Gifts for car and motor enthusiasts: 5 winning ideas

Are you looking for gift ideas for a car and motor enthusiast? Below you will find 5 winning ideas that are suitable for all needs and budgets. From simple gadgets that can make the car of whoever receives the gift unique and special to the unique experience of a return post on board a real racing car. Discover them all.

Making the right gifts is an art that involves a good understanding of the recipient's tastes and passions . The gift that leaves you speechless, in fact, is the one that perfectly meets the preferences of those who receive it. No matter how much it costs or how prestigious it is, the thing that really matters is that it is "tailor-made". In the case of a car enthusiast , for example, what are the most popular gift ideas ? What can really make the eyes of those who love engines shine? There are at least five possible answers and they are solutions that adapt to all needs and occasions , regardless of the amount you want to spend. Let's see them immediately.

Useful and fun gadgets for the car

Let's start with the simplest but always effective idea: gadgets for the car . Those who love engines, in fact, also and above all love their car . He always keeps it clean, cuddles it, equips it with all the comforts and with the latest technology, embellishes and personalizes it with small precautions. That's why automotive gadgets always make a great gift idea. Among other things, the market offers many options: from simple and traditional (perhaps designer) key rings to bluetooth receivers , from interior cleaning sets to digital assistants .

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Designer clothing

Another great classic among car enthusiast gifts is certainly designer clothing . Obviously, the signature must be that of a team, a sports brand that recalls the world of motorsport or a symbolic place of motorsport. Also in this case, the possible options are many and they adapt to all needs. They range from sports hats to refined polo shirts , from practical t-shirts to sweatshirts and jackets . If you widen your gaze, you can also add backpacks and bags to this category of gift ideas.

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An experience on the track, like a real driver

If the ideas suggested so far are not convincing, it means that you are looking for something truly unique and special. And then it's time to bring truly first-rate gifts to the field. If there is one thing that every car enthusiast has dreamed of since he was a child, it is to be able to hit the track like a real driver . Fortunately, today it is not an impossible wish to fulfill. Many car circuits, in fact, offer the possibility of adrenaline- fueled driving experiences and fun track days . So, at least for a few hours, you can really try to be a speed superstar.

Discover the proposals of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza: Driving Experience and Track Days

The ticket to attend a prestigious race

The alternative to taking to the track is to watch a real Formula 1 race from the stands . The show is guaranteed, the loves too. It is difficult to imagine a more suitable gift for those who love engines and do not miss a Grand Prix , sitting on their sofa at home.

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A safe driving or sport driving course

This roundup of gift ideas for car enthusiasts closes with another “practical” proposal, which will give the recipient of the gift the opportunity to put his or her skills as a driver into play . These are, in fact, safe driving or sport driving courses. An opportunity for those who love cars to become more and more master of the steering wheel, learning to manage their car even in risky or non-linear situations.

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Royal Villa of Monza, a neoclassical palace to be discovered

The Royal Villa of Monza, also known as the Royal Palace of Monza, is one of the main monuments of the Lombard city, together with the Cathedral. A jewel of neoclassical architecture, signed by Piermarini, which has nothing to envy to the more noble Regge of Caserta and Versailles. Furthermore, the royal palace is surrounded by the magnificent Monza Park, the largest fenced green area in Europe, capable of housing the Monza National Circuit.

There are few in the world who do not know, at least by reputation, the Royal Palace of Caserta or the Palace of Versailles. Much less known, however, is the Reggia di Monza , also known as the Royal Villa . Yet, the imposing and elegant Brianza palace has nothing to envy to the other two famous royal residences. Indeed, the sumptuous park that surrounds it is the largest in Europe , among those fenced (so much so that it houses the Autodromo Nazionale Monza ). Therefore, if you spend a few days of vacation in Monza , you must necessarily plan a visit to the Royal Villa, which offers a truly unique show. And this article is a good opportunity to get to know her a little better and take note of the essential tourist information.

History and architecture of the Royal Villa of Monza, Piermarini's masterpiece

Let's start this short virtual journey to discover the Royal Palace of Monza by scrolling through the fundamental stages of its history. The Royal Villa was built in the second half of the 1700s , more precisely between 1777 and 1780 . The project bears the signature of Giuseppe Piermarini , a famous architect of the time and a leading exponent of neoclassicism . The imposing construction was commissioned by Archduke Ferdinand of Habsburg and his mother Maria Theresa of Austria . The building, in fact, was used as a country residence of the royal dynasty, at least until 1796, the year of the descent into Italy of the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte . At that point, the luxurious residence passed into the hands of the French emperor's stepson, Eugene of Beauharnais . It was, however, only a parenthesis. On the fall of Napoleon, in 1818, the Royal Palace returned to the Austrians.

