Drifting by car, an adrenaline-pumping maneuver for true professionals

Drifting is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and spectacular car maneuvers. If you don't know how to drift perfectly, however, the feat can be quite dangerous, because you lose control of the car. That's why drifting is considered a gesture by true motoring professionals. Not surprisingly, there are sports competitions for drifting champions.

Speed and adrenaline-pumping maneuvers . These are the two main ingredients that make motoring a success, at any level. For lovers of cars and driving, few things are more exciting than a racing car that launches at full speed on the asphalt of a track or that ventures into overtaking and risky maneuvers. And drifting is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular displays of talent in the world of four wheels. A maneuver that has also given life to a real sport and that has been consecrated cinematically by the Fast & Furious film series. So it deserves to be known better.

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What does “drifting” mean?

The literal translation into Italian of the English term drifting is " adrift ". In fact, in the drift maneuver, the car seems to drift , because the driver voluntarily loses control of the rear and manages the whole car with only the front wheels. For this reason, it is also called a controlled skid or, in a more slang, a skid . From the outside, the effect that can be seen is spectacular and adrenaline-pumping: the racing car seems to slide off the track , then regain control and go back to speed quickly, having retained much of its speed. This is a very popular rally maneuver, for tackling curves without using the brake too much. Over the years, then, real drifting sports competitions have been established, in which the winner is the one who is more precise in performing the maneuver and gets as close as possible to an obstacle without knocking it down. In addition, drifting is also widely used in car shows, such as those offered by professional stunt-men in theme parks and reviews.

How to do a car drift maneuver

Such spectacularity corresponds to a considerable difficulty of execution . Drifting correctly is not easy. There are several techniques , which differ from each other especially in the first part of the maneuver, the one that serves to trigger the drift. The simplest is that which involves the use of the handbrake , which is pulled with a firm blow when the curve is reached at speed; then you start to counter-steer and start accelerating again. A variant of this technique is the so-called bridge lock , in which the normal brake is used instead of the handbrake, downshifting and abruptly leaving the clutch once the curve has been set. The most professional technique, however, is the pendulum , which associates an abrupt braking with a decisive counter-steering, carried out with the car launched into a curve at high speed. It should be noted that, given its danger, drifting must only be performed on the track or in large and deserted places , where there are neither people nor obstacles of any kind. In addition, you should be aware that the maneuver involves considerable tire wear.

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The best machines for drifting

In general, to be able to carry out a drifting maneuver it is necessary to get behind the wheel of a rear-wheel drive car. With front-wheel drive cars, in fact, you risk being able to do a more or less spectacular spin, which is very different from a controlled skid. Even among rear-wheel drive cars, however, not all of them are effective in drifting. Not surprisingly, in official competitions cars designed specifically for this specialty are used, often derived from street car models.

Sports drifting competitions

On the other hand, the creation of ad hoc machine models is the natural consequence of the transformation of drifting into a sport specialty . The precursor of the sector, in the 70s, was the Japanese driver Keiichi Tsuchiva , considered the father of modern drifting, born within the Japanese Touring Car Championship. Over the decades, the number of competitions has multiplied, even outside the Japanese borders, which however remains the area with the most important events. These are races in which, as already mentioned, the ability of the pilots to drift correctly and their accuracy are assessed, according to strict judgment criteria. Worldwide, the most famous competitions are the D1 Grand Prix (Japan) and Formula Drift (USA and Japan). The Drift Masters European Championship is also very popular with pilots. In Italy, however, the most important race is the Italian Drifting Championship, divided into three categories: racing Pro, Racing Pro 2 and Street Open.

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race thousand miles

Mille Miglia, the most beautiful race in the world told in a nutshell

History and curiosities about the Mille Miglia, the car race that has turned into a race for vintage cars, without losing its charm. An evocative competition, which takes place between Brescia and Rome, along a path of about 1600 kilometers through central Italy.

Mille Miglia is perhaps one of the most evocative names in motoring, especially in Italy . It entered the common language as a symbol of a race with epic contours , a race that perfectly mixes sporting spirit, passion for engines and extravagance. Not surprisingly, the Mille Miglia is considered one of the most beautiful races in the world and every year attracts hundreds of drivers and enthusiasts from all over the world. But how was this famous appointment born? How has it evolved over the years? What curiosities does it hide?

