there are many possibilities. At least 3, however, have an edge and deserve to be tried at least once.

Escape room, only those who play as a team win

The first idea for a winning corporate team building is the escape room , a group game that is now very popular and widespread in all major Italian cities. Technically, these are rooms (or perhaps it would be better to talk about labyrinths) from which it is possible to escape only by solving chain puzzles . There are many different types of escape rooms . What changes is above all the setting : from horror to science fiction, there is no suggestion that has not been explored by the creators of these game rooms. What does not change is the fundamental ingredient needed to pass the test: the harmony of the group. From an escape room you can only go out together, if you are a team. And this is precisely the reason that makes this format particularly suitable for corporate team building initiatives .

Adventure park, to make groups in the open air

Another activity much loved by human resources managers is the path inside an adventure park . And even in this case, the variety of the offer generates the embarrassment of choice. Around Italy, in fact, there are many equipped parks that offer the opportunity to try your hand at adventurous paths , including suspension bridges, launches with lianas and walls of rope to climb. All tests that allow you to test your resourcefulness and that, if lived in a group, are also a valid test of harmony and empathy . With an important addition: carrying out outdoor team building activities, immersed in nature, contributes to the psychophysical well-being of the participants.

Track ride in the Temple of Speed, the adrenaline that makes you grow

Escape room and adventure park, however, are now quite widespread team building activities, almost overused. Many companies, on the other hand, like novelty, the idea that displaces, which represents something unique for their employees to experience. And here, then, that Autodromo Nazionale Monza comes to the rescue with one of its most requested driving experiences : the “ Hot Laps ”, organized by Puresport . It is a truly unrepeatable experience: whizzing on one of the most famous tracks in the world aboard real racing cars, Gran Turismo or Formula 1 single-seaters. All this, supported by professional pilots . A team building activity of this type guarantees indescribable emotions and a full of adrenaline. Impossible not to be enchanted by the exclusivity of the location and the vibrations of a magical place.

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Arengario di Monza, guide to the discovery of the ancient town hall

The Arengario of Monza is one of the symbolic places of the city. Formerly the seat of the town hall, the medieval town hall now hosts important art exhibitions and events. A short guide to learn more about its structure and history.

The Arengario di Monza , located in the heart of the historic center , is one of the symbolic monuments of the city of Brianza and deserves to be included among the tourist points of interest. And its history also deserves to be known, albeit briefly. In fact, the events that over time have transformed and shaped the old town hall of Monza , now home to important exhibitions, tell a lot about the medieval history of Italy.

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A brief history of the Arengario: why it is called that and what it was used for

As in any self-respecting story, however, it is good to start from the beginning, that is, from the construction of the Arengario . According to the most accredited reconstructions (which must be trusted in the absence of certain data), the construction of the famous palace began towards the end of 1200 . A dating that seems to be confirmed also by an inscription above the entrance door, which refers to the year 1293 (expressed in Roman numerals). The then powerful mayor of Monza, Pietro Visconti , wanted the birth of the Arengario. But why did he build it? What was the Arengario used for? The triggering reason was the contrast between the power of the podestà and that of the church . Until the 13th century, in fact, the magistrates and the podestà used the curtain of the Cathedral for their activities, as they did not have a civil building that could house them. In 1250, however, the mayor was struck by excommunication and his stay near the main religious building in Monza became unwelcome. A confirmation of this struggle between civil power and religious power also comes from the place where the Arengario is located, a few steps from the Duomo, which it is also physically opposed to. At this point, however, it is legitimate to ask why the name of Arengario was chosen for the new town hall . What does this term mean? It is a word borrowed from the German, which means “ meeting place ”, to signal the fundamental function carried out by the building, seat of the municipality, the court and the merchants.

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Structure and characteristics of the Palazzo Comunale of Monza

From the point of view of the structure and style, the Arengario is clearly inspired by the Palazzo della Ragione in Milan , built in the first half of the 1200s. The overall layout is longitudinal, with an open porch on the lower floor and a large covered room on the upper floor. Unlike the Milanese building, however, the town hall of Monza is flanked by an imposing bell tower . Furthermore, it should be noted that the current appearance of the Arengario does not correspond to its original state. In fact, between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, major renovations were planned and carried out, with a consequent reduction in the spaces of the complex, which previously also included the Palazzo Pretorio (demolished). A second massive restoration took place at the end of the 1960s, with the aim of supporting the exhibition vocation of the Arengario.

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The exhibitions of the Arengario

Not surprisingly, today the ancient municipal building in Brianza is home to very important art exhibitions and events organized by the municipal administration. The permanent collections that it previously housed, on the other hand, have been transferred to the Civic Museums. To find out about the exhibitions in the Arengario in real time, you can consult the website of the Municipality of Monza .

Visit the Arengario: contacts, where it is, how to reach it

As anticipated, the Arengario is located in the historic center, precisely in Piazza Roma . It is therefore easily reachable on foot from any of the other tourist sites ( Monza Cathedral and its Museum , Villa Reale , Monza Park ). The structure is open to the public every day, except Mondays, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm . For information, please call 039 329541 .

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The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.