In the second half of the 1800s, the Villa changed owners again. After the annexation of the Lombard Venetian to Piedmont, in fact, the owners became the Savoy family and was particularly loved by King Umberto I , who elected it as his summer residence and subjected it to profound renovations and transformations . The monarch was even buried there, after being killed by Gaetano Bresci. At that point, however, the Villa was linked to a tragic and sad event, which made it fall into disuse. Vittorio Emanuele II , in fact, no longer wanted to reside there and had part of the furnishings transported to the Quirinal palaces in Rome. The royal ownership of the Villa ceased definitively in 1934, when it was donated to the municipalities of Milan and Monza .

The external aspect

The Villa of Monza has the characteristic U shape , typical of the royal palaces of the 1700s. The style of the facade is linear and essential and has simple decorations , which give it an elegant but rigorous aspect , without colonnades or gables. The choice was not only dictated by stylistic needs but also by precise political choices of the Austrian court. Italy, in fact, was an occupied territory and the Habsburg emperors did not want to give the idea of flaunting arrogant wealth to their subjects.


The first floor of the Royal Villa is occupied by the reception rooms, the party rooms and the one used for lunches. The second floor , on the other hand, is dedicated to the bedrooms of gifts and guests. The different halls and rooms (a total of 740 , for a total area of over 22,000 square meters) are decorated with gilded stuccoes, paintings and frescoes. Unfortunately, the troubled final phase of use of the Royal Palace of Monza by the Savoy has meant that the palace is now practically emptied of the original furnishings , which were of absolute value.

The gardens

The Gardens of the Royal Villa of Monza represent one of the main attractions. They extend over an area of about 40 hectares and are organized in the English style . The apparent spontaneity of the arrangement and vegetation is instead the result of precise and measured choices by Piermarini. Inside the Gardens, you can appreciate numerous characteristic elements and glimpses, such as the pond , the classic temple , the rock garden and the Antro di Polyphemus .

Also discover the Monza Park, which surrounds the Royal Villa

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden of the Villa Reale was commissioned by Nino Fumagalli and designed by Vittorio Faglia and Francesco Clerici . It is divided into several sections, depending on the types of roses that are grown. There are over 400 varieties , some of which are grown to be presented in international competitions.

The Belvedere

The Belvedere is the top floor of the Palace , once home to the servants' apartments and for this reason characterized by low ceilings and rather spartan environments. From up there, however, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Monza Park .

Il Serrone (or Orangerie)

Originally, the Royal Villa housed numerous greenhouses , as evidenced by the documents of the time. Only one, however, has reached today intact and it is precisely the Orangerie, that is the one destined for citrus fruits . 100 meters long, 6 wide and 7 high, the structure is equipped with 26 large windows that guarantee sunlight throughout the day .

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Short guide to the Royal Palace of Monza: practical information to visit it

Given the many beauties that it holds, it is clear that you cannot spend a weekend in Monza or Milan without taking a trip to the wonderful Villa Reale. The following, therefore, are simple indications to better organize the visit.

Where is the Villa Reale located?

The Royal Villa is located in the northern part of Monza and is not very far from the historic center. For example, on foot, the Royal Palace is just over a quarter of an hour from the Duomo. The exact address of the entrance is Via Brianza 1.

How much does the entrance ticket cost to visit the Palace?

The full ticket to access the Royal Villa of Monza costs 10 euros. There is also a reduced rate of 8 euros for visitors between the ages of 3 and 26, for those over 65 and for holders of the Monza tourist passport . Free admission, on the other hand, is reserved for children under 3 years old, disabled people with a companion, qualified tourist guides, journalists with ID cards and military personnel from the Command for the protection of Cultural Heritage. Access to the Gardens, on the other hand, is always free.

When can you visit the Royal Villa of Monza: opening and closing times

The Royal Villa can be visited only on Saturdays and Sundays, with opening at 10.30 and closing at 18.30 (last admission at 17.30). The Gardens of the Palace, on the other hand, are open every day from 7.00 am to 6.30 pm in winter and from 7.00 am to 8.30 pm in summer.

How to book the visit

Entrance tickets to the Palace can be purchased directly at the ticket office, located on the ground floor. However, it is recommended to book online (at this link ) or by telephone (at 039 394641).

Where to park

The Royal Villa and the Monza Park are served by two paid parking lots (Viale Cavriga and Porta Vedano) and by a free parking area.

Where to eat at the Royal Villa of Monza

The Royal Palace is located in an area of the city of Monza well stocked with restaurants and places to eat, with solutions suitable for all palates and affordable costs.

The next events hosted in the Royal Villa

The Palace often hosts events for adults and children, from art exhibitions to initiatives related to cinema. The complete program of upcoming events is available here .

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Driver for a day, the dream of every car enthusiast

Be a driver for at least one day, and whiz on a professional track, within a real circuit. All those who love cars and the world of motors have dreamed of it at least once. Today, fortunately, this desire can be realized thanks to the initiatives carried out by numerous racetracks, including the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

There are those who aspire to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari , the symbol par excellence of speed and made in Italy style, and those who prefer to imagine themselves aboard an elegant and spirited Porsche . The list, in fact, could go on for a long time, because every motor lover carries a model and a team in his heart that make him vibrate and excite. What they all have in common is the dream of experiencing the thrill of being a driver for a day , whizzing on the asphalt of a real track, right where great motorsport champions usually compete for first place. An unattainable goal? Of course not. Driving a racing car is a dream that can come true . The opportunities offered by private circuits and large racetracks are now many and very valid. Let's see how to do it.