The history of the Mille Miglia: yesterday and today

The best thing to do to tell the Mille Miglia is to start from its history , which is a characterizing element. The life of this car race can be divided into two major phases: that of the actual race and that of the historical re-enactment . The first phase goes from 1927 , the date of the debut edition , to 1957 (with two pauses, in 1939 and between 1941 and 1946). In recent years the Mille Miglia is characterized as a long distance car race , which begins and ends in Brescia , crossing along the route of about 1600 kilometers (equivalent to 100 imperial miles) most of central Italy, up to Rome . The idea of organizing it stems from a protest linked to the failure to assign the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix to the city of Brescia, which instead went to Monza and its National Autodrome . A disappointment from which a fantastic story was born. The second life of the Mille Miglia , on the other hand, began in 1977 and continues today. The event has turned into a historical regularity race in stages , which sees fascinating vintage cars parade along a route that traces the original idea and goes from Brescia to Rome and back. The goal is to complete it in a set time, without anticipating and without delaying.

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7 things to know about the Mille Miglia

Already from these brief historical notes it is possible to guess the uniqueness of the Mille Miglia, which from a simple car race has been able to transform itself into a myth. To get to know it even better, here are seven things you absolutely need to know.

Who invented it

The creators of the Mille Miglia were Giovanni Canestrini, Franco Mazzotti, Aymo Maggi and Renzo Castagneto , renamed “the four musketeers”. Of this poker of aces, however, the most active promoter of the race was certainly Castagneto, then president of the Automobile Club Italia of Brescia.

Where does it start and where does it come from

As mentioned, the Mille Miglia kicks off in Brescia , where the arrival is also fixed. For the Lombard city, the race is a historical symbol of great value, an event around which the whole city colors and comes alive. The beating core of the whole event, from the earliest years, is Piazza Vittoria .

What is the race course

The route of the Mille Miglia undergoes small changes with each edition, going to touch different locations in central Italy. The immovable fixed points, however, are the length, which must be around 1600 kilometers , that is a thousand imperial miles, and the passage through Rome .

Which historic cars can participate

Only historic cars produced before 1957 and of which at least one example took part or was registered in the original Mille Miglia can participate in the current version of the Mille Miglia.

How many cars participate

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants allowed . The car record at the start was recorded in 2017, on the occasion of the race that celebrated the 90th anniversary of the first edition of the Mille Miglia.

How and what to win

As this is a regularity race, the first prize goes to whoever deviates the least from the established travel time. Arriving early or late, in fact, involves the assignment of penalties. Whoever collects fewer penalties is the winner and wins the first prize, symbolic but very prestigious: a cup that faithfully reproduces that of the classic Mille Miglia .

When the Mille Miglia 2022 will take place

The 2022 edition of the Mille Miglia will be number 40 since the race was reborn as a historic car race. The competition will take place from 15 to 18 June . In first stage , the competitors will start from Brescia and arrive in Cervia - Milano Marittima; in second stage they will cross central Italy, passing through San Marino and Norcia and landing in Rome; in third , instead, they will go up north through Tuscany, until reaching Parma; finally, in the fourth will compete in tests in the circuit of varano de 'Melegari, to then reach the Autodromo Nazionale Monza via Salsomaggiore and Pavia.

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What to see in Brianza (besides Monza): 5 tips not to get lost

There are many things to do and see in Brianza, the heart of Lombardy. In addition to Monza, in fact, the area holds a historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage of inestimable value. From the Adda to the Brianza lakes, from Montevecchio to Seregno, passing through places of undisputed value such as the Arese Borromeo palace. In this article, a short guide for tourists to Brianza not to be missed.

Italy is dotted with places rich in history, art and landscape beauties. Some are well known and told everywhere. Others, however, rarely conquer the limelight, but they are no less suggestive. Brianza is among the latter, even if an ever-increasing number of tourists choose it as a destination for short trips or longer holidays. This historic area of Lombardy, in fact, offers those who visit it a plurality of things to do and see . Itineraries suitable for all needs and different tastes, which allow you to discover a territory with a long and glorious history. Monza is undoubtedly the main attraction of Brianza, but around the historic city there are many other must-see places. The following list lists five, without claiming to be exhaustive. In Monza, on the other hand, separate articles are dedicated, given its importance:

The Adda, the Leonardo ferry and the ecomuseum

The Adda river is one of the symbols of Brianza and you cannot visit this area without dedicating some time to it, also because it offers many ideas. For example, within the Parco dell'Adda Nord there is the Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo , divided into 18 stages along the river, with the aim of enhancing its natural resources and encouraging sustainable development. One of the main attractions of the Ecomuseum is the Leonardo ferry , which connects the two banks of the watercourse, that of Lecco and that of Bergamo. What's special about it? It is a ferry without an engine, which walks using only the force of the currents. For those who love outdoor activities, the Adda offers a fantastic cycle / pedestrian path .

The Brianza lakes

Still on the subject of naturalistic attractions, the Brianza lakes deserve to be mentioned, that is, those located in the upper Brianza, between Lecco and Como, a short distance from Monza. It is a series of five small lakes of glacial origin (Alserio, Pusiano, Montorfano, Segrino and Annone) immersed in lush vegetation and surrounded by fascinating landscapes. An ideal area for a quiet picnic or a mountain bike excursion .


