Becoming a racing car driver, the profession that everyone dreams of

Short guide for those who want to become a racing car driver: requirements, ACI courses and medical examinations to obtain a sports license. The official way to realize the dream of racing on a track like a real motorsport driver.

To many it seems an unattainable dream, but that of the sports car driver is a profession in all respects, with its own rules and criteria for access. And the truth is that obtaining an ACI Sport license to race on the track like a true professional is not a prohibitive goal reserved for a select few. Of course, it’s not even simple, but if you’ve always dreamed of being a pilot , it’s right that you give yourself a chance. Who knows, one day you could be the protagonist of a race on the track of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the Temple of Speed. This short article is intended to be a quick and easy guide to becoming a racing car driver by earning a sports license . Let’s go!

How does a Formula 1 driver train?

The requirements to become a car driver

An aspiring sports driver , by law, does not have to meet special requirements . What is required are only a minimum (and maximum) age and the possession of a license for driving on the road.

The age to become a pilot

As for the age requirement, you must have completed 18 years and not exceeded 80 years , a limit beyond which you are considered no longer able to sit at the wheel of a sports car, within a circuit professional. A clarification, however, is a must. The minimum age, in fact, is required for sports licenses , but getting behind the wheel is an activity that can be started at 6 years (in the case of karts) or 15 years (for sports cars within a circuit Closed).

The driving license B

The second requisite is the possession of a type B driving license, the one normally required for road circulation with vehicles that do not exceed 3.5 tons in weight. Obviously, if you have a higher level driving license, these are equally accepted.

Minimum age Maximum age Driver’s license
18 80 Type B

How do you become a car driver? The complete path

Do you have both the age requirement and the driving license requirement? Well, then your path towards the acquisition of a sports license can begin by submitting the appropriate application at the Sports Offices of the Automobile Club Italia (ACI) , which are present in every provincial capital .

The necessary documents

During the process of obtaining the license you will be asked for :

  • Valid identity document ;
  • ACI membership card;
  • Certificate of psycho-physical fitness for competitive or non-competitive activity (issued after medical examination, to be carried out at an accredited Sports Medicine Center);
  • Tetanus vaccination certificate;
  • Payment of the license fee (see the updated ACI Sport price list and find out how much it costs to become a pilot).

The course for aspiring pilots

But bureaucracy is not enough to become a pilot. It is also necessary to participate in the courses organized by the ACI , which are free, are activated throughout the year and require the issuance of a certificate. They are simple theoretical lessons, without final exams, aimed at explaining the basic rules of motor sports (here is the list of ACI courses scheduled for first licenses ).

The main topics covered are:

  • the sports system;
  • the types of license;
  • car approvals;
  • the conduct of the competitions and the role of the professionals involved;
  • the meaning of the flags displayed in the race;
  • sanctions for technical and sporting irregularities and related complaints.

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What to see in Monza: 5 unmissable tips

What to see in Monza: 5 unmissable tips

Visiting Monza is a comfortable and pleasant experience. The Lombard city, a few steps from Milan, has a long history of culture and traditions and offers artistic jewels of inestimable value. The following is a short guide on what to see in Monza, designed for those who have a few days available (maybe just a long weekend) and a great desire to discover the beauty of the capital that gave birth to the famous Nun Gertrude, whose history is narrated by Alessandro Manzoni in the betrothed.

Are you preparing to spend a weekend in Monza and want to understand what to see ? This article can really help you out and help you organize your time better. It is a short guide that shows you the 5 monuments or places that you cannot really miss , because they deeply characterize the Lombard city. Monza, in fact, has a lot to offer culturally, both in historical and artistic terms, and nothing to envy to the nearby Milan. And then, it is a place with an extremely modern soul, it is no coincidence that it hosts the most famous Italian car circuit , namely the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, known throughout the world as the Temple of Speed. But let’s proceed in order, and let’s start this little journey through the streets of Monza, divided into five stages.

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Monza Cathedral and Museum of Treasures

A journey that cannot fail to start from the undisputed king of the city: the Duomo of Monza (whose official name, however, is the minor Basilica of San Giovanni Battista). A monument that deserves to be at the top of the rankings, because it would also rightfully enter the even narrower list of things to see in Monza in just one day. The Cathedral was built between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries and houses some timeless masterpieces, including the Tree of Life by Arcimboldo and the wonderful Teodolinda Chapel . The latter takes its name from the Lombard queen who converted the monzese to Catholicism and who is still a much loved figure in the capital (the picturesque historical procession that animates the streets every year at the beginning of July is dedicated to her). In addition, the so-called Iron Crown is also preserved in the Cathedral, with which various kings were crowned for centuries, including the Kings of Italy. Attached to the building, there is also the Museo del Tesoro and Duomo di Monza , whose relics cover over 1400 years of history.

Monza historic center and Lambro river

Once you leave the Duomo, you will find yourself in the beautiful square of the same name, the heart of the historic city center . From here you can start a walk that touches the fundamental monuments: Palazzo dell’Arengario , Monument to the Fallen , Torre Teodolinda (again!) And Ponte dei Leoni on the Lambro river .

The Palazzo dell’Arengario is the most important building in Monza after the Duomo (from which it is just a two-minute walk away). It is a former municipal building, located in an area where the main city streets cross, including via Italia , the artery that connects the center of Monza with the heart of Milan. Currently, the Arengario hosts art and photography exhibitions. Not far from the Duomo and the Arengario there are also Piazza Trento Trieste , seat of the war memorial , and the Tower of Teodolinda , from the medieval era. A visit cannot be denied even to the Ponte dei Leoni, which straddles the Lambro river and which owes its name to the four statues placed at its ends.

Finally, the historic center of Monza is full of small churches that still deserve a mention (and maybe a look, given that you are on the spot), such as Santa Maria in Strada, San Maurizio (where legend has it that the nun of Monza took her vows), Santa Maria al Carrobiolo And St. Peter Martyr.

Royal Villa (or Royal Palace of Monza)

Slightly off-center from the other important monuments, about a quarter of an hour’s walk from the Duomo, stands one of the symbols of Monza: the Royal Villa (also known as the Royal Palace ). Born as a ducal palace in 1777, at the behest of Ferdinand of Habsburg , it was subsequently acquired by the royal family, who made it a luxurious summer residence . The Royal Villa bears the signature of the architect Giovanni Piermarini , a pupil of Vanvitelli . Not surprisingly, the classic and clean style that characterizes the external architecture is very reminiscent of two famous works by Vanvitelli: the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan . Internally, the Palace is divided into two sections: the royal apartments and the reception rooms, both extremely fascinating.

Monza Park

The Royal Villa is set inside the Monza Park , another attraction that cannot be overlooked and is absolutely worth seeing. With its 700 hectares of extension, it triples the size of the park of Versailles and is the largest urban park in Europe. Established in 1805, today the Monza Park represents an indispensable green lung for the city, to be explored on foot or by bicycle.

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Monza National Circuit

The last place (but not least) of this ista dedicated to the things you absolutely must see in Monza is occupied by a much more contemporary attraction than the previous ones, namely the Autodromo Nazionale Monza . The Temple of Speed, known and loved internationally, is located inside the Park , near the Reggia di Monza, giving life to an original combination of ancient and modern. On the other hand, the track is also a piece of history , having been the setting in which the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix has been held for decades.

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The original contents of this article are produced by an external service without any involvement of the press office of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.