The requirements to become a pilot for one day

The first thing to point out is that to drive a supercar or a single-seater within a regulated circuit, in the context of a non-professional activity, no further requirements are necessary than those required to get behind the wheel of any car, on the motorway rather than in in the middle of city traffic. Therefore, you must be of age and have already obtained a type B driving license , that is the one commonly provided for cars. The events that allow you to become a pilot for a day , in fact, always provide for the assistance of qualified personnel, which guarantees fun within the limits of safety.

And who doesn't have these requirements? Should he give up? If his goal is to drive on the track like a real driver, unfortunately he has to put that aside. But you can always experience the thrill of sitting next to an expert motorist, inside, for example, Gran Turismo cars, equipped with a passenger seat.

The complete guide to becoming a car driver

Drivers for a day on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza circuit: Driving Experience and Track Days

When you dream it is good to do it big. Finding yourself as a pilot for a day is undoubtedly a unique experience, but being able to do it inside the Temple of Speed becomes something truly exceptional. And this too is an achievable dream. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza, in fact, offers two opportunities to enthusiasts who want to taste its glorious and famous track: the Driving Experience and the Track Days .

The Driving Experience

The Driving Experiences, as the name itself reveals, are unforgettable driving experiences , created by the Autodrome in collaboration with Puresport , a leading company in the sector. They are open to individuals but also to companies, who can use them to create events for customers and team building days for employees. The car park available is large and capable of satisfying all tastes: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Formula 1.

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The Track Days

The Track Days, on the other hand, are periodic events open to anyone who wants to test their car along the Monza track , confronting its curves and straights. A different and original way to test both your driving skills and the potential of the car you have purchased.

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Becoming a racing car driver, the profession that everyone dreams of

Short guide for those who want to become a racing car driver: requirements, ACI courses and medical examinations to obtain a sports license. The official way to realize the dream of racing on a track like a real motorsport driver.

To many it seems an unattainable dream, but that of the sports car driver is a profession in all respects, with its own rules and criteria for access. And the truth is that obtaining an ACI Sport license to race on the track like a true professional is not a prohibitive goal reserved for a select few. Of course, it’s not even simple, but if you’ve always dreamed of being a pilot , it’s right that you give yourself a chance. Who knows, one day you could be the protagonist of a race on the track of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Temple of Speed. This short article is intended to be a quick and easy guide to becoming a racing car driver by earning a sports license . Let’s go!

How does a Formula 1 driver train?

The requirements to become a car driver

An aspiring sports driver , by law, does not have to meet special requirements . What is required are only a minimum (and maximum) age and the possession of a license for driving on the road.

The age to become a pilot

As for the age requirement, you must have completed 18 years and not exceeded 80 years , a limit beyond which you are considered no longer able to sit at the wheel of a sports car, within a circuit professional. A clarification, however, is a must. The minimum age, in fact, is required for sports licenses , but getting behind the wheel is an activity that can be started at 6 years (in the case of karts) or 15 years (for sports cars within a circuit Closed).

The driving license B

The second requisite is the possession of a type B driving license, the one normally required for road circulation with vehicles that do not exceed 3.5 tons in weight. Obviously, if you have a higher level driving license, these are equally accepted.

Minimum age Maximum age Driver’s license
18 80 Type B

How do you become a car driver? The complete path

Do you have both the age requirement and the driving license requirement? Well, then your path towards the acquisition of a sports license can begin by submitting the appropriate application at the Sports Offices of the Automobile Club Italia (ACI) , which are present in every provincial capital .

The necessary documents

During the process of obtaining the license you will be asked for :

  • Valid identity document ;
  • ACI membership card;
  • Certificate of psycho-physical fitness for competitive or non-competitive activity (issued after medical examination, to be carried out at an accredited Sports Medicine Center);
  • Tetanus vaccination certificate;
  • Payment of the license fee (see the updated ACI Sport price list and find out how much it costs to become a pilot).

The course for aspiring pilots

But bureaucracy is not enough to become a pilot. It is also necessary to participate in the courses organized by the ACI , which are free, are activated throughout the year and require the issuance of a certificate. They are simple theoretical lessons, without final exams, aimed at explaining the basic rules of motor sports (here is the list of ACI courses scheduled for first licenses ).

The main topics covered are:

  • the sports system;
  • the types of license;
  • car approvals;
  • the conduct of the competitions and the role of the professionals involved;
  • the meaning of the flags displayed in the race;
  • sanctions for technical and sporting irregularities and related complaints.

Track Days – Race on the Monza post office like a real driver


The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.