Montevecchia is a small but precious village perched on the hills of north-eastern Brianza . A small jewel that houses numerous prestigious monuments, such as the sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Carmelo or the Villa Albertoni Agnese . Furthermore, the town is at the center of a beautiful hilly landscape, which can host long and healthy walks. Finally, the food and wine delicacies, such as Pincianèl , a red wine with the IGT denomination, deserve to be honored.


Another municipality in Brianza that must necessarily be included in one's travel itinerary is Seregno . It is a much larger and more populous town than Montevecchia, but whose historic center preserves a unique and ancient flavor. Among the most important monuments there are certainly the Collegiate Basilica of San Giuseppe , the Torre del Barbarossa , the Sanctuary of Santa Valeria and the Abbey of San Benedetto .

Arese Borromeo Palace and Garden

Cesano Maderno , a town in the province of Monza and Brianza, houses the Palazzo Arese Borromeo , with its suggestive garden. An enchanting place, where art, history and culture meet. Behind the austere façade, the building hides an incredible wealth of frescoed rooms. Likewise, the well-kept outdoor space is populated by statues and fountains. The original structure of the building dates back to the second half of the 1600s, but has since been transformed and enriched over the centuries.

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go kart sport

Karting, the sport that shapes future drivers

Karting races are often a training ground in which the young generation of motoring is trained, destined to become great drivers of cars or motorcycles. On board the go-karts, inside a kart track, you can experiment and increase your skills on the track. Karting, however, is not the younger brother of Formula 1, but a full-fledged motorsport, with its championships and adrenaline-pumping challenges.

There is one thing that unites the racing past of many great Formula 1 champions, from Senna to Verstappen, and that is karting . Racing on go-karts , in fact, is the first approach that aspiring drivers have with the track and with speed. The kart track is a kind of gym that you can start attending at a young age (you can start at 6). For this reason, karting is much more than a race aboard curious "machines", but a real sport , with its rules and its international competitions, and above all with great competitive value. So it's worth getting to know him a little better.

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What is karting: characteristics and history of a sport with a long tradition

According to the basic definition, karting is that specialty of motorsport that is raced with karts , that is, small motor vehicles , of which there are different variants. The characterizing element, therefore, is the means used, which has a very particular aspect. The first go-kart prototype dates back to 1956 and is the work of Art Ingels , American racing car builder and Kurtis Kraft technician. In his intentions, that machine was to be just a pastime for his little son. Instead, it turned out to be a powerful intuition, capable of writing unforgettable pages in the world of engines. In fact, as early as 1957, they were developed in California the first real karts : compact vehicles, with minimum height from the ground and without suspensions, flexible chassis, rear-wheel drive and an engine with limited power, which however makes them capable of going up to a speed of 100 km / h. And the first official karting competition was organized in Nassau in 1959.

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Karting in Italy

Although its origins are American, karting boasts a long and glorious tradition in Italy , where it arrived already in 1957 and where today there are numerous kart tracks . The first exhibition of a kart took place on the track of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza , while the production of these vehicles in Italy is closely linked to the name of Nicolò Donà delle Rose , a pioneer in the sector. Over the years, then, “made in Italy” drivers and teams have distinguished themselves for their successes on the track at an international level. To realize this, it is enough to scroll through the golden books of single -speed kart and shifter kart competitions.

All the karting events of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Kart types and race categories

The aforementioned distinction between single-speed karts and shifter karts is a prime example of how different types of karts exist. Differences that are also reflected in the competitions and the age of the drivers who can drive the various vehicles.

Another fundamental distinction is that relating to motors , which can be:

  • 4 times;
  • 2 stroke 100 cm³ racing;
  • 2 stroke 125 cm³ racing family KF;
  • 2 stroke 125 cm³ KZ family;
  • 125 cm³ TAG family.

The weight (vehicle + driver) is also very important, which is linked to the driving age and the race category, as shown in the table below.

Age (years) Category Minimum weight (Kg)
6 to 7 60 Baby 85
from 8 to 9 years 60 Baby 95
from 8 to 9 years 125 Rotax micro 105
from 9 to 12 years 60 Mini 110
from 9 to 12 years 125 Rotax mini 115
from 12 to 15 years OKJ Cadets 135
from 12 to 15 years National OKJ 135
from 12 to 15 years 125 Rotax Junior 145
for 14 years and 6 months OK National 145
for 14 years and 6 months 125 National KZ2 175
for 14 years and 6 months 125 Club 180
for 15 years 125 Rotax max 160
for 15 years 125 KZ2 175
from 17 to 35 years 125 Prodriver under 175
over 35 years 125 Rotax max over 168
over 35 years 125 Prodriver over 180

National and international karting competitions

The large number of kart categories means that there are many different karting competitions, both nationally and internationally. On a world scale, however, the most coveted titles undoubtedly remain those offered by the FIA karting division , which go under the name of FIA Karting World Championship (single race). Similar speech for the European panorama, dominated by the FIA karting European Championship (tournament with several races in different countries of the old continent). In Italy, however, the most important trophy is organized and promoted by the ACI and is called the Italian ACI Karting Championship , organized in 8 different classes (some with 3 races, others with 5).

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Racing car movies: 10 unmissable titles for those who love cars and engines

The cinema is full of movies dedicated to cars. From dramatic films to cartoons, many have tried to tell the golden world of racing cars and to return the adrenaline that is experienced on the track to the big screen. In the long list of automotive films, however, there are some truly unmissable titles for those with a passion for motors. Here is a selection, obviously not exhaustive.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans (1971) and Le Mans '66 - the great challenge (2019)

Let's start with a couple of titles dedicated to a historic race , one of the most dangerous and tiring in the world: the 24 Hours of Le Mans . These are two very different films, by type of film and by release date, even if they tell a very similar historical period, being both set in the late 60's and early 70's . The 1971 24 Hours of Le Mans film was a fiasco in its debut but was extensively re-evaluated afterwards. The protagonist is the legendary Steve McQueen , a true lover of engines, who here plays the role of Michael, one of the participants in the 1970 race. In Le Mans '66 - The great challenge, on the other hand, at the center of the scene is the mythological rivalry between Ford and Ferrari , for the victory of the 1966 race. In the cast, the names of Matt Damon and Christian Bale stand out.

Rush (2013)

Rush is also the story of an incurable rivalry, this time between two top-level riders like Hunt and Lauda . The clash between the two characterized all the 70s of Formula 1, reaching its peak in the 1976 World Championship , that of the dramatic accident that disfigured Lauda forever and that Hunt won by only one point, in the last race, right in front of the Austrian.

Fast & Furious (2001)

More than a movie, Fast & Furious is a universe, made up of ten feature films, a spin off, two shorts and an animated series. The twenty-year saga, entirely focused on the world of clandestine racing , has been able to gather around it a large number of fans and enthusiasts and has helped launch the career of Vin Diesel , inextricably linked to these productions. Net of the exaggerations and the forcing of the plot, Fast & Furious remains a concentrate of adrenaline that sticks to the armchair.

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Days of Thunder (1990)

A great cast, in which the names of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman stand out, and a great direction, that of Tony Scott , are the ingredients of the success of Days of Thunder , a film that has just turned 30 years old. The film tells the story of Cole Trickle , a young and reckless racing driver, and his rivalry with Rowdy Burnes , who later became his friend.

Fast as the Wind (2016)

Among the films of cars that deserve to be seen there is also an important Italian production, Veloce come il vento , starring Stefano Accorsi . The actor plays the role of Loris De Martino , the heir to a family of track champions, who from a rally champion has turned into a drug addict with no future. For him, the opportunity for redemption comes when, after the death of his father, he decides to help his sister Giulia train for the GT Championship.

Grand Prix (1966)

Going back in time, one cannot fail to include the historic Grand Prix among the cinematic pearls dedicated to motoring, which with its three-hour duration is undoubtedly a cult for lovers of the genre. The plot sees the intertwining of the personal and sporting stories of different drivers, ready to do battle to conquer the 1966 Formula 1 world championship .

Crazy Beetle (1968)

A completely crazy beetle , the famous Disney film, is undoubtedly of a completely different tenor compared to the drama of the Grand Prix, but it is nonetheless a film that made history. It is very difficult, in fact, to find someone who has not laughed following the rambling events of the Herbie beetle, who seems to have a soul and a great desire to do his own thing.

Cars - Roaring Engines (2006)

This roundup of films for car lovers ends with another Disney masterpiece, this time in a cartoon version. The protagonist of Cars is Lightning McQueen (the tribute to Steve McQueen seems evident), a young and enterprising racing car who dreams of taking part in the Piston Cup, the most important race in the world. On his way, however, he will find numerous obstacles, to overcome which he will need many friends.

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Profession Test Driver, how to become a car test driver

Doing the Test Driver, that is to test cars (sports and not), is the dream of many motor enthusiasts. An original and stimulating profession, central to the activity of the large car teams but which is becoming increasingly popular also in dealerships and garages. But how do you become a test driver? What training path do you need to follow to work as a car test driver?

Numerous professional figures operate in the world of engines, who deal with very different fields, from mechanics to designers, from designers to developers of digital technologies designed for the automotive sector. In this great universe of "two and four-wheeled" jobs, the test driver stands out, who has the honor and the burden of testing cars and motorcycles before they are entrusted to champions (in the case of racing sports cars ) or put on the market. A delicate and often hidden role, which however plays a central role. A profession that deserves to be better known. Above all, a profession that all those who love engines dream of doing.

What the Test Driver does and where it works

Beyond the fascination it causes on car enthusiasts, however, that of the test driver is an absolutely serious profession and full of important responsibilities . Indeed, it is up to him to be the first to review a new vehicle and his opinion is essential to indicate what is wrong and what needs to be improved before putting the car on the road or on the track. He is therefore required to have a considerable amount of knowledge and skills which, as will be seen shortly, require a specific training course to be acquired.

In detail, the concrete tasks entrusted to the test driver are:

  • Check the performance of cars and motorcycles in different driving conditions;
  • Test the driveability of the car;
  • Identify malfunctions;
  • Collaborate with the design team to make improvements;
  • Evaluate new track systems.

The set of assessments made in the testing activities is condensed into a report which constitutes the reference document of the test driver's work.

Given the wide spectrum of skills that it must have, the role of the test drive can be inserted in different work contexts , such as car manufacturers, sports stables, car dealerships, garages.

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The training path to become a Test Driver

Although the test drive work, as seen, requires very specific and high-level skills and knowledge, there is no formal course of study and training that governs access to this profession . Those who want to work as a test driver, therefore, must build their own training process by themselves, bearing in mind that it is a job with few places available . In addition, many car manufacturers prefer to entrust the testing of their new vehicles to former drivers who are no longer in business. Many test drivers, therefore, have behind them a career as agonists in the world of motors, which is their professional "calling card". Does this mean that if you don't come from that world it's better to give up? Absolutely not. However, it is necessary to make prudent training choices . A good solution, for example, is to acquire a degree in mechanical engineering , the closest to the type of business you will be doing. Furthermore, once the university is completed, it is possible to refine one's motoring knowledge by attending one of the masters or professionalizing courses offered by academies in the sector .

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Engines to read: 6 books for car and driving enthusiasts

There are really many books for car enthusiasts and they represent an original gift idea. From biographical volumes that tell the deeds of the great racing car drivers to novels that put four wheels to one hundred and fifty. Some, however, are truly unmissable and deserve to be present in the library of those who love engines.

Passion for cars and engines is something that affects all aspects of life. It ends, for example, also in the readings . Those who love engines, in fact, also find pleasure in reading books that tell the thundering world of four wheels . Not surprisingly, the list of books for car enthusiasts gets longer every year. A full-bodied catalog, made up of biographies of famous drivers, of historical reconstructions of the most prestigious brands, but also of novels that put cars at the center, with all their wealth of emotions and suggestions. Many titles for as many gift ideas. The following list does not pretend to indisputably identify the most beautiful novels for car lovers, but offers about five really special texts, which deserve to enter the home library of those who dream of a life as a driver.

Here are other gift ideas for car enthusiasts

On the road - Jack Kerouac

Let's start with a timeless classic of American literature , as well as a milestone among the novels of the late twentieth century. In 1951, by publishing "On the road" (original title: "On the road"), Jack Kerouac gave life to the symbolic book of the Beat Generation . Thus it was that an autobiographical tale turned into the manifesto of an entire youth movement. The novel tells the travels of Sal Paradise , the alter ego of the same author, who crosses the United States far and wide, aboard his car, sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of his friend Dean Moriarty (who in the reality is Neal Cassady, also a writer). Page after page, you never get tired of savoring the adrenaline and freedom of a real journey "on the road" .

Christine and Buick 8 - Stephen King

We remain in the United States, but completely changing gender. It is the turn of two titles signed by the king of horror, Stephen King . These are " Christine - The infernal machine" and "Buick 8" . In the first novel, which has also become a film, the protagonist is a 1958 Plymouth Fury , capable of transforming itself from a harmless car abandoned on the side of the road into a bearer of profound upheavals. The car, in fact, has a cynical and ruthless soul, which changes the personality of those who come into contact with it. And this is how Christine leaves behind a trail of death and despair. Equally mysterious is the profile of the car featured in the second novel: a 1954 Buick Roadmaster . Again, the car takes on a life of its own and upsets Ned's life for no apparent reason.

Bottom stroke. Mille Miglia, a life and a cat - Giorgio Terruzzi

The third proposal, on the other hand, is an all-Italian work, both in the signature, which is that of the famous sports journalist Giorgio Terruzzi, and in the story, which traces the exploits of the mythological Alberto Ascari (to whose memory a variant of the circuit of the Monza National Circuit ). The narrative starts with the surprise victory of the Mille Miglia in 1954 , and then unfolds throughout the driver's life, also analyzing private aspects. An exciting journey at full speed.

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Virtual Senna - Roberto Boccafogli

From one myth to another. “ Virtual Senna” is a novel that intends to celebrate the unforgettable Brazilian driver, who tragically died in 1994, on the Imola circuit. And it is precisely from that painful Grand Prix that the plot conceived by Roberto Boccafogli who decides to play with history and changes the course of events. Senna, in fact, does not die during the race but arrives at the end and wins it, also mortgaging the conquest of the car world championship. At that point, the story then takes a leap forward, up to the 2000s, and the reader comes to terms with a Formula 1 in public crisis. To revive the fortunes of the competition, the organizers invent virtual Grand Prix , in which Senna also participates. This parallel and unreal reality, however, gives rise to the desire to satisfy an ancient curiosity: who is the strongest driver ever?

The art of running in the rain - Garth Stein

Denny , the protagonist of this latest literary proposal for car enthusiasts, is an extraordinary driver, capable of giving his best in the rain. His ambitions, however, are held back by the need to make ends meet by working in a workshop. A complicated and suffering life seems to remove him forever from his dream: to drive a real Ferrari . Luckily, next to him is his faithful dog, who is not by chance called Enzo, in honor of the patron of the Maranello team. It will be the intelligent four-legged to show their master the right way to happiness.

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What to eat in Monza: tips for a tourism of taste

There are many typical dishes to eat in Monza, from risotto with the famous luganega sausage to cassoeula, from panmoijaa to San Gerardo bread. All expressions of the main characteristics of Brianza cuisine: flavor and simplicity.

Holidays in Italy are also opportunities for food and wine tours in the typical dishes that each area jealously guards. Monza is no exception to this rule. Treating yourself to a few days in the Lombard city, therefore, also means being able to taste Brianza cuisine , made of simple ingredients and genuine flavors. Whether you choose to have lunch in a spartan trattoria or to dine in an elegant restaurant, you must keep in mind the list of Monza dishes that are worth trying at least once. Here is a short guide to find out what to eat typical in Monza .

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The king of Monza's typical dishes: risotto with luganega

Let's start with the real ruler of the scene, the typical Monza dish par excellence: risotto with luganega (also called risotto alla monzese). He is truly the king of the city, served in practically every venue. There are several recipes for this particular risotto, each with its own small variant. The two main ingredients, however, do not change and are luganega (or luganica) sausage and saffron . The result is a dish with a clear but delicate flavor, which is always very popular with tourists. On the other hand, luganega is the quintessential symbol of Monza's cuisine , and it is truly a very tasty typical product. What differentiates it from a normal sausage is certainly the shape, thinner and elongated . What makes it so famous, however, is its composition. In addition to pork , in fact, luganega contains a high quantity of parmesan cheese and is flavored with meat broth and marsala . In addition, in some variations, additional ingredients are also used, such as chilli, wild fennel or anise.

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The specialties of Brianza cuisine: from cassoeula to panmoijaa

The list of Monza's typical dishes , however, certainly does not end with the luganega risotto. There are many other specialties of Brianza cuisine that deserve to be tasted. This is the case of cassoeula , a typically winter dish because it is very substantial. The basis of the recipe, in fact, is made up of cabbage and the less noble parts of the pig , such as the rind, snout, legs, head and ribs. It is also usually served with polenta . The name cassoeula derives from the large pot in which the ingredients are boiled, while its origins, which are lost between history and legend, would be Spanish.

Pork is also at the center of another typical dish of the Brianza peasant tradition, namely the rusticiada . It is a pork stew , flavored with a fried lard and onions . Again, the stew is usually served together with polenta . Finally, for meat lovers (and derivatives), Monza offers two other possibilities: ossobuco and tripe .

For those who love soups, on the other hand, both the panmoijaa and the Brianza minestrone are unmissable. The first is a tasty soup with minced bacon and bacon , in which onion, garlic and parsley are also used. It is eaten accompanied by a characteristic yellow bread , made with a mix of white flour, corn flour and rye. The Brianza minestrone, on the other hand, is very rich, because it contains, as main ingredients, rice , lard , cabbage , beans and potatoes .

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The typical sweets of Monza

An article that talks about what to eat in Monza, however, cannot be limited to rattling off savory dishes. There are also some typical sweets that deserve to be tasted by those who pass by in Brianza. In particular, it is the country cake and the bread and biscuits of San Gerardo . The country cake, right from its name, is a dessert that tells a lot about Monza's traditions and its peasant substratum. This dessert, in fact, also known as michelasc cake , has stale bread as its basic ingredient, which is soaked in milk . This basic dough is then flavored in various ways; the most common variant is the one that uses chocolate , but pine nuts, candied fruit and raisins can also be added.

The bread of San Gerardo , on the other hand, takes its name from the co-patron of Monza, San Gerardo dei Tintori. It is a sweet bread made with sugar, honey, fruit, sultanas, candied almonds and chestnuts . On the contrary, the dough of the homonymous biscuits is much simpler, because they are dry cakes made without eggs.

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Driving on the track for a day? In Monza, the dream becomes reality

Living a driving experience on the track is the dream of all motorsport enthusiasts. A lap of the track aboard a Ferrari, a Porsche or a Lamborghini, in fact, means tasting the emotions of a real driver. But is it really possible to experience driving a Supercar on the track? The answer is yes, thanks to the alliance between Puresport and the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, which gave life to the Driving Experiences on the Temple of Speed track.

Where can you drive a Ferrari ? In Monza. And the same answer applies to a Lamborghini or a Porsche. A dream that can be realized thanks to the Driving Experiences organized by the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in collaboration with Puresport , a leading company in the sector. Unique experiences that allow you to whiz through Tempo della Speed aboard a Formula 1, Formula 3 or Gran Turismo car . The most coveted goal for every motor enthusiast. A perfect gift to give to yourself, your partner or a friend.

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Driving a sports car on the track, a unique (and safe) experience

Adrenaline is undoubtedly the fundamental ingredient of a driving experience on the track , as well as the thrill of being inside the Temple of Speed . At the same time, however, Driving Experiences are an absolutely safe activity , because they involve the assistance of highly qualified personnel with a very long experience.

No special requirements are needed to drive a supercar on the track. You just need to be 18 years old and have obtained a type B driving license . In practice, the same conditions that you have to undergo to get behind the wheel of a small car in the city.

In reality, however, even those who do not have these requirements can enjoy the thrill of speeding along the asphalt of Monza , getting comfortable in the passenger seat (obviously not in the case of single-seaters) and leaving the guide in the hands of an expert motorist.

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Driving a Supercar on the track: the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Given that the possibility of driving a real Supercar on the track for a day is an activity that arouses a lot of curiosity, the 4 most frequently asked questions on the subject are collected below, with the relative answers.

How much does a ride in a Ferrari (or other Supercar) cost in Monza?

All information on the cost of the Driving Experience is available on the Puresport website, on the page dedicated to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza .

How long does a lap with a Ferrari (or another Supercar) last?

It depends on the skill of the pilot! What is important to know, however, is that a Driving Experience does not end with a single lap of the circuit.

Is it possible to give a lap as a gift?

Certainly. It is possible to purchase a gift voucher that the recipient can use to book their experience behind the wheel of a Supercar.

Is it possible to drive on the track without a license?

Unfortunately not. As already mentioned, a license is required to be able to drive. Without it, you have to be content with whizzing as passengers.

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Duomo di Monza

Monza Cathedral, a short guide to discovering a treasure chest full of treasures

The Duomo of Monza is the symbol of the city and preserves historical, cultural and artistic beauties of inestimable value. The Cathedral Museum and Treasury tell the story through a rich sequence of relics and precious objects, among which the Iron Crown, kept in the Teodolinda Chapel, stands out. In this short guide, everything you need to know about the Monza Cathedral and some practical information to visit it.

The Duomo , located in the heart of the historic center, is undoubtedly at the top of the list of things to see in Monza . Inside there are some of the most important artistic beauties that the city of Brianza can offer to tourists. The Duomo of Monza, in fact, houses a rich museum and hides a real treasure , the most precious piece of which is the iron crown , with which numerous sovereigns were crowned for centuries, including the kings of Italy. In addition, the bell tower that adorns the Basilica, which represents the highest point in all of Monza, deserves a special mention. Visiting the Duomo of Monza , therefore, is really a necessary activity, even if you are in the city only for a weekend. And to prepare for the visit, you can rely on this short and practical guide.

What to do in Monza: 3 tips for an unforgettable weekend

The history of the Monza Cathedral

To understand the importance of the Duomo of Monza, it is good to begin this "journey" to its discovery by retracing the main stages of its history . And the historical events concerning the Cathedral, officially called the Minor Basilica of San Giovanni Battista , begin long before its construction. At the end of 500 d. C., in fact, where today the famous religious building stands, there was the Basilica built by the queen of the Lombards Teodolinda , a central figure in the history of the city. Probably, that ancient Basilica was already consecrated to St. John the Baptist. However, practically nothing remains of the original construction , except some building materials and some furnishings, now housed in the Cathedral Museum. In fact, in 1300 , the year of the first Jubilee of Christianity, it was decided to radically overturn the building , rebuilding it from scratch. These were truly impressive works, the first phase of which ended almost half a century later, in 1346. Still for centuries, however, the Duomo of Monza was the object of embellishments and enrichments, with the addition of works of art and new architectural elements, such as the imposing bell tower (whose construction began in 1592).

The architecture of the Monza Cathedral

And so, piece by piece, over the centuries, the Duomo of Monza has come to be that architectural jewel that today is a source of pride for the city. Among other things, the careful restoration that was carried out in 2020 has accentuated its splendor.

The external facade

The external facade of the Duomo of Monza , facing the square of the same name, is perhaps one of the elements that most characterizes the building, thanks to its "two-tone" appearance. It is made in the Gothic style , using a skilful alternation of black and white marble . At the center of the façade, another distinctive feature dominates: the rose window by Matteo Campione , original signature of the entire facade (later restored, at the beginning of the 20th century, by Luca Beltrami). The rose window is framed by a line of perforated tiles, with masks, flowers and stars. Below the rose window there is the porch, on which stands the statue of St. John the Baptist . Other decorative elements are the mullioned windows and the three- mullioned windows that open specularly along the two sides and the medallions of the arch, which contain the busts of Queen Teodolinda and her husband Agilulfo.


Equally suggestive are the interiors of the Duomo of Monza . The structure is the classic Latin cross , consisting of three naves with side chapels . The naves are separated by octagonal section pillars, decorated at the end with capitals representing animals, griffins, sirens and centaurs. In general, the decorations of the Cathedral, with a few exceptions, are all attributable to the Baroque period , while little has been saved from the previous phases. What is most striking about the basilica is the extreme wealth of frescoes , which all deserve to be admired.

affreschi duomo monza

What's in the Duomo of Monza

Beyond its indisputable overall beauty, however, the Cathedral houses some “precious pieces”, true masterpieces of history, art and culture that deserve a separate mention. These are, in particular, the frescoes of the Teodolinda Chapel and the tree of life, the Museum and the Treasury, the Iron Crown and the bell tower.

The frescoes of the Teodolinda Chapel

As mentioned, the frescoes are numerous and beautiful. Among all, those signed by the Zavattari stand out, which adorn the Chapel of Teodolinda , which houses the iron crown and the remains of the beloved queen of the Lombards. It is a pictorial cycle that shines with its golds and bright colors . The story that unfolds throughout the various paintings is that of Theodolinda's life, whose conversion to Christianity was a vehicle for the consequent conversion of her people.

The tree of Life

The one depicting the Tree of Life is another of the valuable frescoes that adorn the interiors of the Duomo of Monza. It is located on the right transept and is the work of Giuseppe Meda and Giuseppe Arcimboldo , who began to paint it in 1556.

The Museum and Treasury of the Monza Cathedral

The Museum and Treasury of the Monza Cathedral is a treasure chest that holds a priceless heritage of works of art and relics. Overall, the assets that make up this heritage make it possible to reconstruct, step by step, the entire history of the Basilica, from 1300 to 1900. Among other things, the Cross and Crown of Theodolinda , the Cross of Agilulf , the Diptych of King David and St. Gregory and the Reliquary of the tooth of St. John the Baptist are part of the Treasury. The seat of the Museum is located just below the Duomo.

The Iron Crown

The spearhead of the Monza Cathedral Treasury, however, is undoubtedly the Iron Crown . It is a prestigious find, because for centuries it has served to crown many kings. The origins of this precious object are unknown; according to the most accredited theses, the Iron Crown would be datable between 450 and 500 AD. Currently, it is kept in the altar of the Teodolinda Chapel .

corona ferrea monza

The bell tower (or bell tower)

The bell tower of the Duomo of Monza, with its 75 meters high , represents the "tip" of the city, a fundamental reference for all the inhabitants. In the original structure the presence of the bell tower was not foreseen, which was instead added at the beginning of 1600, on the initiative of the archpriest Camillo Aulario. At the top of the bell tower there are 8 bells, dated 1741.

Visiting the Duomo of Monza: practical information

In light of what has been said so far, a visit to the Duomo of Monza is truly an unavoidable stop. Here, then, is some practical information to better organize it.

Opening time

Monza Cathedral can be visited every day (except Mondays), from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18. The Teodolinda Chapel, on the other hand, has slightly different hours, being open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 to 18, and on Sunday, from 14 to 18.

Guided tours

The main tourist attractions of the Monza Cathedral can also be visited with the help of a guide. All information on guided tours can be found on the museum's website

How to reach the Duomo of Monza and where to park

The Duomo is located in the historic center, within a restricted traffic area. To reach it, therefore, it is necessary to leave your car in one of the paid parking lots adjacent to the historic center. From there you can easily continue on foot.

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